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Ren and Kyoko tapped lightly on the door before entering into the hospital room. Their eyes fell on the chair where Yashiro rested next to the bed containing Catherine. In his arms was a small bundle of blankets. Yashiro looked up at the new arrivals and smiled. He pulled the blankets back to reveal the small boy that was contained inside. Kyoko giggled as she walked over and relieved Yashiro of the tiny burden. Ren smiled at his wife as she cooed to the baby cradled in her arms. He loved the way she looked with the new baby and pondered over the idea of a child of their own. The subject had come up a few times since Catherine had come back, but now that the baby was here, he was sure that Kyoko would want one of her own. He turned his mind to the haggard looking father watching them.

"How are you and Catherine doing?" Ren asked the happy father.

"Tired." Yashiro admitted. "The birth took a lot longer than we had hoped for, but there were no problems." Yashiro looked over to the woman sleeping in the bed. "We'll be here for another day before heading back to the new apartment."

"I am so glad that you found one so close to us." Kyoko said as she rocked the baby.

"It does make life easier." Yashiro grinned. "He'll be closer to his godparents, that is, if you are still interested in the role?" Kyoko scoffed at him and held the baby closer.

"Of course." She returned. Ren smiled at his love, it had been one of the many things that they had talked about dealing with the new baby.

"You'll make good parents." Ren remarked.

"So will you." Yashiro shot back as they watched Kyoko walked around the room rocking the little bundle of blankets. Ren smiled at his happy wife cradling the infant.

"I think you are right."