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The prince of Twilight Kingdom sat bored, staring out the window of his bedroom. Although bored, that had not stopped him from the terrible feeling that had krept into his being. He had his head propped onto his hand, as he leaned against the cold table. Today would have had to have been the worst day ever. It started when his mother had woken him, calling him downstairs to join them for breakfast earlier this morning.

"Roxas, ma'lady wishes to see you at the table, this morning. She has important news." the maid said, smiling her best smile at her blonde-haired prince.

Roxas could barely manage to get his head off the pillow, let-alone make it downstairs for breakfast. He groaned, squinting up at his made.

"Namine, tell mother dearest to give me a break. It is my birthday after all."

"I believe that that is what ma'lady wishes to speak about, my prince. Seventeen is an exciting and big year. Aren't you excited?"

In fact, Roxas wasn't excited. Quite the opposite, really. Seventeen meant that he would be married off, soon. It was only a matter of time until his mother and father lined up the nearby princesses. Truth be told, Roxas wasn't looking forward to marrying at all. Pretty girls and there pretty gems didn't really interest him. He needed something...exoctic. Something different. That's exactly why Twilight Kingdom didn't suit him. It was boring, and contained- horrible for someone with such a curious mind as the blonde prince's.

"I suppose." he replied, finally sitting up.

After all, seventeen was another step closer to getting away- even if he was going to have to do it married. He would still be free of this terrible place.

The equally blonde maid smiled at the prince, politely placing today's clothes on his bed next to him.

"I'll leave, so that you may dress, my prince." she said, curtsying, and exiting the room.

Prince Roxas stood, pulling on his clothes. Buttoning the last button, he looked into the guilded mirror hanging from his wall. Deciding that he looked acceptable enough for his mother, he left the room.

Once Roxas had made it to the extravagant table in one of the rooms below his floor, he took his place next to his mother. The queen smiled at her son, taking a sip of water from her silver goblet. His mother shared his golden blonde hair, and this beautiful smile that people would die to have. His father had gray hair, old with age, and stunning, ocean blue eyes. Everyone always said that he looked like his mother the most, but no one could deny that those were his father's eyes.

Her royal highness then took the chance to clear her throat. Her eyes showed her nervousness. It was a weakness that she really only revealed to her family.

"Good morning, my son." She greeted him. "How did you sleep?"

"Pleasantly enough."

The queen looked to her husband, the nervous smile still in place, and took his hand. They both turned their attention to Roxas, looking as if they were hiding something.

"Well, Roxas, seeing as today is your special day.." his father started out. "We need to discuss something with you."

"Yes, father?" the blonde prince replied, avoiding his parents' eyes.

"Well, as you know, seventeen is a big year.. Wedding year.. You know, your mother and I met through our parents. We're still extremely happy together, especially with you-"

"Oh! My little Roxas is grown up!" The queen interupted, whiping tears from her eyes.

"Mom..Don't cry. I'm still me." Roxas said, picking at the dining table's cloth cover.

"Well, Roxas." his dad began again. "We've found you a bride!"

Roxas' heart skipped a beat. He hadn't expected his parents to find someone so quickly! How could this be?

With a sickness in his stomach, Roxas continued picking at the tablecloth.

"Who?" he asked slowly.

"Well, you recall Princess Xion, right? She was at your birthday party last year." his mother, told him.

Yes, Roxas did recall. Xion was a nice, quiet girl, with short black hair and a tendency to become emotional. There had been something of a problem, the day he had turned sixteen. Xion had left, crying. To this day, he still wondered what had happened.

"Of course."

"Well, her parents and we have made an arrangement- the two of you are getting married in the Spring!" his mother exclaimed.

Roxas' heart felt like it had completely stopped. 'Spring' was about two months away. Two months was hardly enough time to grow up. He wasn't ready! He didn't know anything about being a husband! He wasn't even sure if he was ready!

The prince gulped.

"S-spring?" he choked, dropping his fingers from the cloth. "You can't... you've got to be kidding me!"

The queen and king's happy expressions faded. It was obvious that they had been let down. Guilt filled Roxas' stomach, but he did not take back his outburst.

"Now Roxas, hunny, you-"

Roxas hadn't stuck around to hear what his mother had to say. Out he ran, into the gardens, and into one the extravagant mazes. Endless green, and then some, passed him in blurs. Nothing could stop him.

It was about an hour later that Roxas stopped. He sat with his legs to his chest, sobbing. He wasn't ready. He deffinitely wasn't ready.

Later in the day, Roxas gave up. He found his way out of the maze rather easily- unlike most people, he knew the place better than he knew the back of his own hand- and up to his room. He did not speak to his mother and father, but he was sure that Namine had spoken to them already.

"He's just in the mazes again, ma'lady." she'd have said. "He'll be back by noon, sir."

Now, however, she was with him in his room. While Roxas sat, watching the day come to a close, Namine cleaned in a pecuiliar silence. Since Namine was only about a week older than Roxas, they usually got along very well. They always had something to say to the other, and Roxas never treated her as "just the maid".

Finally, Namine spoke.

"They asked me to talk to you, Roxas." She said, standing up from her floor-scrubbing, and pulling her blond hair into a ponytail. "They asked me to tell you that...that...oh, Roxas!"

The blonde girl threw her arms around the prince.

"I'm so sorry. I know you aren't ready but... it won't be that bad! I promise." she explained.

Roxas dejectedly let his head fall onto the older girl's shoulder. He blinked back the tears he didn't want her to see.

"Do you know what it's like... Namine?" he asked, anger in his voice.

"No.. But don't get me wrong...it's just..." she said, tears threatening her own eyes. She put a hand on the back of her prince's head, stroking the blonde spikes.

"What, Namine, what?" he said, the anger falling out of his voice. He lifted his head to meet her eyes.

"I've always dreamt of marrying." she confessed. "I want to fall in love."

Roxas laughed, not in a mean way, but in a way that told her how silly he thought it was.

"Why would you want that? Don't you want adventure?" he asked, a smile replacing his frown.

"Sometimes..but...marriage has always been my dream."

Roxas rolled his eyes, standing and stretching his arms above his head.

"So what were you saying, anyway? I mean, what had my parents said?"

Namine swallowed, looking down at the clean floors.

"They told me to tell you that... you'll be accompanying the ship leaving to retrieve Princess Xion from her homeland."