Note: This story contains pokemon death and reasonably graphic descriptions. Is not based off the anime and show universes, rather of a 'fantasy' themed version.


By Twilight The Umbreon

Chapter 1: Curse

Silver washed the forested landscape around me as I gave chase. The prey that was fleeing, a young deerling who had foolish strayed too far from the protection of its herd, bounded in terror between trees and over fallen wood in desperation. The stench of fear filled my flaring nostrils as I chased my prey past trees, over logs and through bushes. The deerling's ever more frantic movement and the gasping of its breath was a sure sign of its ever growing exhaustion and I knew soon that I would be feasting on fresh, tender flesh tonight.

A cry escaped from the deerling as it stumbled and fell over, too tired to avoid tripping up on a rock. I seized upon the opportunity and latched on its neck with a powerful Bite attack, cutting off a cry of terror as a I shook the deerling viciously. The sweet taste of blood began to fill my mouth as the deerling went limp, neck snapped. Controlled by my hunger I began to eat my fill.

As I licked the last of the blood off my muzzle and nose, belly full, the first of the sun's rays flooded through the trees. As it touched me, my mind felt enlightened and sharp. I reared up and found myself able to stand again on my hind legs. A couple of months ago the cursed black and grey fur, the demonic looking red and yellow eyes, the long muzzle filled with sharp teeth, the pawpads, the claws, even the bushy tail would of not remained, but slowly over time the curse I bore had robbed me of my original features. I no longer could even attempt to enter a human settlement, my bestial nature of the curse revealed to all to see. It made me despair to think of what I had lost.

As luck would have it, the cool, running water of a nearby stream allowed me to quench my thirst and also to wash the last of the blood I missed off my muzzle. Now that I had regained my mind, now I had to track down where I had stashed my few belongings, mainly my fine longsword and the crude breastplate I always wore in the day. Those two items were the last things I could wield but after every change my now paw-like hands became more paws than hands, making it harder and harder to hold and wield the longsword as well as making it more difficult to wear my already crude and uncomfortable breastplate, But it was worth the discomfort, just by being able to wear it I felt less of a beast.

As I sniffed around, trying to catch the scent of my few belongings, memories of the time that had elapsed since he was originally cursed. Trying to recall what he looked like before had slowly became more and more difficult as time passed by. Thoughts of myself always being less than human had began to surface lately, threatening to disrupt the foundations of my rapidly dwindling humanity. I further reflected on this possibility as my nose led me to the hollowed out log which I had hidden my possessions inside of. Slowly, I began to put on my breastplate, struggling a little with the worn straps that my paw-like hands with their claws had problems in grasping.

Surely no doubt you would prefer to hear from the beginning however? How I first became cursed rather than what the last day has brought me?

Good. Let us start at the beginning then…

End Chapter Notes: Not too happy with this chapter at the moment. It seems to not have turned out the way I envisioned.