Island- paths cross

prolouge: Catherine

I slowly walked down the hall to my small room aboard the Plato Monto cruise ship. I pulled out my room key, unlocked the door, and slipped inside. As I sat down on the bed I looked out the window, catching a brief view of the storm outside before my view was obscured by a wave crashing into the side of the boat. Try to keep calm, I thought to myself. They said they had it all under control, and the storm wasn't that bad. But something about the captain's voice over the intercom made me think that was a huge understatement of what was really going on. I forced myself to try and get some rest, and put my worries to bay. As I drifted off to sleep, my last thought was about how everything was going to be fine. About just how much I would love this cruise. I awoke the loud sound of the alarm, ring all around the ship. I clenched my hands to my ears to block out the screeching sound all around me. I jumped out of bed and grabbed my back pack, running over to the door. The second I stepped out, I knew I was not going to get that perfect cruise vacation I had so long dreamed about. Everyone was running around chaotically, including the captain. I saw people getting on to life boats and being lowered into the rapids of the huge ocean. Though it seemed to be suicide, I deiced it was my best bet. I ran into the line, followed by many others, looking just as frightened as I was. The line moved slowly, seeming to never come to my turn, but eventually, I was the next to go. I hoped into my life boat, being accompanied by a small boy how looked no older than 11, and a teenager who helped me in. as we where inch by agonizing inch lowered toward the sea, I wondered if I would live to tell the tale of how the ship went down. I wondered if anyone would.