And He Came Back

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Chapter One

He told me he loved me. I've never doubted it—I never will—and I will always love him. But love and distance just hurts. He said he liked me, then left. He returned, professed his love and kept me close, then left again. I've always loved him, but time apart really just started to hurt in the worst way possible.

High school was oddly easy. I went to school, I traveled home. I climbed into bed after changing out of my school uniform and into some comfortable goth clothes and worried about my external character's reputation. I believed that's all I would ever do.
Other than always worry about him, of course.

He was always in my head, always always always. Sometimes I thought he should pay rent for the amount of space and how long he occupied it up there. Indigo hair that matched his deep, knowing eyes… How I did miss him.

I rolled around on my bed, pink hair flying into my face. I shoved it behind my ears, feeling agitated. I could hear Mom call that it was dinnertime—could also hear Ami giggle as she jogged down the steps, almost slipping and falling—but I did not move. Ikuto, I thought with a sigh. I shook my head to clear my thoughts of him and got up, marching with false confidence to my bedroom door. I looked back right before I exited my room so I could see the four eggs in a basket, the many keys to my future's many locks. I smiled at them and let them rest, making my way downstairs to the kitchen. After dinner, I returned to my room to do homework. Of course, when I actually had to think the four crazy little guardians had to be awake and doing everything they possibly could to deter my schoolwork accomplishing.

"Amu, go to bed!" my mother said from outside my bedroom. I pulled on a pair of pajamas, turned off the lights, and slid under the covers. I didn't go to sleep immediately—my brain was too full of graduating thoughts since I was in my last year of school—but even after I did I still had this strange feeling. It was like someone was in the room with me, something soft and warm pressing against my forehead and stroking my cheeks. When I opened my eyes in the morning, no one was there. I had to have just imagined it. I had to have. But part of me really wished that I didn't imagine it—that I certain blue-haired boy had somehow paid me a visit that night. The other part knew that the only way he could have visited me last night was in my dreams, but that only worked if they were nightmares of him never coming back.

Arriving at school was as easy as being in high school was. I still got all these strange, admiring looks. (Many people obviously never caught on to how my actual character was.) There were many a whisper about the "cool and spicy" Amu Hinamori, but by now I was used to it. With Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia with me, I could deal with those whispers.

"Amu-chan!" I heard someone call out. I turned to see Tadase-kun running up to me, smiling real big. I smiled back at him, but it wasn't very big or convincing. A worried look came over his face.

"Amu-chan, what's wrong?" he asked, pushing a lock of blond hair out of his face. His eyes watched me with that very same intensity that they always had—but that intensity never really figured out what my problems were.

Only riveting blue eyes can ever do that, my brain whispered, betraying me. I told it to shut up and answered Tadase-kun. "Nothing's wrong, Tadase-kun. I was just thinking, is all," I said, trying to sound cheerful even though it was completely out of my character. He seemed to ignore that lapse of Amu-ness and smiled at me.

"I have something that I really need to tell you, and I'm not sure when is the right time so I figured I might as well say so now," he said quickly and intensely. Right when he opened his mouth again to continue, the school bell rang.

"Sorry, Tadase-kun! If I'm late to first block again my teacher will kill me—and I'm not exaggerating," I said. I took off through the school doors, my skirt almost-but-not-quite flying up as I went. I stood in the doorway, panting, but completely on time. "Hinamori Amu has arrived," I announced happily as I plopped down into the chair that was between Rima and Nagihiko. It was a very uncomfortable position at times, and now was one of those times. They were arguing across the space that was mine, neither of them breaking long enough to say good morning to me. What great friends they were.

"Good morning, Rima, Nagihiko!" I said incredibly loud. They only paused to nod at me in unison and then went back to scowling at each other. Whatever reason they were angry at each other, I hoped they kept it to themselves. They clicked well together, but I found it strange that Rima liked Nadeshiko more than Nagihiko at times.

I didn't have a class with Tadase-kun—most of my classes were with either Rima or Nagihiko—but I did see him in the halls often. The sight of him no longer sent my heart aflutter, for lack of better terms. Every time I passed by him he tried to urgently tell me something, but I was always in a rush and just waved him off. Even after school I rushed home with nothing more than a wave good-bye to him. Miki, Su, and Dia were having problems keeping up with me as I ran. Ran, on the other hand, was totally and completely exhilarated.

"I wonder what Tadase-kun had to tell you," she said curiously as walked into my empty home. Mom and Dad were off somewhere for some reason that related to some great and stupendous thing that Ami did. I wasn't jealous; I was used to it, and they used to do the same for me. And I enjoyed getting to be home alone.

"Whatever it was, I hope that it can wait because I could not wait to get home for some reason today," I replied. Miki, Su, and Dia finally caught up and floated through the doorway.

"Why…on Earth…did you have…to…run all the…way home, Amu-chan?" Miki managed to get out, completely out of breath.

"Yes," Su agreed, every bit as tired as Miki. "Why, desu?"

I shrugged. "I don't really know. I just felt like I had to get home as quickly as I could." I started going up the stairs after I slipped off my boots. "And now I feel sweaty. I'm going to shower, so you can go rest in your eggs for the time being, if you'd like," I said.

"Oh, Amu-chan, you're so considerate," Dia said airily.

"Was that a bit of sarcasm I detected?" I asked with a laugh.

"You've rubbed off on me, Amu-chan," the golden character sighed back. I laughed again and went straight into the bathroom that was across from my room. After a nice warm shower—and trekking downstairs for a glass of milk; that was a habit from my elementary years that I could never kick—I entered my room in nothing but a fluffy red towel. That wouldn't have mattered if it had been true that no one was in my house except me and my Guardian Characters. But those four were sleeping in their eggs and a sleek male figure was stretched out on my bed, eyes closed. I watched with wide, surprised eyes as his nose twitched.

"I smell milk," he said with a quick stretch, long eyelashes fluttering as he opened those blue eyes that I had so longed to see. He glanced at me sleepily. Those eyes opened a little more, and his lips turned up into the most beautiful smirk I had seen in my whole life. "Amu."

That one word shook me so much. I had so wanted to hear that rich, deep voice, and here he was. I had to be delusional, had to be dreaming or fantasizing or something. I clung to that glass of milk as it almost slipped out of my grasp and said the name of the one man I could never forget.


And there we go. I really hope this turns out well because A) I effin love this series and B) Ikuto is probably my favorite anime/manga guy of ever. He even beats Tuxedo Mask and yes, that is saying something. I really hope this goes as I want it to! EEEP!