"Hearts can break. Yes, hearts can break. Sometimes I think it would be better if we died when they did, but we don't." Stephen King, Hearts in Atlantis

Seeing Serena broken in front of him was getting to Chuck. She did not deserve this; she had loved Dan in a beautiful way. Maybe his heart breaking over Blair was everything he deserved but that was not Serena's case.

That afternoon he had promised Lily he would look after Serena and make sure she was okay. He was the stronger of the two, somewhere along the way he got used to the darkness and misery; he knew how to deal with pain. In fact, it was knew how to do.

"Serena, you need to eat something", Chuck's tired voice echoed through the living room.

"I am not hungry, thank you".

Serena did not event look at him while answering. She was curled up in the sofa, her magnificent hair looking dull tied up in a messed bunny. Her eyes were sad and lost; she was wearing sweat pants and an oversized old black shirt. Serena fucking Van der Woodsen was wearing oversized clothes. This had to stop.

Chuck sat next to her and took her face in his hands.

"You are going to eat then you're going to bed. Tomorrow you will get up, put on nice clothes, take care of your wonderful hair and wear light make-up then you are going to go outside this house".

Serena took his hands away.

"I don't want to Chuck, it hurts so much".

Chuck sighed.

"I know Serena but when you're going through hell the only option you have is to keep going."

Serena looked at him for the first time in the whole conversation.

"They are happy Chuck, they are in love and happy. The worst thing is that I cannot even recognize them anymore. Blair is nothing like Blair and Dan is nothing like the boy I fell in love with. They are not coming back Chuck".

Chuck sighed and took Serena's hand in his before looking at her and whispering:

"Then we'll let them go Serena, we'll let them go".

Chuck did not know how to do it. His life had revolved around Blair since he was a teenager. He did not even know if it was possible to let go of her. It did not matter though. In despite of what would happen, they were all too far-gone. Blair was gone and he had to accept it. Right now, he had an objective in his life: make sure Serena never have to know the hell as well as he does.

That night she never made it to bed, she felt asleep in Chuck's arms while he thought of what life had in store for them. It was not going to be easy, thought Chuck, but they had seen worst and were still there to tell it. Nothing would take Chuck Bass done for good, not even Blair Waldorf.

I made most of all this sorrow. I tried to brave this discontent, but now I'm through. I'm letting go of you. Unknown quotes