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Chapter 5

Quinn flexes her aching hand, grimacing and half expecting her fingers to curl back up by themselves as she straightens them. She's beyond relieved that this is her last night of writing lines, for now anyway. This last week has been intense for all of them and Quinn is glad that it's over. She never would have thought that two hand spankings would have such an effect on her. It wasn't so much the pain of the punishment but the emotions behind it. Sure, they both hurt big time but the intense emotional connection she made with each of her girlfriends during both spankings is what will stay with her forever. Quinn picks her pen back up from the kitchen table and continues with her lines, A lie of omission is still a lie and I must not lie to my girlfriends. She hates writing lines, it takes far too long and is completely tiresome, most likely why Santana and Quinn had chosen it as a punishment. Her hand is beyond aching by the time she writes the last one and she drops the pen as though it is burning her. She glances up at the kitchen clock, noticing that it's almost six which means that Santana would have left work an hour ago and will be almost home. Quinn chuckles as she hears the front door being unlocked, Santana and her impeccable timing strikes again.

"Quinn?" Santana's voice floats through from the front door and Quinn smiles as she pushes herself to her feet.

"Kitchen!" she calls back. She beams when Santana walks into the kitchen, the exhausted looking latina giving her a tender smile before pressing her soft, full lips to Quinn's, one hand resting on her girlfriend's expanded stomach. Santana grins when she feels their son kick, bending down to kiss Quinn's stomach and whispering hello to him.

"Hi" Santana finally murmurs to Quinn as she straightens up.

"Hi yourself. How was work? You look exhausted" Quinn notes with a small frown and Santana shrugs.

"Work was fine, I just didn't get much sleep last night" she states. "How was your day? Brittany said you left work around lunchtime?"

"Yeah, I asked the captain if I could reduce my hours until I started my maternity leave and he was more than happy to help me out" Quinn explains.

"That's good, I'm glad you're gonna have more time to take it easy, especially since our little boy will be making his first appearance soon...we're all gonna need our energy" Santana grins, kissing Quinn again. She glances at the table and notices the lines and takes her girlfriend's hand, leading her to the table. "You're done?" Santana questions.

"Yeah, Brittany said there was no point waiting until after dinner if I was just sitting doing nothing anyway" the blonde shrugs as Santana picks up the pieces of paper and studies them, making sure Quinn had done them completely and correctly.

"That makes sense" the latina nods. "They look good. Have you eaten something yet?" she asks.

"Not since lunch, I was waiting for you" Quinn replies, glancing at Santana slyly and the latina chuckles.

"Spaghetti bolognese coming up" Santana winks, pressing a gentle kiss to Quinn's lips. "I just have to get changed first, you go put your feet up"


Quinn smiles as Santana sits down next to her on the sofa, placing her plate on her lap and glancing over at her girlfriend to make sure she is eating hers. She doesn't say anything though as she doesn't want Quinn to feel as though she is mothering her but she still worries, it's what she does. They eat in a comfortable silence as Quinn switches over to the news station, knowing Santana likes to keep up to date with current events.

"Our boy would never get away with that" Santana murmurs as the news anchor tells the story of the gang of youths who broke into a local liquor store amd wreaked drunken havoc in the centre of Lima. "In fact, our boy wouldn't even do it in the first place" the latina adds confidently. Quinn nods with a small smirk on her face, feeling extremely sorry for her son in advance; he'd have to be incredibly brave to cross his Mami. "Don't you agree?"

"I like to think he won't get into that sort of trouble but I guess we won't know until he's actually here" Quinn shrugs.

"We're not going to be those kind of parents though. You know, like our parents were. Our boy is going to be loved and looked after properly" Santana argues, reaching over for the remote control and muting the tv as she turns to look at Quinn properly. Quinn realises her girlfriend is getting a little flustered and she places her plate on the arm of the sofa and takes Santana's plate as well, allowing her to take the latina's hands into her own.

"Of course he will. That's not what I'm saying, honey. Sometimes kids get themselves into trouble without having horrible parents to blame. Look at Finn, his mother is amazing and he had Burt once he got older but he was still a massive jerk" Quinn reasons. "I'm not saying that he will get into a lot of trouble, I'm just saying that you need to be prepared that he might. I know you'll blame yourself if he does do something wrong so I guess I'm just saying that you shouldn't" the blonde woman adds.

"I wouldn't blame myself" the latina replies meekly, even though she knows her girlfriend is correct.

"Uh huh, of course you wouldn't" Quinn states sarcastically. "Eat your food" she adds, passing Santana's plate back to her and smirking at the slight scowl on the latina's face. "We have other baby problems to get past before we think about him as a teenager anyway" she murmurs.

"Like what?" Santana questions with a furrowed brow. "Is there something wrong? It wasn't the accident was it?" she asks, stumbling over her words as panic starts to take over.

"No. Nothing like that" Quinn reassures her. "We're both perfectly healthy, don't worry" Quinn feels a pang of guilt as she takes in the slowly disappearing look of fear on Santana's features. "I was meaning his name...his last name. There's three of us and obviously we can't get married. Do we hyphenate his name twice? What order do we use?" the blonde asks and Santana frowns, this is clearly the only thing she hadn't worried about in the last several months.

"Well, I hadn't actually thought about that" Santana admits. "I don't know" she mumbles.

"There's a few things we haven't thought about. Second-parent adoptions are only available to someone recognized by the state as the spouse of the first parent" Quinn tells her quietly.

"And same sex marriage isn't recognised in the state of Ohio" Santana nods. "We already knew that part, babe. We knew it would only be your name on the birth certificate, otherwise it would mean one of us would be left out. Maybe it should just be your last name. It's not the law or blood that matters, I know he's just as much my son as he is yours and Brittany's" Santana shrugs. "It doesn't matter if other people view Brittany and I as his moms, it only matters what the four of us think" she adds and Quinn beams at her. "Maybe his middle name could be Pierce?" the latina suggests. "It'd be a nice surprise for Britt"

"I love that idea" Quinn grins.

"Good. Now eat your dinner and stop making me worry, I'd rather our son be responsible for my grey hairs" Santana winks.


Santana lets out an unladylike grunt as something hard slams into her stomach and she swipes at the offending object without even opening her eyes. The small giggle that comes from beside her tells her that it is Brittany and she cracks her eyes open, grinning at the set of bright blue eyes that are inches away from hers. Santana notices Quinn sitting on the edge of the bed, she and Brittany both wearing matching grins.

"Did we win the lottery?" Santana asks sleepily, causing Quinn to roll her eyes and shake her head.

"Nope! It's something even better than that!" Brittany grins. She wriggles around to get more comfortable, her elbow digging even further into Santana's stomach and causing another grunt from the latina. "Quinn told me that you want the baby's middle name to be Pierce" Brittany states, placing a tender kiss to her girlfriend's full lips. "I love it. Thank you. Plus we had another name that we decided on while your lazy ass was sleeping the morning away" she adds. Santana frowns slightly, a little put out that they had decided on something to do with their son without her.

"His middle name will be Pierce but his last name will be Lopez-Fabray" Quinn murmurs as she scoots up the bed to sit next to Santana, Brittany laying her head on her lap as soon as she is settled.

"Really?" Santana whispers.

"Really" Quinn nods, chuckling softly as the latina beams proudly, her almost black eyes clouding over with tears. "He'll have a little of each of us in his name, it feels right. I think William would also be a fitting middle name, Bill has done so much for us ever since our parents decided we weren't 'normal' enough for their taste" she explains to Santana while Brittany's smile widens even further. Brittany's parents had always been so supportive and loving towards all of them. They didn't find it weird that their grandson would have three mothers, they think that he's extremely lucky to have three mothers waiting so excitedly for him to arrive; he's already so loved and wanted.

"I hope he wait a few years before getting into any trouble" Brittany tells them in a serious voice but with humour in her twinkling blue eyes. "I don't want any reason to call him by his full name!"


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