It was very early in the morning, the sun hadn't even rose over New York yet. Master Splinter was in his room packing, he was getting ready to head to the Battle Nexus to help his friend the Daimyo. The Daimyo's young son has became very sick and the Daimyo couldn't take care of his son and run the Battle Nexus at the same time. The Daimyo trusted Splinter to look after the Battle Nexus till his son was better. What Master Splinter was worried about was his own sons. He had never left his sons alone for more than a few days and there was no telling how long he would be gone. He feared that when he came back the lair would be in ruins or sons would find themselves in trouble was they often do.

As he finished packing, Splinter, could hear his sons getting up to start the day. The strong smell of what was to be the first of many pots of coffee was coming from the kitchen. Michelangelo singing "Hakuna Matata" could also be heard throughout the lair. Ever since his sons had seen the Lion King years ago, Michelangelo would sing that in the morning. It often surprise Master Splinter how much his favorite song fit his son. The sound of Raphael's alarm clock going off could also be heard and he knew Leonardo would be on his way to awake his brother up soon. Splinter could not remember a time when Raphael had awoken up on his own in the morning. Splinter had even got his son an alarm clock, but that had done no good. Yes, Splinter would miss the lair and his son.

When Master Splinter got down stairs all four of his sons were sitting around the kitchen table. Raphael was glaring at Michelangelo clearly mad about something. If Splinter know anything about his sons he know it was better not to know. Donatello was drinking a cup of coffee and working on something under the table, which he kept out of Leonardo line of site. Leonardo was eating his breakfast quietly clearly impatience for morning practice to start.

Splinter cleared his voice to let his sons know he wanted their undivided attention.

"My sons, the Daimyo has asked me to help for a few days and so I will be leaving, I want you all to be on your best behavior awhile I am away. Leonardo will be in charge while I'm away. Am I understood?" Splinter asked his sons.

"Yes sensei" all of them answered back.

"So how long are you going to be gone Master Splinter" Mikey asked, his mind was on the coming days for no practice and he was starting to think a party was a good idea.

"I do not know my son, but I expect you to continue your training awhile I'm away" Splinter answered, he knew his son well enough to know what he was thinking.

"And I expect the lair to be in one piece when I return" Splinter continued.

"Yes sensei" his sons replied again.

After a few more good byes and making sure his sons knew what was expected of them Master Splinter was on his way.

As soon as Splinter was out the door, Mikey ran upstairs to get his shell cell he left on his bedside table. Mikey could see that this would be the perfect opportunity to have a party. But before Mikey could even start dialing the first number Leo shouts at him from downstairs.

"Don't even think about it Mikey, Master Splinter said he wants to find this place in one piece when he get home so no party."

"Come on Leo, how often can we have parties and we'll clean up when we're done so no need to worry" Mikey pouted back.

"Mikey, with you there always something to worry about."

"Oh come on Leo please, please, pleeeeeease."

At that moment Don cut in, "You know if we were to have a party we could invite April and Casey but not many others. We don't know that many people in New York. And if April and Casey come over here there shouldn't even be a problem. We could make it a movie party, Mikey could make the snacks for it. The lair wouldn't be destroyed with six people watching movies and like Mikey said we could clean up afterward."

"Fine" Leo answered he could see that he had lost, Mikey had a way for getting what he wanted and if he had backup there was no stopping him. At lest with movies there couldn't be much trouble.

"Now come on we have training to do."

"Come on Leo, we have the house to ourselves, let skip training for today."

"Raph you heard Master Splinter we are to continue our training"

"Yeah whatever" Raph responded and Leo could hear him mutter "Splinter junior" under his breath, but he choose to ignore it.

After training Mikey ran to the kitchen to see what he had to make snacks. Though a movie marathon party was not what he had in mind when he thought of a party, he was determined to make it an awesome party all the same. And no party was any good without great food. He also had to make sure all the movies good movies, so there was no way he was letting Donnie pick a movie. He hadn't forgotten the time Donnie had them watching a documentary on dinosaurs during movie night one time. Jurassic Park is what a dinosaur movie should be like, it shouldn't educational. "Come to think about it Jurassic Park would be a good choose for movie night," Mikey thought.

Meanwhile, in the frozen tundra of Alaska a pair of hiker come across something in the snow.

"Hey, Sam what is that" one of the hikers call to his friend.

Sam takes a closer look at what his friend is pointing to.

"It's just a rock, Tom."

"It doesn't look like a rock" Tom says as he walks up to the rock and started to dig it out. When he got a bit of it dug out he jumped back.

"Sam you got to see this."

Sam walked over, not seeing what could be so interesting about a rock in the snow. Then he got a better look at it. Stick out of the snow was the head of a statue of a demon. The top of one of its horns was above the snow and its face had a look of panic on it and the rest of the statue was still buried.

"Tom do you know what you just found" Sam asked excitedly.

"Yeah, a weird statue buried in the snow" Tom answered back.

"You may have found a ancient artifact, we could be rich, famous, our names may even appear in history books" Sam said, "come on we have to find someone to show this to."

Pulling Tom by the arm, Sam ran back to the town they lived in. It was a small town were very little happen at. In fact the finding of this statue may just be the most interesting thing that ever happen in that town. It may even be the only interesting thing that happen there.

After news spread of what Tom and Sam found just outside of town spread, a team of archeologists came to dig up the statue. When they got the statue out it was about six feet tall, with two long horns that went down all the way to it's hips. The demon had its arms out in front of it and was wearing full body armor that appeared to be made out of some kind of bones.

The team took the statue to a lab to be examined.

"This statue appears to be the oldest artifact made by man ever found, it even predates the Iceman" one of the scientist said excitedly. His partner wasn't listening to him though, because something about the statue had his attention.

There was a glowing red crack on the statue and as the scientist looked at it, it started to grow.

"Frank, you better look at this" the scientist said to his partner, starting to panic. Seeing what his partner was talking about, Frank stopped his praise of the statue. I only a few seconds the glowing red cracks covered the statue like a spiderweb and then without warning the statue exploded. When the smoke cleared standing there, wasn't a statue but a real live demon.

Savanti Romero had returned!

A week later in New York, Donatello was up late working in his lab. Don was working on upgrading the shell cells. The shell cells were the main way to contact the others when they were in trouble so they had to be working at there best as soon as possible. Though Don would already be done had Mikey and Raph not had a fight over the remote and trashed the living room. It had taken him two hours to fix the TVs, the lamp and the coffee table. Don still couldn't see how they had gotten the remote stuck in the screen of one of the TVs. Looking at the clock Don saw that it was now 5:00 o'clock and Leo would want them up by 7:00 for morning practice. It was time to turn in.

When he got to his room and into bed it didn't take him long to fall sleep. But unknown to him a figure in the shadows was watching him. Savanti Romero had come to have his revenge. Donatello was the one who had stopped him from taking out the time line and having his revenge on Lord Simultaneous. And in doing so trapped him in his stone form for millions of years.

Savanti took out the Time Speculator, he had newly required and pointed it at Don. In a matter of seconds Don was covered in a blue light. When the light faded away there was no longer a teenage turtle sleeping in the bed, but a two year old turtle. With his work complete, using the Time Speculator, Savanti Romero left.

The next morning when Don didn't go to practice on time Mikey went to go get him. Mikey went into the room with a huge smile on his face.

"Doooooooonnie, raise and shine it's a beautiful day and…." Mikey started but stopped when he saw the toddler on the bed. Don looked up at his brother confused then started to cry.