A/N: Sigh. My friend kindly informed me that an ambiguous ending is incredibly unkind. I stand by my assertion that a little ambiguity is a wonderful way to exercise one's imagination. Fortunately for you, I yielded to peer pressure. Furthermore, I apologize for nothing.

Kagome never understood how exactly she got herself into these situations. Not that this situation was the typical type in which she found herself.

It was true that for the first minute or so, she had thought it was kind of hot. After five minutes, her intrigue gave way to twitchy discomfort. Ten minutes in, she was on the verge of panic.

For, as it so happened, Kagome was stuck and turning a very unbecoming shade of red, to boot.

"So," Kagome started, tentatively trying to gain his attention, "about how long until, well you know, we can, um, separate?"

When she didn't get a reply, or even a 'hn,' she dared to peek up at his disgustingly serene face.

Sesshoumaru seemed to be completely unaffected by the fact that they were quite literally and intimately joined at the hip- pelvis- whatever.

In fact, the asshole had the audacity to feign sleep. But he obviously wasn't asleep down there. He was just lucky that he smelled nice and was not that bad to look at. She was already contemplating purifying Little-Sesshoumaru to get free. Not to imply that he was little; if he were, she wouldn't have found herself stuck, now would she?

The only good thing was that Inuyasha had somehow, miraculously, gone by the time she reacquainted herself with consciousness. Kagome, naturally, asked Sesshoumaru about it, but he had misdirected her attention causing her to finally give into the temptation of taking a nice long soak in the cave's hot spring. Then, somehow, after a few more hours of futilely waiting for the barrier to disperse and release them, they had ended up doing things.

Kagome reconciled that it was kind of an amazing experience, and at least now, she would be free to leave the cave and its sick little sexy-time barrier behind. Well, once she got free from Little-Sesshoumaru, she could. But at this contemplative moment, Kagome twisted a bit in Sesshoumaru's hold, catching sight of the mouth of the cave. The barrier was still there.

It was at this point that the flustered priestess decided to take matters into her own hands. She began squirming, and tugging, and she stopped just short of grabbing Sesshoumaru by the hips and pushing to gain some leverage.

After a few moments, Sesshoumaru glanced down at her through his unfairly long, pretty lashes.

"Priestess, if you continue with your wanton undulations, we will remain here for a long time to come."

Said Priestess glared up at him, doing a fairly unimpressive imitation of a growl. He noted it to be ponderously adorable.

"I'm not undulating! I want off!"

The bastard smirked down at her, nipping her on the nose as her furious blush spread down to her chest.

"If such is the case, relax." And then, "Let it be known that this one is not opposed to a repeat performance, however."

Continuing to glare, Kagome ceased her struggles. The silence stretched uncomfortably, and she initially thought about filling it with words. But what was one supposed to talk about whilst still intimately acquainted with an acquaintance? Hey, glad you got your arm back because that could have made that pose you pulled earlier a little tricky. Oh, and nice weather we're having; no rains of demon body parts for weeks! She kept her mouth shut, and finally, after what seemed like hours, in reality mere minutes, they were no longer stuck, as she had termed it.

Kagome wasted no time in stalking away to dress in clothing from her pack. The clothes she had been wearing were ruined by none other than the Demon Lord of the West himself. A strike against him, as far as she was concerned. He might be ridiculously gorgeous, but no one came between her and her favorite bra. Her now favorite ripped bra.

Meanwhile, Sesshoumaru merely stretched languorously, showing neither inclination for pursuing a similar course of action, nor any apparent insight to Kagome's savage train of thought involving Little-Sesshoumaru and reparations for her mistreated apparel.

Minutes later, he was pulled out of his doze by the irate female he had chosen to ensnare.

The fact that she had not started screaming at him to gain his attention was a mark of her growth, in his opinion. The feeble growls she was emitting were a terribly amusing bonus. He peered imperiously up at her in acknowledgement.

It was Kagome's opinion that should be illegal to appear so haughty while sprawled bare-assed naked on the floor of a cave. Quelling her ire enough to speak, she started with the obvious.

"The barrier is still there."


"You said it would release once the occupants of the caveā€¦ copulated."

"Hn," he agreed amiably, allowing his eyes to slip closed once again.

"Then why in the hell are we still trapped? I should have never stumbled in here trying to save you!"

At this, Sesshoumaru's lips quirked in an approximation of an amused smirk.

Unable to find the humor in the situation, Kagome exploded in his general direction with an undignified shriek. In effort to preserve his delicate hearing, Sesshoumaru endeavored to placate the woman with the most rudimentary of explanations.

"Attempting to save this one was a foolish notion. You, Priestess, could not free this Sesshoumaru because this Sesshoumaru was never trapped."

His words hung in the air for a moment, and Sesshoumaru deigned to observe the girl's reaction to this tidbit.

She stared at him, jaw slack and eye twitching, for the better part of a minute. Seeing that her masterful impression of a hungry koi did not seem likely to change soon, Sesshoumaru took the opportunity to dress. Once finished, he returned and regarded the amazing-gaping-fish-girl.

"Until next time, Kagome."

"Next time?" She sputtered with fury, coming back to the present. "There isn't going to be a next time because I'm going to fry your ass, you deceptive, manipulative, underhanded dog!"

Undaunted by such sweet nothings, he smirkingly strode toward the girl and paused to stroke something at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. Confused, Kagome stared up at him for a moment before remembering that she was still pissed off at him. Before she could begin vociferously protesting the contact, he disappeared in a flash of blinding light.

Glancing around to make sure he had really left, Kagome began gathering her things.

At least the damnable barrier was gone.

It would not be until much later, once she made her way back to the group and her shoulder began to ache, that Kagome would discover a very curious marking.

But really. There is no more. That's it. For reals this time. Shoo, shoo. Go home.