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The guard Axel'd sent to keep Roxas in check was not at all a wise man. The second the Captain had disappeared onto the island, the other pirate had chuckled, and had told Roxas to get lost, lest he'd be killed then and there.

The Prince was quick to take the filthy drunk's advice. Roxas had run at first chance, hoping not to be killed on this particular day, and found himself at the side of Axel's ship, staring into the waters below.

An hour late of waiting, Roxas eyed the view with care, precaution, and something of desire. Leaning against the wooden edges, he peered into the depth of the ocean, wondering how far down it went, thinking about how it would feel to drown in such a place like the ocean. Most of all, though, he wondered what felt so wrong, so off, so damaged inside of him. Here he was, looking upon what only could've only been the greatest gift given to him by the Gods, and how did he feel? Scared. Anxious. An upcoming adrenaline rush. Somewhere out there, his bride-in-waiting was, well, waiting. For him. He didn't even care. Princess Xion was a too shy childhood acquintance. Someone that had run from the castle crying for a reason that no one cared to remember. She hadn't meant that much to him.

However, with all the feelings floating aloft within him, what he mostly felt was pleased.

Even though he was scared, even though he didn't know where he was, his main thought was: finally something interesting was happening in his boring little life. For once, he wasn't being treated like the precious doll that he had always been thought of by servants and family members. Out here, there was the sea and him- and pirates that held him ransom.

That was the problem.

Roxas was not a pirate, nor was he a guest upon this pirate ship. He was just the tool that the Captain needed to get munny, riches, anything that his heart desired. This thought provoked another feeling inside of the blonde prince, yet he still hadn't a clue what it was or why it was there. The feeling was like a prick to the finger, or in this case, the heart. It was annoying and painful, and it didn't stop throbbing. His thoughts circled around it, searching for a clue. The feeling was almost like that of loss, of sorrow- but what was he losing? A rich life he was painfully tired of? A bride he had no desire of marrying?

Or maybe it was the thought of losing his role in this clever act. Maybe he didn't want to leave. Maybe he could become a pirate...

Roxas shook his head at his foolishness. Why in the world would he ever want to be a pirate! Why in the Universe would Axel let him? It was evident that Axel hadn't wanted him on the ship to begin with. His eyes confirmed what his words didn't- the Captain was truly afraid for Roxas. And Roxas, the mischievous blonde prince that he was, had figured it out. He had been warned that the other pirates might try, would try, to kill him. However, the fact that Axel himself didn't want him dead had not gone unnoticed. Only that first meeting had he actually been threatened by the Captain, the only reason that threat was placed was because Axel'd needed to know the trurth. As horrible as this would sound to his parents, to anyone who wasn't aboard a pirate ship, Roxas understood. And when he said insults might get him killed...he didn't know what to think. Those eyes though, those eyes said he didn't want Roxas hurt. What the young Captain displayed was what could only be defined as fear for the boy's life. What Roxas couldn't figure out, was why?

Why did a Captain of pirates care so much?

Something in those emeralds told him that the feeling went beyond a desire for riches and wonders. The Captain didn't even know that Roxas, the blonde boy that smelled of roses, was in fact the Prince of Twilight. Roxas wondered how Axel would react to that news in particular. He knew he would most likely be killed if Axel'd found that he'd lied to him. That Roxas had betrayed his trust. Roxas couldn't bare the thought of having to face Axel with the problem. He couldn't bear not knowing what would happen- the repercussions of his lies.

Relaxing his mind on these confusing emotions, Roxas turned his attention back to the sea. Beneath him, no reflection peered back. It made him feel as if he were insignificant for once. Nothing more than a mere speck tossed into what was called the world. He felt completely intimidated, as if the ocean would fly up, and swallow him whole any second. Roxas shivered at the thought.

He sort of liked this feeling.

Roxas was not the arrogant kind of prince, he knew he was but human with power. All of his peasants, his servants, his family- he was not better than they, and all of them were equal. Now that he was surrounded by water that only the Gods know how deep is, he felt his point was finally proven. Maybe, one day, he'd teach Namine this little fact. If he ever saw Namine again... Again, his mind trailed to the pirates, and to how he felt that people were equal...Most people, anyway.

Something in Roxas' mind had always thought that pirates were one step below that righteous hierarchy. Humans, and then pirates. Living, good beings, and then the scum that was left.

'It was their decision..' Roxas had always thought. 'Why should they deserve to be listed amongst better people?'

Since he was 12, the blood-inherited prejudice drifted into the youngest Prince of Twilight. Indeed, the hatred of pirates was hereditary. Now that Roxas was here, though.. hadn't he just admitted that he wanted to become a pirate himself?

Didn't he see that the young, fair Captain had actually had emotion after all? Didn't he find that...that something good resided within the redhead?

Maybe it was just the adrenaline rush talking. 'Or maybe.., Roxas paused his inquiry, 'Maybe I've been wrong all along... Maybe pirates aren't such bad people..'

Lost in his stupor, Roxas didn't hear the footsteps coming up behind him. He didn't hear the 'shheeck!' of a blade being withdrawn. Only when the cold metal touched his skin did he notice that something bad, very bad, was happening.

"Boy~!" The unbeknownst attacker cooed into his ear. "What have we got here?"

Roxas gulped, frozen in shock. A tremor of fear shook it's way through the Prince's nerves. Roxas tried his hardest not to shake as the attacker's words shifted through his head.

The prince eyed the silver dagger that pressed to his throat. Sweat began to trickle down his brow as the possibility of death ran its miles in his mind. What could he do? What could he say?

"Well? Axel's-new-puppy? Isn't that all ya 're? A puppy-do'?" The attacked cackled at his own words, a truly arrogant thing to do in Roxas' oppinion. Pirates needed a good lesson in manners.. What a shame it was that Roxas had a knife to his neck. He'd have loved to teach them.

The sarcasm in his head had him rolling his eyes, despite the fear. Old habbits die hard.

At that moment, Roxas knew he'd made a mistake- an unbelievably bad, bad mistake.

"Roll yer eyes a' me boy!" The attacker shouted, pressing down the blade a bit more. If Roxas swallowed, he'd be cut. There was no room between him and the dagger. The cold of the silver made him want to shiver, want to shake even worse than he had wanted beofore. He tried with all his might to resist, to not be killed.

"Wells, seeing as yer in a tigh' place righ' now, I think an apolo'y is in or'er!"

With a kick to the back of his knees, and a sharp twist to his body, Roxas lay on his knees in front of his attacker. The blade may have been removed from his skin, but he was still absolutely terrified.

"Loo' at me, boy!" The attacker shouted.

Slowly, Roxas lifted his head, letting his eyes meet the shape that was a nightmare come to life.

The attacker was tall and skinny, though not as skinny as the Captain was, nor as tall. This man was muscular, very much toned. His ears were aligned with silver piercings, and his hair was blonde, bleached by the sun and sea after many years. On his chin and above his mouth, equally blonde hair ran into a mustache and a goatee. His eyes were dazed but strong, roaming over the small prince with an evil smirk getting lost in the haze. It was quite obvious that this man was drunk. In fact, by the looks of him, he probably spent most of his concious life drunk.

The man was dressed in pirates clothing; rumpled and ripped striped trousers, and a vest hanging over his bare chest. Roxas could just barely make out the shap of two nipple rings poking their way into the worn vest, making Roxas gulp once more. The advantage Roxas had was obvious- this man would not be able to think coherently. However, it proved to be less a problem than Roxas thought as the pirate swayed foreward with his dagger. The disadvantage? The piercings and the forgotten scars faded into his skin proved he knew how to handle pain.

Roxas had little chance of escaping unscathed.

"Alrigh' boy! Speak! Say 'So'y Lusher..d.." The attacker demanded, cackling again when he was done.

Roxas swallowed before speaking.

"S-sorry, L-...What'd y-you say your name was?"

"Lushooooooooord!~" The attacker crowed, putting emphasis on the 'ore' sound near the end.

"S-sorry..Lushord.." Roxas mumbled.

"Wh-wha'! Bas'ard! Names LUSSHHHHHK'ORRDDDDD!"

With that, the blonde man swung the dagger twice across Roxas' left arm, creating a bleeding 'L' shape. Roxas caved, no longer able to use that arm to suppport himself. He cried in pain, hollering in such a rich-boy's way that the pirate, Lushkord or whatever his name was, cackled again.

"Don' know pain well, boy? Huh? Huh?" The pirate asked. "How 'bout ano'er!"

The pirate took up his dagger, preparing his next swing at the injured prince. Before he brought it down, however, a familiar grabbed hold of the attacker's wrist.

"Luxord, what the hell are you doing?"

Everything about Axel seemed angry, displeased...menacing. The fear emmanating out of his attacker was proof that this was something to be afraid of. With one swift motion, Axel had the dagger out of Luxord's hand, and cut fiercly streaming down his chest. The attacker, Luxord, howled in pain.

"Wha' was tha' fer, Cap'ain?" Luxord asked in mockery when his wailing was finished.

"For injuring the boy, you inane, selfish, fool!" Axel seethed, "Are such an assinine that you cannot comprehend simple instructions?"

Though he did not understand most words the Captain spat at him, Luxord sent a look of fear at the redheaded man. The Captain stepped closer, pushing the blade against Luxord's stomach.

"Shall I lacerate you?" Axel mocked, with a smirk.

"No, sir! Plea' no! No' lasserashuns, plea' plea'!" Luxord begged, holding frighteningly still as the blade was still pushed to his stomach. The cut along his chest still streamed blood down his tanned flesh, dripping to the deck as if it were nothing but rain water.

"Very well.." Axel pulled the dagger away quickly, leaving scrapes along the man's stomach. "Call a meeting then. It seems that you all need to hear the rules once more."

The blonde man pulled himself together, mustering all his strength to run in his drunken daze towards the other men.

"As for you.." Axel began, turning to Roxas with those cold, hard eyes. "We need to get you stitched up before those wounds become infected."

Once more in the Captain's quarters, Roxas sat in a worn wooden chair as Axel began spilling alcohol along the cuts. It burned, badly in fact, as all they had to clean the wound was old rum. Still, it was better than nothing. Roxas barely squirmed, and never spoke a word to the Captain as his wounds were being cleaned. The blonde prince was too afraid, ashamed that Axel had to come to his rescue once more. The Captain worked quietly as well, too deep in thought to speak to the boy. Aside from that, he was still offended by what Roxas had told him the last time they were together. The room was silent.

That is, it was silent until Axel took the threaded needle from his desk. Roxas flinched, looking at the needle in fear.

"That- That l-looks painful..." He muttered in a rather girlish way. Roxas was embarrased at his own fear.

"It is." Axel told him, smiling cruely.

Roxas gulped once more, in fear of the needle that the Captain intended to sew him together with. It was nothing more than an ordinary sewing needle- and Roxas was sick at the thought of it going through his skin.

Axel sighed, looking Roxas in the eyes with understanding.

"Shut your eyes and think of home. Tell me what it's like to be of nobility." The Captain said calmly.

Tentatively, Roxas let his eyes slip shut. He imagined home, his parents, the feasts and of how hungry he was now. How long had it been since he'd been fed? He remembered the barns where he played as a child, the large trees he still enjoyed climbing, and the gardens he ran through. He thought of Xion and of Namine, of arranged marriage and how it was not at all fair to him or Xion for that matter. He had no way, and most likely never would have a way, of knowing if the girl even wanted to marry him.

And then he began.

"Nobility- home...it's lavish.."

"Mhmm?" Axel hummed quietly, beginning work on the younger boy's arm.

"There are- there's lots of life, where I live. Not just people and animals- but plants and such, too. There're.. There are these large trees I like to climb.." As Roxas spoke and imagined, off in his own little world, Axel continued sewing. Roxas hardly noticed, which was exactly what Axel had been hoping for. "I like to hide in them, too. Hide from the girls running around trying to marry me, and from my parents. And Namine, but sometimes Namine hides with me there as well."

"Who's Namine?" The Captain asked in a hushed tone, so that he would not startle the kid out of his day-dream.

"My servant- and my best friend. We've known each other for so long..."

"She pretty?"

"Beautiful... but I don't think of her in a romantic sense..She's like... like a sister to me."

"I see... tell me more about her.." Axel mumbled, tying of the first set of stitches. He moved to the second cut quickly, trying his best not to hurt the boy. If he squirmed while the Captain was working, he'd be in even more pain than before.

"She's got long blonde hair, really pretty blue eyes- they're almost exactly like mine. She's sweet...ow!" Roxas' eyes shot open, looking down at his arm in pain. The first set of stitches was completed, but Roxas noted that they still had a bit to go on the next cut. His arm was burning, as if it were on fire and water did not exist. The prince bit his lower lip and blinked back the tears swelling in his eyes.

"Kid, listen, don't look. Tell me, tell me more about this girl, Namine." Axel ordered.

Roxas obeyed, shutting his eyes quickly and tightly.

"Her favorite color is white, and she loves to draw- especially me. She's always slipping drawings of me into odd little places, like- ow!- under my p-pillow.." As Roxas continued talking about Namine, a few tears escaped from his eyes. Again, Axel almost felt bad. However, this was better than letting the wound get infected and later having to cut it off. It might've lost them a portion of the fortune they'd plan to ransom him for. But the real treasure would be getting the prince. Axel had had wet dreams about the riches he'd get for ransoming the Prince of Twilight.

Before Roxas knew it, the sewing was done. Axel tied off the second set, and placed the bloody needle back onto the small tray that he'd set out before hand. He took the edge of his white, crisp, cotton shirt, and wiped the blood away from Roxas' arm.

"Now, kid. I need to go see to my crew about the meeting- about the rules. I trust you can keep your ass here?" Axel said, sternly.

Roxas nodded, biting once more at his lower lip. He'd hope he wouldn't need rescuing anymore.


The Captain stood, waltzing out of the room with amazing power- even Roxas felt this man more powerful than the King right now.

'Ha..' Roxas thought. 'The king of Pirates. Suits him.'

Axel stood on the steps beneath his cabin, eyeing his crew with an angry disposition. His glare roamed longer than he intended, making absolutely sure that every last pirate on his mental list was present to hear him speak.

"Now..." Axel began. "I have gathered you here to speak on something that many of you seem to not understand. Luxord, if you will come hither."

Luxord scampered up the steps, having been half properly stitched up himself. He stood in front of the Captain, terror still stinging his now sobering eyes.

"That something...would be rules. Turn around, Luxord." The readhead commanded, fashioning a black leather whip from his belt. Luxord did so in fear. Two pirates tied his wrists to the banister of Axel's grand stairs with dirty, extra rope.

"I will show you all what happens when I am disobeyed."

With a few strides, Axel stood behind Luxord. He ripped the vest from Luxords back, bringing the first of many whips to come to Luxord's tanned back.

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