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Set in the same universe as 'Snixxxmas' Set in 2020.

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Chapter 1

Brittany groans as she watches the teenagers in her dance class miss several simple steps in the new routine she is teaching them, a few of the boys reminding her of Finn Hudson and she scowls as she thinks about the class-mate that had enabled the stupid sauce dude to out Santana. The blonde woman cringes when two of them crash into each other and she uses the remote control to stop the music.

"Alright guys, I think that's enough for today" she calls out, noting the relief on some of the better dancers' faces, imagining they were bored of almost being killed by the poorer students. "I will see you next week, try and get some practice in before then" she adds and her students start to pack up their things. Brittany smiles when she notices Santana standing beside the door of the dance studio, leaning against the wall and playing with her IPhone, the latina dressed casually in jeans, a tank top and her favourite leather jacket, her long raven hair falling freely around her shoulders. The blonde smirks when she catches a few of her students checking the latina out as they walk passed her, walking much slower than usual. Santana looks up from her cell phone to meet Brittany's gaze, winking at her as she slides her phone into her jacket pocket and pushing away from the wall.

"Hi" the latina grins when she reaches her girlfriend, leaning across to press a soft kiss to her lips. "How was class?" she asks, picking up Brittany's sports bag and placing it on her shoulder.

"Well, most of them suck but I do enjoy a challenge" the dancer chuckles, accepting the latina's hand and following the students from the room. "I wish I could do this full time" she adds with a soft sigh.

"You will one day babe, I promise. As soon as I'm guaranteed a permanent position at the firm you can leave the gym and set up your own studio, I guarantee most of your students would follow you to the new one. They all love you" Santana states warmly, playfully swinging their joined hands as they walk out to the parking lot. The latina pulls her hand from Brittany's when they reach the Landrover, rolling her eyes when she hears the blonde muttering under her breath about how she is slowly killing the planet with her car. "You could easily walk home if you really don't like my car" Santana smirks.

"Or, you could get a smaller car?" Brittany suggests as she climbs into the front passenger seat, "Maybe a prius like Quinn" she adds, hearing her girlfriend scoff.

"Not a chance in hell babe, this car is badass..like me" the latina states, clipping her seat belt into place. "Plus it's a perfect size for the baby, we can fit everything we need it in when we go out, whereas Quinn's car is a danger. Especially once the baby starts walking, it could trip over the prius" Santana grins as she starts the car and backs out of the parking lot. "Have you spoken to Q at all today?" she adds curiously.

"She called me when she was on her lunch break, she said she's been really busy all morning and that she might be late home" Brittany tells the hispanic woman. "And before you ask, yes I reminded her that she needs to be taking it easy but she promised me that she hasn't been on her feet too much" the blonde adds, Santana giving a satisfied nod. "What did you do all day?" she asks.

"Not much, watched a shit load of bad TV and ate my body weight in Cheetos" the latina responds. "It was nice to finally have a day off" she smiles.

"Well you deserve it, you've been working so hard lately honey. At least it's Friday today, that means you can relax all weekend and I'm sure I can think of a few ways to keep your mind off of work" Brittany smirks.

"I'm sure you can" Santana grins as she turns the Landrover onto the freeway, her smile immediately falling from her lips when she notices that traffic is at a standstill. She groans and rolls the car to a stop. "Awesome" she mutters sarcastically. The latina cranes her neck to try and see what the problem is, rolling down her window when a police officer approaches the car.

"There's being a small accident up ahead Ma'am, it should only take twenty minutes or so for traffic to start moving again" he explains.

"Thanks officer" Santana smiles politely, rolling her window back up. "Since when did being almost thirty constitute being a 'Ma'am" she drawls dryly.

"You don't mind when Quinn or I say it" Brittany laughs.

"Yeah, well..That's different" the raven haired woman smirks, "And I do not look my age, I still look like twenty five" she adds, the blonde just rolling her eyes at her and leaning forward to turn the radio on. Brittany leans her head back against the headrest and closes her eyes, feeling the effects of her early morning after a late night catching up with her. She smiles as she listens to Santana softly sing along to the radio, the latina starting to fidget after only a few minutes, the woman never being known for her patience.

"It won't be long honey" Brittany reminds her, hearing the woman huff softly and start to fiddle with the radio and the blonde sighs. She places her hand on her girlfriend's thigh, smirking when she feels the latina freeze. Opening her eyes, she look over at her and keeps her gaze locked with dark brown eyes as her fingers dance along Santana's upper thigh, pausing when they reach the zipper on her jeans. Nimble fingers unbutton the top of the jeans and she slowly pulls the zipper down.

"Britt..." Santana whimpers, "We can't"

"Tinted windows Santana" the blonde retorts.

"Not the front one" the latina argues.

"Quiet Pet" Brittany demands, her ice blue eyes narrowing as she watches the other woman, a smirk tugging at her lips at the sight of the latina squirming under her gaze. "Are you going to disobey me?" she asks in a low tone. Santana shakes her head, her eyes darting around her, telling herself that nobody would be able to see Brittany's hand, the dashboard would hide it.

"No Mistress" she whispers huskily. Brittany slides her hand into Santana's jeans, cupping her sex through her panties, feeling them moisten beneath her hand. She moves her gaze to the front windscreen, keeping an eye out for anyone approaching as she roughly pulls Santana's panties to the side, a small squeak erupting from the latina's mouth. Brittany runs a finger along the woman's slick folds, moving painfully slowly upwards to her clit and eliciting a soft moan from the latina.

"Has my pet been good today?" Brittany asks quietly, her voice sending chills down Santana's back as she feels her arousal build.

"Yes, Mistress" the latina croaks, her hips jerking upwards when the blonde's finger brushes against her clit, the swollen bundle of nerves reacting to every touch and she feels herself dripping onto Brittany's hand.

"That's what I like to hear, I'd hate to have to stop now" the blonde threatens, her gaze still locked on the outside of the car, sensing the pleading look her pet sends her. Brittany wishes she had more time, enjoying teasing the latina immensely and knowing she can't get too carried away. She slowly circles Santana's clit, the woman squirming under her touch as she dips her index finger into her tight pussy. "Tell me what you want" Brittany orders firmly.

"Please fuck me Mistress" Santana instantly begs, panicking in case traffic started moving earlier, the thought of driving home before she gets a release sounding awful. She groans loudly as Brittany drives a finger inside of her, slowly thrusting in and out before adding a second finger, her thrusts becoming more forceful, Santana's safety belt the only thing keeping her in her seat. Dark eyes flutter closed as she feels her orgasm building, her walls clenching around her Mistress' fingers, her hips bucking as Brittany's thumb strokes her clit.

"Come for me, pet" Brittany's silky voice demands and Santana comes undone, moaning the blonde's name loudly, her back arching away from the seat and her body straining against the seat belt before she slumps back in her seat. The latina breathes heavily and watches with hooded eyes as her girlfriend jumps out of the car and walks around to her door. She uses the minimal energy she has left to drag herself across the centre console and collapses into the passenger seat, Brittany climbing into the vacated driver's seat and leaning across to press a chaste kiss to her full lips. The blonde gazes at her latina fondly as the woman drifts off to sleep in her seat and she smirks victoriously as she waits patiently for traffic to start moving again.


Quinn smiles when she walks into the livingroom to find Santana fast asleep on the couch with her head in Brittany's lap, the dancer sliding out from underneath her and gently placing a cushion under her head when she sees Quinn. Brittany grins at the other blonde and kisses her lips softly in greeting, her hand coming to rest on the woman's expanded stomach. The taller woman motions for Quinn to follow her, both of them being careful not to wake the sleeping latina.

"Wasn't she off all day doing nothing?" Quinn asks, amused that the hispanic woman would still be tired.

"Yeah but we got stuck in traffic on our way back from the studio, I had to tire her out before she starting sulking. You know what her patience levels are like" Brittany sighs.

"Non existant?"

"Exactly!" the dancer grins as she pours herself a mug of coffee and sets about making Quinn a cup of tea, gesturing for the shorter blonde to sit down at the table. "How was your day? You didn't push yourself too much, did you?" Brittany asks.

"No, I was mostly behind a desk pushing paper and handled all of the noise complaints about some teenager's party last night" Quinn replies with an eye roll. "I'm pretty sure half of Ohio complained about it" she adds with a chuckle.

"That's why I'm glad we live out here, the only noise round here is us" Brittany smirks, placing Quinn's cup of tea down onto the table and sitting opposite her with her coffee. They hear movement coming from the livingroom and Brittany rolls her eyes when Santana shuffles into the kitchen with bleary eyes and messy hair. "Did you smell the coffee or something?" the dancer asks sarcastically.

"No, I woke up when someone dumped my head onto the cushion" Santana retorts grumpily, pouring herself a coffee and slumping down next to Quinn, the smaller blonde leaning over to kiss her. "Hi" she grumbles and her girlfriends share an amused look, it being common knowledge that Santana isn't the most cheerful person in the world when she first wakes up.

"It's not my fault you only woke up long enough to crash out on the couch, you would have been more comfortable in bed" Brittany states.

"It's your fault that I fell asleep in the first place" Santana argues.

"Yeah I know, that's my bad...aren't orgasms just the worst?" the dancer exclaims, earning a chuckle from Quinn and even a small smirk from the latina.

"How come you had to work late?" Santana asks the woman next to her, choosing to change the subject completely and ignore Brittany's teasing.

"A few people called in sick today" Quinn explains, "Don't worry, they were out last night so they were just hungover" she adds quickly when she sees the panicked look on Santana's face. "There's no bug going around or anything, unless you count inconsideration as a bug" the blonde mutters dryly.

"I don't think you can baby girl" Santana laughs, "How was our little guy today?" she asks, laying her hand on Quinn's stomach, "Was he kicking a lot?"

"Not so much kicking as using my bladder as a squeeze toy" Quinn jokes and Brittany smiles warmly at the look of pure adoration on Santana's face, thoroughly looking forward to seeing the latina as a mother, knowing she's going to be a wonderful parent. She knows it's going to be hard once their son gets older, remembering how their old classmate Rachel was teased at times for having two dads, their child is not only going to have lesbian parents but three of them. Brittany prays that their child can be as proud of their parents as Rachel is, the diva always ready to defend her fathers' honour and tell anyone who would listen all about how she came into the world. When she and Santana first brought Quinn into their relationship back in senior year, she never would have guessed that the other blonde would become a permanent fixture in their relationship, nevermind falling in love with her. It's amazing to think that twelve years ago she accepted that she may never get to raise a child. She assumed that there would be no way for the three of them to have a family that didn't only consist of each other. Yet here they are, expecting their first child, their son in just a couple of months.

"You okay babe?" Santana asks with concern on her beautiful features, "You kinda spaced out on us" she adds.

"Yeah" Brittany smiles, "I'm perfect" she states, causing both of the women opposite her to grin back at her. "Are you guys hungry? I could make us some pasta" the dancer tells them, Santana nodding eagerly, the latina has always been a huge fan of Brittany's cooking.

"That sounds good Britt, I think I'm going to have a bath while you cook. Unless you want me to help?" Quinn asks.

"No, it's cool. Go ahead, you and Santana always just get in my way anyway" the taller blonde smirks, laughing at the looks of indignation coming from her girlfriends.

"I'll uh..wash your back for you then" the latina murmurs to Quinn, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively, "You know, since I'm just gonna be in the way if I stay down here" she adds, gaining a laugh from her pregnant blonde who nods. Santana leads her upstairs, heading into the bathroom while Quinn heads into the bedroom to take her jewelry off and to undress. The latina starts to run the bath, pouring Quinn's favourite lavender bubble bath into the water and waiting until the tub is almost full before turning the taps off and heading into the bedroom to find her cell phone charger. Her breath catches in her throat at the sight of Quinn undressing and she watches in awe as more porcelain skin is slowly revealed. Santana walks up behind her and snakes her arms around the blonde, her hands resting on the soft skin of her expanded stomach and her chin resting on a pale shoulder. "You look so beautiful sweetheart" the latina mumurs into Quinn's ear and the blonde blushes at the intensity behind Santana's words. She turns around in the hispanic woman's arms, her stomach touching the other woman's tank top clad one and Santana's eyes rake over her girlfriend's naked body, over the swell of her perfect breasts that are much bigger than usual and over her perfectly curved hips. For once, Santana doesn't try to take advantage of the fact that there is a stunningly beautiful woman standing naked in front of her, she just looks on in adoration.

"I love you" Quinn whispers into the crook of the latina's neck, feeling the passion radiate from the woman as she lifts to head to crash their lips together, her tongue sliding into Santana's mouth, the muscles moving in a well rehearsed dance. Their kiss comes to an organic end, their foreheads resting together and they stare at each other for a moment. "Our baby is lucky to have you as a mother" Quinn states softly and sincerely, watching as Santana's dark eyes shimmer with unshed tears.

"I was about to say the same thing to you" the latina replies hoarsely. She can't help but laugh at herself as she swipes at the tear that rolls down her cheek. "Remember when I was badass?" she asks with a grin.

"You're still badass, just a nice badass" Quinn replies with a chuckle and Santana rolls her eyes. The latina groans when she pats her pockets, unable to locate her cell phone.

"I'll be back in a second, I must have left my cell in the car" she sighs and Quinn internally panics.

"Forget it just now" the blonde stutters, not missing the look of confusion that crosses tanned features. "The water will get cold, you can get it after" she adds and Santana shrugs, pulling her tank top over her head and dropping it playfully onto Quinn's head. The latina makes quick work of undressing and she follows the blonde into the bathroom, Quinn stepping aside so that Santana can climb into the bath first. The blonde carefully steps into the warm water and sits down between the raven haired woman's legs, her back against the latina's breasts and she sighs contentedly when Santana rubs small circles onto her stomach with the palm of her hands. "So, are we just staying home all weekend?" she asks, trying to sound casual.

"Yeah, I think so baby, unless you want to go somewhere?" Santana asks.

"Nope, I'm good" Quinn responds quickly and the latina quirks a brow but chooses not to say anything, chalking the woman's sudden change in her behaviour up to her hormones. The blonde feels Santana's hand stop for a moment and she curses herself for being too obvious with her nerves. It's ok, she reminds herself, it'll be dark by the time Santana goes out to her car, she won't notice. The blonde forces herself to relax, not wanting her girlfriend to be suspicious and she reminds herself to ensure that she's the first person to leave on Monday morning. That's all she has to do and then it would be fine, Santana and Brittany would be none the wiser.

To be continued...

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