Nasir was woken from fitful sleep by rummaging nearby. His eyes opened to see Lita, a young servant rummaging through a small satchel that lay among a pile of Agron's belongings. He knew of her. She held constant jealousy of their former Dominus' attention to the Syrian. He did not find himself surprised that she would steal from warriors on honorable mission.

She pulled out a necklace, holding it up to light.

"Agron would not see his things taken," Nasir said, sitting up despite pain.

"Agron is dead," she replied, "never to return, what need has he of it?"

Nasir made to stand up, legs still trembling with weakness. He made his way toward her. "Agron lives, he shall return, and I would see that he is reunited with it."

He held out hand, requesting necklace and satchel returned.

"You think that you still have power," she sneered, "replaced Dominus with gladiator to keep position. When word of his death reaches us we will see where you stand."

Nasir glared at her, snatching the satchel and necklace back.

"Grievances from former Dominus' house lay behind us," he said, "you would do well to change desire."

She raised her hand as to strike Nasir's cheek.

"I would think better of it," A strong voice sounded from the doorway.

Nasir turned quickly, hissing as movement caused pain, but as his eyes fell upon Agron, unharmed and smiling, pain fell from mind.

Lita glared at Agron, and quickly fled the room.

Agron's eyes never left Nasir, who looked down at the trinket in his hand.

"Apologies," he said, "she entered room as I slept. Recovery has made slumber deeper."

Agron shook head as to not place blame and advanced toward Nasir, who moved to place the necklace in the satchel once more. Agron's finger's stopped him, twirling in the dark leather strap and bone beading in his fingers.

"It was my brother's," Agron said, sadness evident in his voice, "Ornament of a gladiator. I took it as token of him. And yet this is the first time I have been able to bring self to set eyes upon it."

"I shall set it from sight," Nasir said, looking at the pain in Agron's eyes.

Agron shook his head once more.

"No, I would have you wear it," he said, lifting the necklace and setting it gently about Nasir's neck, tracing the line of it down his collar bone to where the beads rested over his heart.

"Are you sure?" Nasir asked, goose bumps rising upon his flesh from Agron's gentle caress.

Agron responded by bending to capture the young Syrian's lips upon his own.

"We burnt arena to ash Nasir," Agron whispered in his ear. "The Romans quake in fear of monsters they created."

Nasir smiled, "I would stand beside you as you bring the Republic to ruin."

"I would have it so," Agron said, gently pulling Nasir's injured body closer, "and now I will have you lay beside me. Tomorrow we celebrate victory, tonight we celebrate reunion."

Nasir smile, boldly grasping Agron's neck and pulling him down to embrace in a fierce kiss.

Tomorrow might hold their deaths or the death of powerful republic, but that night held freedom and love which Spartacus and all of the Rebels fought so passionately for.