The ride from Bishop's lair back to April's was a blur to everyone. The whole way all they could think about was the fact that Don could be dying. When they got to April's they did they best they could to patch Don up, but all they could do was hope. Bishop had swung the sword with such speed and force that it had cut deep though Don's side and had cut off a large portion of the back of his shell making the wound very severe.

Master Splinter looked down at his wounded son and sighed. He knew his son's chances of surviving were very small and it broke his heart to even think about losing one of his sons.

Just then there was a sound from across the room. Raph had just come out of April's bedroom where he had been resting. It was clear that he was still in a great deal of pain from the wound on his shoulder. At that moment though Raph wasn't thinking about that. He walked up to the couch were Don was laying.

"Is he going to be okay?" Raph asked not looking away from Don.

"We don't know my son," Master Splinter answered placing his hand on Raph's unharmed shoulder, "we don't know." Master Splinter looked back down at Don with a sad look in his eyes.

That night no one got any sleep, they were all too afraid that Don was not going to make it though the night. Though they were all hoping that Don would recover.

Morning came with no change from Don. That day they all took turns taking care of Don. That night they made a decided to check the sewers to see if Bishop's men were still there. Leaving Raph alone with Don.

"Call us if there is any change" Leo said before turning to leave.

"Yeah, yeah" came Raph's response.

Leo then asked, "Are you sure you're okay to watch Don, you are hurt yourself?"

"I got this Leo."

Leo nodded then followed the others out.

"Don, I'm sorry" Raph said when the others had left, "I was been a hot head and had gotten you hurt. Please be okay."

Raph and Don were by themselves for awhile, when Raph fall asleep. While Raph was sleeping Don started to glow it was the same glow that had covered him when Savanti had changed him. When the glowing stopped there was no longer a two year old but a sixteen year old laying there.

After awhile Raph woke up, he couldn't believe that he had fallen asleep. Then he took a step back when he got a look at Don. He quickly got his shell cell out and called Leo. When Leo picked up he didn't even wait for him to reply.

"Leo you guys had better get back here."

"We're on our way," came Leo's response. After Leo had hung up, Raph quickly looked Don over, his condition had changed with him changing age. The cut on his side that had threaten to take Don's life was gone and the part of his shell that had been cut of was still on his shell looking like he had never lost it. Raph let out a sigh of relieve, Don was going to be okay. It was long before everyone else had came running in. It was clear from the look in their eyes that they had feared the worst.

"Raph what happened" Leo asked then he got a good look at Don.

"He's back to normal" Leo said walking over to Raph and Don. Raph give Leo a yeah no kidding look.

"His wound has completely healed itself." Raph told them.

"So Donnie's going to be okay" Mikey asked.

Before anyone could answer Don started to wake. When he was fully awake he took a look around.

"What happened?" Don asked as he sat up.

"What the last thing you remember my son?" Master Splinter asked him.

"I had just finished making improvement to the shell cells and had headed to bed" Don answered.

"So you don't remember anything?" Mikey asked. Don shook his head.

"Ah," Mikey said with a frown on his face, "what fun is it to tease you about it if you don't remember."

At that Raph slapped Mikey on the back of the head.

Don eyes grow wide. "What happened? Last time I woke up with no memory I had turned it a giant monster."

"Well that's close to what happened." Mikey said with a smile on his face now. Again Raph slapped him on the back of the head.

"Let's just say we're glad to have you back to normal" Leo said.

A few weeks later Don walked in to Mikey's room.

"Mikey you're late for train. If you don't get in there soon Master Splinter will have you doing extra training." Don told Mikey who was sitting at his desk.

"Ah, come on I was almost done" Mikey said closing his notebook.

"Working on one of those children books you want to get published" Don asked.

"Yeah, and I think this one will get published" Mikey said as they head to the dojo.

"What is it about?" Don asked.

"Oh, it about a toddler that goes to King Arthur court and gets into all kinds of trouble" Mikey answered.

"Where you come up with that idea" Don asked.

"That I have you to thank for" Mikey answered with a small on his face, "though I don't want to have to watch a two year old again."

Don shook his head he had been hearing stories of what he had done when he was two for the past few weeks. It appeared he would never live it down. But Mikey could come up with a lot worst of a story to write from when he was two.