Let It Be

Grissoms eyes snapped open as he awoke from a well earned nap. Looking around he saw Sara still sleeping peacefully, the machines whirring and beeping quietly beside her.

Realizing he was still at the hospital he leaned back into the chair, relaxing slightly. He took his glasses off and rubbed his eyes, yawning loudly. He checked his phone, seeing four missed calls from Catherine.

He cursed silently, she was probably fuming by now as he had promised he would keep her updated. He made a mental note to call her back and turned his attention towards Sara again.

He had been watching her closely since he had arrived, refusing to leave her side. He covered her small hand with his larger one, his fingers stroking the smooth skin.

He felt a tinge of regret when he looked at her, knowing he had not been truthful about his feelings toward her.

For as long as he could remember he had been attracted to Sara. When he first saw her in San Fransisco he couldn't take his eyes off of her. She had her hair in a ponytail and a smile on her face, she watched his lecture with such intensity it made him nervous.

He was so lost in thought, he didn't realize her eyelids begin to flutter and her fingers flex under his hand. He jumped up waiting to see what would happen. To his surprise her eyes flashed open and she looked around the room frantically, unaware of her situation. She began to pull at the oxygen mask across her face.

He pulled her hand away quickly calling for a nurse. He was relieved when a nurse ran in, her eyes full concern. She took one look at Sara and immediately called for the doctor.

Dr. Thomas walked calmly into the room, smiling at Grissom and Sara.

"Hello Sara, glad to have you back with us." He pulled on a pair of gloves and approached her bed.

He removed the mask from her face and began asking her a series of questions before examining the bandage on her head. Satisfied that she was alright for now he had the nurse give her some water.

She sipped it gratefully before looking at Grissom with confused eyes.

"What's going on? Why are we at the hospital?" Her voice sounded small and scared. Grissom grabbed her hand and looked her in the eyes.

"Honey, you went to the bank this morning and there was a robbery, do you remember that?" He gripped her hand tighter, his voice full of concern. She sat and thought for a moment.

She froze for a moment, had Grissom just called her honey?. She shook the thought away and tried to remember what had happened this morning. She faintly remembered being in the bank, but not much more than that. She looked at him and nodded silently. Grissom smiled reassuringly and sat down on the edge of the bed, allowing the doctor to explain Saras injuries to her.

"Well Sara, you suffered a chronic subdural hematoma. What we did was inserted a catheter and removed the hematoma. on top of that you suffered a broken nose which we reset, and some broken and bruised ribs."

She nodded as he read off the list of injuries, tightening her grip on Grissoms hand. When the doctor finished she flashed him a smile and thanked him as he left the room.

Suddenly they were alone, Sara looked down at her lap not knowing what to say. She looked at him again and noticed he was still in his clothes from this morning.

"Have you been home yet, you look like hell?" He smiled at the comment and shook his head.

"No, I've been here all day. Someone needed to stay here with you while the others worked the case with Catherine."

He suddenly felt a surge of panick when he realized he had failed to call her back. Turning back to Sara he said, "I'll be back in a minute, I need to tell Catherine your awake."

Nick practically ran into the break room waving the results around in the air. Warrick shot him a look while Catherine stood up and took the paper from his hands, her eyes skimming over it.

"Jason Riley," she read the name aloud to the rest of the group. "He's a mechanic here in Vegas with no criminal record. He's got a work address out in Henderson."

Nick walked over and took the paper back, "I'm heading over there with Brass in a minute, you comin'?" He asked her.

She nodded and followed him out of the lab and into the parking lot. She climbed into the passengers seat, sending Brass a quick text telling him they were on their way.

She rested her forehead against the window watching the city fly by. She jumped slightly when she heard her cell phone ring.

Looking at the caller ID she saw Grissoms name flashing on the screen, she looked at Nick and mouthed Grissom before flipping it open and answering.

"Hey Gil, any news?" She nodded as she listened to him, earning a curious glance from Nick. "Well that's great, I'll let Nick know. You should call Greg and Warrick, they're back at the lab. I'm sure they'd be happy to come see her."

As soon as she hung up the phone Nick looked at her eagerly. "Well, what did he say?" Catherine smiled and looked at him, "Sara's awake and she's doing well so far."

Nick smiled his eyes trained on the road ahead, "that's great. Hopefully we wrap this up real quick and then we can swing by."

They pulled up to a large garage, the blue paint on the outside faded and chipped. Brass leaned against his car, cleaning his sunglasses while he waited.

"It's about time you got here, I've been waiting for twenty minutes!" The dective exclaimed. Catherine rolled her eyes and waved him off, walking toward the garages entrance.

Brass stepped inside first, calling out into the empty space, "Jason Riley, LVPD we need to have a word with you!" After a moment a young man with messy brown hair stepped out, his eyes wide as he looked at the three of them.

He was was wearing blue coveralls that were covered in grease, his hands and face were stained black. He picked up a towel and began cleaning himself off.

"What can I do for you detective?" He asked as he continued to eye them.

"Well Mr. Riley, theres was a robbery at the rebpublic bank this morning," the young man nodded as he continued, "there was a bullet found at the scene that belongs to a gun registered under your name."

Jasons head shot up and he raised his hands defensivley, "Woah, you don't think I had anything to do with that?" He asked.

Brass shrugged his shoulders, inspecting the array of tools in front of him, "right now that bullet is the only piece of evidence we have so, yeah I do."

The young man began to panick looking at Brass he said, "man, I've been working all day, I got customers that can vouch for me."

Nick stepped forward and introduced himself, "Mr. Riley I'm Nick Stokes, I'm with the Las Vegas Crime Lab. Now if you didn't do this why did we find a bullet from your gun at the scene?"

Jasons eyes suddenly lit up and he looked at Nick, " I don't know man, but it couldn't have been me. I sold that gun weeks ago."

Nick eyed him suspiciously, "oh, yeah? Who'd you sell it too?"

"There's this customer I got, Brian Paxton. He comes in a couple of weeks ago asking if I know where he can find someone who can sell him a gun."

Brass takes out his notepad and jots the name down, "and did Brian tell you what he needed a gun for?"

Jason shrugs his shoulders and begins sorting the tools on his work bench, "no, wasn't really any of my buisness. Anyways, I tell him I got this gun I'm getting rid of, and he can have it for a decent price. He said he was interested and I sold it to him before he left"

Brass nodded his head, still scribbling on the pad. "You happen to know where Brian lives?"

Jason shakes his head not bothering to look up, "Naw man, but he's been working construction out on 4th street, you can probably find him there"

Nodding his thanks Brass exited the garage with Nick and Catherine following closely. He opened his car door turning to the pair before climbing inside.

"You two wanna check out Paxton now or wait until tomorrow, it's getting pretty late." The sky was now a various shades of blue nad purple, the sun barely visible behind the mass of trees in the distance.

Catherine looked at her watch and turned to Nick, "might as well wait until tomorrow. If we don't hurry up visiting hours will be over."

Brass climed into his car, rolling down the window and facing them, "I'll head over with some of my guys in the morning. I'll let you know when it's showtime."

Rolling up the window and reving the engine, the detective sped away leaving the pair standing in a cloud of dust.

Catherine started walking toward the Denali, calling over her shoulder to Nick, "come on, I told Grissom we'd be over there by six! I'm blaming you if we're late!"

Laughing to himself Nick began running after his supervisor, jumping in the car and speeding off towards the hospital.

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