Chapter 2: Will

When I awoke, I saw her standing over me, frail and weak, with a look of desperation in her dark grey eyes. Her long hair was soaked in sweat, as well as her clothes. She looked so beaten down; I brought her in to my arms, trying to give her a sense of security. Suddenly, I flew backwards, my chin stinging with pain. She had punched me! There I was trying to do something nice for her and in return she punches me in the face. My chin was throbbing, but I managed to stand up right. She was glaring at me with such a horrible intensity I wanted to look away.

"Never do that again," she growled, sending the hairs on the pack of my neck to stand straight up. With her bright blonde hair and tall slender body, I pictured her being kind and gentle. I could see her in my mind hugging me back and thanking me for my kindness. Instead, I was stuck one an island (I assume) with this girl who freaks out when I hug her. Just my luck. Wasn't it bad enough that the ship went down? I had to be stuck with her. Suddenly I remembered the boy, Luke I think his name was. I looked around and saw him standing close by awkwardly, water dripping from his lips. I started walking over to him. The closer I got, the more afraid he looked, so I just walked by him and bent down by the river to take a drink. As I put my lips down to the water, I saw a small fish swim by. As I drank, I started contemplating the best was to catch it. I was almost positive this island wasn't inhibited by humans since the Capitan had said there wasn't any place to bring he ship in from sea for miles and miles, so I started wondering if we would have to live on this island. If so, curse my luck for being stranded with her. Luke I could handle, after all, he didn't talk much and seemed pretty smart, but all she would be was a pest, a thorn in my side as I tried to keep us alive. When I stopped drinking and turned, I was surprised to seethe girl walking off, away from us.

"What are you doing?" I called to her, running up to cut her off.

"Finding shelter"

"Oh, that's a good idea" at that remark she fell silent, I guessed she was also trying top deicide if we could ever work together to make a team. Soon we came upon a small ledge. From a distance, you could see a cave up there. The girl started climbing up at an amazing pace, I wondered if I could even keep up. Just before I started to climb, I turned to see Luke behind, lugging all our stuff. The medical kit, tool kit, life boat, his bag and my bag. A pang of guilt shivered through me. How inconsiderate it was of me to leave him with everything! Even my own bag as well as the stuff from the life boat. I jogged backed to him and said

"Umm… I can take something,"

He gave me a quizzical look that made me wonder if he thought I was going to throw something at him. He hesitated, then handed me the life boat. I started lugging towards the cliff. When we arrived, a rope was hanging down from above.

"Tie the boat to it and we can all pulls it up" the girls voice came echoing down from the cave

"Where did you get the rope?"

"my backpack,"
" you carry around rope?"

I heard her scowl in disgust. I did as she told me, only because I thought it was a good idea. Then we climbed up. When we final reached the top, my muscles where burning from the effort. I looked back in to the long cave, stretching back about 25 feet back and about 10 feet long. The thought of living here for who knows how long freaked me out. And an even scarier though was that this may very well be the place I die.