Nether walked patiently through the castle town, flicking away soldiers and beasts that ran his way. He had placed his helmet back on his head, concealing his face. His helmet was a simple motorcycle helmet, but with a thin slit for eyesight and two lines stretching from his chin to his forehead.

Nether came ever closer to the tower that hid Sakura from him, the tower that would soon be his. He sprinted off into the courtyard, and to one of the great walls.

As if these could stop me! He laughed, and launched himself up and over the walls, and into the actual castle. From here, he knew his way around. Breaking out of the dungeons countless times had its benefits.
He walked up the long swirling stairway, and stopped in-front of the massive doors decorated with Sakuras emblem. Her emblem was a red cherry blossom, with a dot of fire in the middle. He knocked on the doors, ready for his huge entrance.

A servant opened the door slowly, and their mouth dropped open at the sight of Nether.

"MISS SA-" the servant started to scream, but Nether twitched his wrist and the servant shot to the back of the great hall. Nether entered the large room, and stepped onto the red carpet that stretched to a throne far to the back of the hall. He raced to the front of the carpet and stopped at the steps that led up to the throne, which was-empty?

What? I took every possible thought into account! Where could she even have hidden? He thought angrily, stepping up to the throne. He sat down and settled himself in the throne, waiting patiently for someone to enter.

There was a crack, and Nether suddenly became tired. Before he even realized what had happened, he was asleep.


I could see Nether sitting on my throne, Mine! I could hardly keep myself from running in there and kicking him away from the symbol of respect from my people!
My top guard was with me, more of a best friend actually. Only one thing phazed me about him, he was related to Nether. They were very different though, not even close to twins. My guard had red-brown hair that tapered to a fohawk at the top. Nether in his normal state had shaggy blonde hair that framed his face rather nicely.

Whatever, if the king didnt trust him, neither could I.

"I'll be back Mistress." My guard said in a low voice, and teleported in the doorway that Nether had entered.

Nega (third Person)

Nega approached the throne with his brother sitting asleep still in it. Nega kicked Nether's foot, hard. There was a thin crack noise and Nether shot his eyes open and blasted Nega back across the throne room. Nega struggled to his feet, and looked up at Nether. He hissed and snapped his fingers. In a flash of white, he was running towards Nether, from the ceiling. His anti-gravity magic was working like a charm.

(no pun intended)

Nether looked around wildly, and unsheathed his massive, double-bladed sword. Nega dropped down before Nether and drop-kicked him to the floor.

"You think it'll be that easy to keep me from retaking my rightful kingdom?" Nether screamed. Nega had no emotion in his face or eyes, only a single tear showed what he was feeling inside.

He opened his mouth to say possibly the most painful words to Nether: "Brother, the king disowned you as royal blood long ago. This land was never yours."