He wrapped his arms around her and bought her close to him.

Her bare neck was exposed to him. It took all of his will power to refrain himself from sucking her dry.

Zero inched closer to her neck and trailed kisses by her jugular. He could feel her pulse, beating against his touch.

Her skin was hot. She could feel herself burning up as he tightened his grip around her waist, bringing her close against his chest.

Yuuki grabbed onto his shirt and moaned softly.

Slowly, Zero sank his teeth into her, penetrating her skin with his fangs.

She flinched as she felt her blood being drained by him.

But she promised, if he should ever get out of control, she would stop him.

A soft smile graces her lips before she wrapped her arms around him and throwing her head sideways, giving him easier access to her precious lifeline.

His urges... his gruesome urges kept nawing at him to drain her dry. To watch as she collapses into his arms, cold. Dead.

The red tint fades, he has gained control.

Slowly, Zero retracted himself from her neck. A feeling of guilt washes through him as he sees the wound on her neck. Blood still spilled from them like a small fountain.

Yuuki panted and tried to keep herself up.

Perhaps he took more than he intended.

Regardless, she glanced at him in worry as she saw her blood had drenched his shirt.

Slowly, she kneeled in front of him and bought her hands close. She unbuttoned his shirt, peeling away at the tarnished piece of clothing and discarding it into a bin.

"Cmon, let's get you dressed before you catch a cold," says Yuuki with a soft smile. She stood up and pulled on his wrist gently.

Without as much as a word, Zero followed Yuuki into his room and sat on the bed, waiting.

She rummages through his closet and finds another white shirt, clean of any bloodstains.

She walks over and helps him put the shirt on while noticing the guilt and tired look in his eyes. Yuuki could tell that he was looking at the fresh wound on her neck.

"Don't worry about this, Zero. It will heal soon enough," she says while placing a hand over the wound.

He says nothing but diverts his gaze from her, unable to even glance at her in the eye.

Yuuki smiles softly and sits by him in silence, never forgetting the small blush that graced his cheeks only moments ago.