So did anyone else notice that couple sitting on the stairs when Harry was running up them with Luna following him? There was a guy comforting this girl and we fell in love with the pair and named them Damian and Eleanor. We don't own Harry Potter

It was the first time he noticed her, well no not the very first. He first saw her at the beginning of First Year and caught a few glimpses over the years. So why was he noticing her now, as she stood beside him in the Great Hall listening to Headmaster Snape. She was shaking lightly, he noticed, and taking deep breaths. He didn't know why he did it, he barely knew this girl. Yet as his hand found hers and grasped it tightly he felt safe. She didn't look up at him, only squeezed his hand lightly.
When the commotion began after Snape's departure and students began running to unknown destinations where they would most likely be killed he pulled her to his side so not to lose her in the crowd. He ran up the stairs guiding her behind him and she didn't say a word, until they had almost reached the fifth floor. She pulled out of his grasp and fell back against the banister. He turned back and stopped. She was breathing heavily and looking straight at him. He moved to kneel in front her to meet her eyes.
"What is happening?" She asked quietly.
"I don't know," he said reaching a hand to stroke her dark cheek. She moved to press her face against his palm and closed her eyes. She began crying then, silently to herself. He moved his hands to hold her arms.
"Damien!" A voice called behind him and he turned to see a group of fellow 7th year boys. "We need your help." He was about to protest when he felt her stand and turned to see her nod at him before running the remaining length of the stairs. He ran to assist the others without a look back, well without a long look.
Two hours later after fighting off a death eater she ran into the library. She had discarded her cardigan and her stockings were ripped.
"Come on," she said reaching out a hand which he gratefully took as they ran out of the room. He pulled her to him as a shelf collapsed in front of them, libraries were dangerous places. The ran through the halls together, hands clasped tightly, yet not tightly enough. He felt her slip out of his reach and she was lost in the sea of faces. He called her name, but it was pointless. He was going to find her, he needed to find her, but there was a young girl in his peripheral vision who needed assistance with what looked to be a werewolf.
Hours later he limped back into the great hall, the battle was over. His head was throbbing, as was his leg and he was aware of the blood that covered his clothing. He searched the faces of his companions, but he did not find hers. He noticed the bodies lying around and would not let himself look, not let himself find her there.
"Damien!" A voice called from afar and he looked up and there she was maybe twenty feet away. Her face was scratched and blood was dripping down her head, one of the arms of her shirt had been ripped and a deep cut covered her forearm. But she was there, whole and alive and she was there. He ran then, jumping over benches and pushing people aside until he reached her and pulled her into his arms. As he buried his face in her hair and whispered words he wouldn't remember he felt safe again. As he held this stranger- no not a stranger, just a girl he'd over looked for 7 years- he felt completely serene.
She held him tightly, maybe too tightly than he needed but she needed it. She needed to feel him, to smell him, to know he was safe. This boy whom she had had a crush on since 1st year, this boy whom had never looked at her once, he was suddenly there. And he would always be there.