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"Mogami-san, Please report to the President's office," buzzed the intercom in the LME main office. The Love Me sections number one member looked up from the box of paperwork she had been filing and sighed. She didn't know what that eccentric man wanted this time, but there had been many visits with him recently.

As she made her way through the halls, she fumed about the most recent problems she was dealing with. How her name has become associated with Fuwa Sho was still unknown, but the rumors running around were really starting to be a problem. Even with the statements made by both LME and Sho, the harassing fans had increased recently. Kyoko was starting to fear for her safety. Just yesterday she was on the receiving end of a rather smelly egg. Thankfully she was not hurt, but it did ruin her school uniform shirt.

When Kyoko arrived at the door to Takarada Lory office, she paused a moment to prepare herself for the wonder waited inside. She knocked and the double doors swung open to reveal a forest. The ground was covered in what could only be moss, pine needles, and ferns. How they could he have gotten all of this in here in one day? Yesterday the office has been a sheik's tent complete with women in belly dancing outfits. Today the main character appeared to be Robin Hood. Takarada stood there in green tights and tunic with a bow and arrow shooting targets. He turned and greeted the awed teenager.

"So good of you to join us Kyoko-chan. Come in and have a seat," call the lively man as he pointed to what looked to be fallen logs. On one of the logs sat a woman. Kyoko studied her as she walked over. She was obviously a foreign woman from the long blond hair and set of her eyes. She was dressed in a royal blue two piece business suit and dark leather heels. She looked at easy sitting in the forest, like it was nothing. The woman smiled warmly and rose to greet Kyouko as she approached.

"I would like to you meet Miss Catherine Saunders. She has been sent here to help out with your problem," Lory introduced the woman while she shook Kyoko's hand.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Kyouko. Kuu Hizuri has told me much about you," Catherine turned and sat back down on her log. Kyouko was speechless. Why had her Otousan spoken with a stranger about her? She sat on one of the other logs, finding it surprisingly soft. Lory perched himself on the only log left unoccupied. "Kuu has asked me to come and be your manager for a while," Catherine continued.

"Um… I don't nee…." Kyoko started to reject the offer, but stopped when Catherine put up her hand.

"My services have already been engaged with Kuu Hizuri and I WILL be your manager if you like it or not," Catherine stated sternly. "I have been informed by Takarada-san about the threating letters, the rumors, and the most recent attack on your person. Yes a rotten egg is not too bad, but it could have been much worse." Concern flooded the woman's smokey blue eyes and her look softened. "I would hate to see someone so dear to Kuu get hurt because of pride." Kyoko blushed at the mention of someone holding here dear. "Anyway," She continued, "I have other skills then just those of a manage. I have worked with several troubled starlets that needed protection." She smiled at Kyoko as the real reason the woman was here sunk in.

Kyoko's eyes widened with understanding. Kuu has sent her a body guard! "I could never ask you to do that!" Kyoko cried, "That would be too dangerous for you. You might get hurt!" Catherine laughed at the girl's reaction. She waved off the girl's concern.

"That is what I do. It's my job to make sure you are safe. Unless you want to tell Hizuri-san that you don't want my help? I am sure he'll be happy to make the trip over here to protect you himself." Catherine returned. Kyoko blanched at the idea of her Otousan neglecting his work and Julie to see to here wellbeing. Kyoko stood up quickly and bowed to her new manager and body guard.

"Thank you for your help. Please take good care of me," she said as Catherine stood up and bowed to her.

"I look forward to our time together. Please take care of me too" Catherine stood facing the young talent. She smiled at her new charge.

"Alright!" Lory piped in startling the two ladies back to their surroundings. "Kyoko, from this point on, you are to have someone with you at all times. That is what Miss Saunders is here for." He gestured to the women who nodded in agreement. "You are not to go outside without a protector." Lory hands her a sheet of paper with a list of names and numbers on it. "If, for some reason, Miss Saunders can't be with you, these are the people you can call to come get you. Do you understand?" Kyoko looked over the short list of names and nodded. She was surprised that Tsuruga Ren's name topped the list. "Ok, go on back to your duties and I will send her down in a little bit." Kyoko turned and left.

Lory looked over at Catherine. "So what do you think of our number 1 LoveMe member?" he asked in English.

"She seems to be a very sweet girl," Catherine responded in kind. "But what is with that outfit? I almost fell off the log when she walked in." She looked back to the door where the shockingly pink coveralls had vanished a few moments before. "I feel sorry for her." Lory frowned at the comment, the look on his face made Catherine laugh. "Please don't tell me that since I have joined the LoveMe section I get one of those dreadful things?" This time Lory grinned ear to ear making Catherine cover her face, moan, and shake her head. "If only Kuu had not asked me to help."