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Name & Alias: Ransom O'Hare

Age: 14

Birthday: 7/8/xxxx

District: 1

Appearance: Blonde spiky hair, tan skin, huge muscles. Girls swoon at him at his school. His eyes are ice, icy blue. He has thick-ish eyebrows and perfect nails.

Personality Overview: He is a natural leader and always is looking for the advantage. He doesn't go with the Careers because his mentor advised him not to.

Strengths: Fighting, strength, speed, agility, and spear/sword/axe and stealth.

Weaknesses: Bow-Arrow, Darts, Being hungry, and swimming.

Breif History: He was born to a perfumer and a goldsmith. He is the oldest of his family. He volunteered, determined to prove himself to his parents who ignore him, by winning the games. He has a girlfriend, Shimmer, who is roting for him at the games.

Family/Relations: Mother- Sparkle 32, Father- Halo, age 34 Sister- Dreamy, age 12 Sister- NiNi (NEE-nee) age 9 Brother- Thorn, age 7 All of them except Ransom himself have their mother's brown eyes.


Reaped/Volunteered: Volunteered

*Reaping Outfit: Dark black button down blouse, silk tie, loafers and Dark slacks.

Reaction/ Reason: No reaction when reap actually happened, but his expression was determined volunteering. His mother and father begged him not to go, but he ignored them completely and kept walking up the stage to switch spots with the scrawny boy who was picked out of the bowl.

Training Score: 10

- How: His strength and skill with a sword.

*Training Strategy: Appear brawny and tough to scare the others.

*Arena Strategy: Stealth, steal careers food at night and take them out after they turn on each other.

Alliances: (I have to wait for more tributes)

*Interview Angle: Young man determined to prove himself to his parents who blow him off for his younger siblings.

Token: Ring (identical to his girlfriends) ruby, made of gold.

SKILLS: (Scale of 1-10, or a description of how they are)

Knife: 8

Sword: 9

Spear: 7

Axe: 6

Bow and Arrows: 1

Darts: 0


Ropes: 6


Running(Short distance): 10

Running(Long Distance): 7

Climbing: 6 1/2

Camouflage: 4

Hand-to-Hand Combat: 8 1/2

Lifting Weights: 10

Edible Plants: 2

The excitement was building around the District 1 square. It was finally time for the biggest event of the year to kick off! Children were eagerly grouped into the center of the square, divided by age with velvet ropes.

"Welcome, welcome," A thickly accented voice said, bringing eyes to the stage. There she was- Luna Lindt, a chocolate maker in the Capitol. The tattoos around her eyes and running on her arms this year were gold. Not to mention the golden color contacts, the golden dress, the golden shoes, and golden eyeliner, "Here we are, once again. Let's get going, we wouldn't want to dilly dally! But first, a word from the mayor!"

People had to stifle groans as the mayor of the District stepped forward, looking into a certain point in the crowd, where the eighteen year old female area was...

He went on and on about how we owed the Capitol, how we had to pay tribute to them each year with the Hunger Games.

Finally, it was over.

The mayor sat down, and Luna bounced over to the female glass bowl,

"Ladies first," She squeaked, and dramatically placed her hand into the basket.

The tension lasted hours, as if. Finally, she opened the piece of paper, and read the name.

"Incandescence Lavender Marrow," she called out. Collective gasps from the outside square were heard; Incandescence was the mayor's daughter! Although, strangely, her parents were acting as if things were... normal.

A young lady, wearing a dark green dress with a gold accent, from the 15 category was brought forward by peacekeepers. She had dark brown hair and giant green eyes. Would they have looked smaller if her eyelashes weren't so long?

She stepped up on the stage, and moved forward, shooting a scornful look to the mayor's area, but the look was gone as fast as it had came.

"What a cute one. I love your name! It's so Capitolite!" She trilled, and the girl looked murderous, "Any volunteers to take her spot?"

For the first time in fifty years... silence. Silence. Silence.

"No one?" She said incredulously, but kept her cool, "Okay, then, a round of applause for Miss Incandescence!"

A short salvo of applause sounded, but it was the male tribute people were really looking forward to.

"And now, to our male tribute!" She bubbled, clicking to the other bowl.

Slim fingers entered the bowl, teasing the different slips of paper. Finally, the paper was in her hands, threatening to open.

"And our tribute is," She exclaimed, opening the paper, "Lenderson Phillips!"

Who the heck was that? People looked as a tiny boy, thin as a pencil was brought up.

"Any volunteers?" She got right to the point. And all hell broke loose.

"Pick me!"


"I'm the one!"

"No, me!"



"I'll bring glory!"

"No, I will!"

Children were fighting tooth and nail to get on the stage. As a calm-down warning, a peacekeeper shot a blank into the air, silencing the area.

"We'll do this the safe way," She said, going to the bowl again.

"If your name is called, and you want to go, come to the stage."

The thin hand dug into the bowl again, freshly manicured nails sticking out like fire in a cornfield.

"Vehementus Blakely," She called,

No answer. This boy obviously did not want to go, so she picked her hand into the bowl again.

"Ransom O'Hare,"

A boy about age fifteen or so began to step forward. His eyes were ice blue, and he wore a silk button-down and had spiky platinum blonde hair.

"Ransom, don't do this," A girl was clinging to him,

"I'll be home soon," He said softly to her, and kissed her on the forehead before going up.


"Come back!"

People, most likely from his family were yelling at him, but he steeled himself and got up the stairs.

"Come here, honey," She pointed to a spot on the stage just next to Incandescence.

"Ladies, and gentlemen, let the 73rd Hunger Games begin!" She exclaimed joyously as the two shook hands.