This is for Nicole and Meg who were joking about a Romanada fic, so I decided to write one. And it turned into this. I have around 16 chapters planned out. I don't know how much there will be in the way of plot, but I'm going to attempt to make it as fluffy as possible.

I only wish I owned Hetalia.

Chapter 1: Flour

Matthew groaned as he rolled out of bed at the ungodly hour of six AM. In his opinion, it was way too early to be awake on a Saturday. But it was time for the World Meeting and therefore, he had to get up. He stumbled into the bathroom to brush his teeth, then trudged downstairs to make some pancakes. Hopefully breakfast would wake him up. Barely opening his eyes, he successfully made his food and a few extra cakes for Kuma-whatever. He reached into his closet, grabbing the first suit his hands brushed and his favorite maple leaf tie. The Canadian was out the door by 6:45, having to walk to England's place (only Arthur would choose to have a meeting start when the sun was barely up).

Matthew walked into the conference room about twenty minutes early. He was not the first to arrive, but he was certainly not the last. Arthur was drawing something on the chalkboard in the front of the room while Ludwig was rifling through a stack of papers. Neither of them looked up when he entered the room, not that that was anyway out of the ordinary. Matthew sighed quietly as he sat in a chair near the furthest corner. He didn't mind it, really, sometimes being invisible was ok. He just wished sometimes that someone would see him, that one person would care. Being invisible was lonely. Even Kuma-whatever turned invisible when Matthew picked him up, and he was a freaking polar bear! How could people not notice a polar bear? And no matter how much he tried to be heard or seen, it usually didn't work, or people mistook him for his brother (who couldn't even get his country's name right for the most part). The only other people that saw him were Arthur and Francis, though Arthur saw his invisible creatures more often, and Francis only noticed him when the Frenchman was being creepy. Well, creepier anyway.

One by one, the personified nations filtered into the room. No one paid him any mind, and he didn't attempt to be noticed. He was perfectly content just sitting in his quiet corner by himself.

With a loud slam of the door, the Italy brothers arrived: Lovino scowling at something or another, as usual, and Feliciano with an absent but happy look on his face, also as usual.

"Ve~! Ludwig!" Feliciano ran over to give Ludwig a hug, making the German look mildly uncomfortable. Lovino glared at them before sweeping his angry gaze around the room. He stalked over to the corner near Matthew and paused by the Canadian's chair. Matthew sighed again. He was used to being sat on at these meetings, usually by Ivan. He never could tell if the Russian knew he was there or not. He looked up at the Italian and winced at the curious glare. It wasn't as threatening or scary as most of the looks Lovino gave, but it was directed straight at him. Or through him, anyway. Matthew wouldn't really mind if Lovino sat on him, he was quite a bit smaller than Ivan. After a moment though, the Italian pulled out the chair next to Matthew and sat down, occasionally looking over at the space the Canadian occupied with a slightly confused glare. That was odd. Matthew wasn't used to people almost seeing him.

The meeting was about to start when Ivan walked in and over to Matthew's chair. Maple. The Canadian winced again, trying to get decently comfortable before the Russian inevitably sat on him.

"Don't sit there." a voice demanded. Matthew looked at Lovino in shock, along with a few nearby nations. No one told the Russian what to do and got away with it.

"Why?" Ivan responded, a scarily innocent smile on his face.

Lovino bristled, glancing at Matthew (or at least his chair) and back up at the towering Russian.

"Just...because, ok! Go sit by the stupid panda bastard!" Yao paled as Ivan 'kolkolkol'ed' his way across the room to sit.

Could...could Lovino see him? His own family rarely knew he existed, yet the Italian kept him from being sat on? Or maybe Lovino just didn't want to sit by Ivan. Matthew couldn't blame him; the Russian was patting Yao on the head almost painfully and Matthew could see the Chinese man's wince across the room.

He looked back over at Lovino, and his violet eyes met a gold-speckled hazel. Matthew froze, half of him hoping Lovino could see him and the other half hoping he could stay invisible so he could just stare into Lovino's eyes.

"Um..." he whispered. Lovino's gaze narrowed and the Italian turned back towards the front of the room without acknowledging him. Sometimes Matthew wished he could just completely disappear forever. That would make everything easier.

After a few minutes of the meeting (the only part where things could actually be accomplished, apparently), most of the countries were fighting about something ridiculous. Alfred had suggested building a giant superhero robot to protect the earth from potential meteors, Arthur had yelled at him for being an idiot, and Kiku had somehow agreed with both of them. Ludwig was trying to regain some semblance of order to the meeting, while Heracles and Feliciano were taking a nap by the window, and Francis, Antonio, and Gilbert were plotting to get everyone drunk later. Lovino just sat there, glaring at everyone. Matthew took the time to observe the small Italian. He didn't remember ever being this close to Lovino before. He had beautiful eyes, Matthew realized, and really nice skin. He also smelled really good. Matthew kept staring out of the corner of his eye at the off-chance of him being noticed. He found himself wanting Lovino to see him, wanting to run his fingers through Lovino's shiny auburn hair, wanting to hold Lovino's hand, wanting to...make Lovino pancakes.

That was it! Matthew would make Lovino pancakes! Everyone noticed food, right? And Matthew made the best pancakes in the universe (at least, according to Alfred). Had the Italian ever had pancakes? His last question haunted him as the meeting ended. Everyone should experience pancakes at some point in their life. He stood up and was one of the first to leave the unsuccessful meeting, instead of hanging around like usual to avoid being stepped on. He was eager to perfect his already amazing pancakes. Lovino needed pancakes. Pancakes made everyone happy. Matthew hurried from the room, not noticing a curious Southern Italian staring after him.