Chapter 16: Enjoy With Maple Syrup (Epilogue!)

When Matthew felt Lovino pull him up into the best kiss of his life, all other thoughts flew out of his head. He was sure the shock showed on his face, but he found he couldn't really bring himself to care as his only thoughts were still unfocused and floating somewhere between "that was nice," "holy maple," and "can he do that again?"

He felt Lovino's hand in his and his brain barely registered the fact that they started walking.

Once Matthew had recovered from his shock and drifted partially back to reality from his state of bliss, his brain finally realized Lovino had kissed him in front of the entire conference. And everyone had been able to see him. And somehow, strangely, instead of feeling embarrassed or any of the emotions he would have assumed he'd have felt, he was practically giddy. At this point they had already stepped out of the building.

"Lovino..." he said and the small Italian's grip on his hand tightened slightly as he slowed his pace to look up at Matthew. "" he tried to form a sentence, gave up, and settled on breaking into another smile. Lovino smiled back and kept leading him from the building.

"Where are we going?" Matthew asked after a moment.

Lovino's step faltered. "I...I don't know. I just started walking."

"and I just followed you." Matthew continued.

" you want to go over there?" Lovino was pointing at a wooded park.

"Lovino...we can't skip the meeting!"

"Why not?" his tone was almost incredulous.

"Well...we..." he couldn't think of a good enough reason.

"I told them we were leaving. No one stopped us." Lovino stated as they began walking between the trees.

"Well, yeah, they were kind of in shock." Matthew squeaked. "I mean, you kissed me and it was like I just appeared out of nowhere for some of them, eh?"

Lovino gave a small laugh. "Did you see the look on the potato bastard's face?" he laughed again and Matthew couldn't help but join his contagious laughter and soon the two had to stop walking as they collapsed into heaps of giggles under a large oak tree.

When their laughter died down, they arranged themselves into a more comfortable sitting position, Matthew's back against the tree trunk and Lovino between his legs, leaning against his chest.

"Thank you," Matthew said quietly after they had been sitting for a while. "For kissing me. Now they know I exist. I mean, not like that's the only reason I'd want you to, I's nice that they know now? But I like that you kissed me more than that they know, and I...I'd like it even if no one could see me. I mean, I'd rather you...I'd rather be seen by you than by everyone...but now I get both? I-I just didn't mean to sound like I'd rather people see me than you kiss me, especially since that's the only reason they see me...and...that didn't make any sense. I'm sorry. I-I just meant-" Lovino cut him off with a soft kiss.

"Don't worry, I get you." He replied and kissed Matthew again.

The Canadian felt an overwhelming rush of emotions towards the Italian, because Lovino really did get him. He understood his nervous ramblings and his quiet expressions. He understood his pancakes. And in that instant, Matthew knew he was completely in love with Lovino.

The end! Thanks for reading everyone! Hugs and cookies and pancakes for all of you!

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