"Where are we going, Fiyero?" Glinda inquired, lifting her pink silk gown off the floor so she could more easily climb the stairs.

"Glinda, my lovely," Fiyero purred seductively, "it's an engagement party. Where else do you think we're going?" He pulled her over to a set of fifteen-foot-tall double doors. "After you, beautiful," he whispered.

The room Glinda stepped into made her stop short. It was easily the most beautiful place she'd ever seen. Floor-to-ceiling windows with flowing gold curtains displayed fabulous views of the Emerald City. Even now, even from here, Glinda could see the buildings pulsing with lights and people strolling leisurely down the green-paved avenues. The carpet was plush and gold, a thing of beauty. Priceless, original paintings hung perfectly on the walls. But none of this really registered with Glinda; the majority of her thoughts were focused on the bed.

It was absolutely enormous, with metallic gold sheets that sparkled in the dim lamplight. Plump pillows adorned the head of the bed. Glinda couldn't believe that a fabulous bed such as this even existed, but she knew it had to serve a purpose.

"Fiyero," she breathed, "I-"

He cut her off, crossing the room in three strides, eagerly crushing his lips to hers. His warm, strong arms wrapped securely around her waist, grasping at the back of her dress. It took a moment for Glinda to realize that he was trying to take it off.

"I'll help you," she murmured, peppering the hollow at the base of his neck with feather-light kisses. She reached up and pulled his tuxedo jacket off, letting it fall to the floor.

"Too many Oz-damned clothes," Fiyero mumbled. He finally succeeded with her zipper, tearing away her dress and leaving her in just her white lace underclothes. She kicked off the gold high heels, sinking her feet into the plush, thick carpet.

"You didn't think you were going to get away with leaving that shirt on, did you?" Glinda laughed lightly, whipping away the white button-down. The blue diamonds that adorned his chest glistened in the soft lamplight. "You know, it's impossible not to be addicted to you."

"I've often been told I acted as an aphrodisiac," he bragged, gently pulling her down onto the bed. "You know, I love you, Glinda."

"So I've been told," she whispered sarcastically, silencing him with a kiss.

Later, Fiyero leaned over and brushed his lips against Glinda's warm forehead. They were both naked, tightly entwined in the sheets with their arms around each other. "Glin?"

"Mm?" she sighed, opening her sleepy eyes.

"Won't people think of this as… scandalous? Is this bad for your image?"

"Silly Fiyero," she chuckled. "You have to remember- it's only a scandal if you get caught."