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Smiling, the brunette ukulele player flipped through his pictures on his laptop. Most of them were of him and his band, Gravity 5, but some he had with his past girlfriends and friends before he moved to Brewster High. There was a verity of pictures of his family including his little cousin, Mattie who died when he was ten. It hurt, but Zander knew he was in a better place.

Blinking away tears, he finally came to the picture he was looking for. It was by far his favorite of them all. It was of him and one of his best friends/ band member, Stevie Baskara.

He loved it because of the position they were in. His arm was wrapped around her waist and looking down into her stunning, hazel eyes. Her arm was wrapped around his shoulder and she was looking up at him; her eyes filled with joy and laughter and what Zander likes to think, Love. Oh course, he didn't know her true feelings about him, but he did know one thing. He was falling hard for the tough girl.

Everything about her made him fall deeper and deeper in love. How he eyes squint when she's mad or thinking about something really hard. How her brown curls bounces back and forth while she's playing her Bass. How she gets so into the song she's playing and ends up singing along with Kasey. He loved her voice that sounded like an angel when she sings a song. How she isn't afraid to be herself.

"I love that picture!" He heard a very familiar voice say.

Turning around, Zander smiled as he saw the face of the girl he was secretly in love with. "Of course you do. It's of you." He teased.

"Of course," Stevie said rolling her eyes. She walked around the couch and sat next to him. Close enough to smell her sweet, vanilla scented hair. "So why are you looking at it anyways?"

"I was bored." He shrugged. "And I like this picture too."

Stevie nodded. "It's a great picture. I love the sunset in the background. It ties the picture together."

"Agreed," He nodded before closing his laptop and sitting it on the table in front of him. "So, did you need anything?"

She shrugged. "I was going to ask if you wanted to rehearse. Everyone has a free hour this hour."


"Let's go get them!" She jumped up and raced out of the room.

Before going after her, Zander glanced back at his computer and smiled. He will tell her someday how he feels, but until then, the picture was good enough to keep his hope alive.

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