A Grave Error

I'd never seen him so angry.

Don't get me wrong. I'd seen displays of Ratigan's fury more times than I care to remember, but this was his worst display of wrath yet. Never before had he felt so much rage, and I was the cause of it.

Long ago I lost count of how many lives I've seen lost to his pompous, pampered pet. After seeing more murders than I care to remember, I shouldn't have been shocked when my turn came, but it still took me by surprise. No one ever expects the bell will ring for them, but everyone offends Ratigan eventually.

No one felt sorry for me. Not one look of pity crossed the faces of even the most sympathetic henchmen. They all felt I deserved what I got.

"You will live," Ratigan had promised, "but it will be in torment! Death is too merciful for you!"

He was determined I would have a fate worse than death, but his vindictive plan failed. The bell that had sealed the fate of so many others sealed mine as well, but not in the way anyone expected. The day I had been dreading for years was one of the best of my life.