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And now, FINALLY, the final chapter of Houdini.

Jim Moriarty stared dispassionately over the edge of the building where his adversary had just fallen. It was so easy, so fucking easy to make him jump… to make him ruin himself. Oh, he knew that the devil was still alive, of course he was. If he could fake a suicide, so could Sherlock. But, he had walled Sherlock into the ditch he had jumped into, making him believe that if he showed his face ever again, assassins would blow holes into the heads of the three people he cared about. And they would, too. Okay, maybe they wouldn't kill Johnny, but Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade were fair game.

Moriarty had carefully bought himself time alone with Johnny, at least two years of it. It would take time for Sherlock to track down the assassins and kill them without showing himself… it would take even longer to track down the back up assassins and kill them too. Oh, he would do it, Jim had no doubts about that, but it would take time. And by the time he will have returned, the triumphant victor of Baker Street, it will have been too late. Johnny would be either unburied or broken. Maybe both. But either way, he would belong to Jim, not Sherlock.

The man in the Westwood suit turned away from the scene unfolding below, little Johnny Boy running to his detective, horrified, paramedics swarming, boring, boring, boring. He eyed the pool of fake blood where he had fallen with distaste before flipping out his phone. He dialed Sebastian, who was number one on his speed dial. The sharpshooter picked up on the second ring.


"Daddy's done, Sebby, you can pick me up now."

"Yes sir." The phone connection died and Jim walked towards the pool of 'his' blood and eyed it thoughtfully. He tilted his head to the side and poked the tip of his expensive shoe into it, watching it fluctuate as his foot made contact. He retreated back when three men showed up.

"Clean this up," he said softly, lost in thoughts. "I want no trace that I was here. Sherlock Holmes has committed suicide, I am not real. Therefore, I was not there." The men didn't say anything, they just nodded and got to work. Jim turned on his heel and made his exit.

After changing into less conspicuous clothes, the spider walked among the flies of London, never even being acknowledged or recognized for the threat he was. A seemingly normal cab picked him up, and drove him away away away from his life filled with Sherlock and Mycroft and boring ordinary people, and towards his future with his new adversary John. And he swore to himself, once he was done with Johnny, they would all burn.

Welp, that's it. Really short and really crappy, but whatever. It's an epilogue! I have permission to make no sense. Anyways, THANK YOU EVERYONE~ the next story should come out soon… Unburied. Yep. But, until then, I'm going to recommend some stories for y'all!

There but for the grace of John Watson by skyfullofstars - It's a trilogy with a lot of hurt John and protective Sherlock. And damn evil Moriarty. I loved it. The sequel, Boys of Baker Street (which features the greatest BAMF John ever, where do you think my addiction to BAMF John originated?) has porn, but hey, that's what scrolling's for!


Don't Touch Me by Sherlock bbcfanfiction (put a period between Sherlock and bbcfanfiction) - featuring a good amount of BAMF John, and creepy Moriarty and some Sherlock too. Mild slash, rated T, and John's a telepath. It's really good.

SO, happy reading, and I hope I'll have the sequel out soon!

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11-6: The sequel "Unburied" is out by now, well more like three months ago. Better late than never...? Anyways, it's rated T for language and some violence. If you liked Houdini I'd go check it out!