Note: I could make this a separate story, but what the heck, they both involve accessories.

Spartacus pulled back thin curtain which partitioned Agron's sleeping area from the rest of the sanctuary. In candle light he saw Agron sleeping lightly, his arms tightly wrapped around Nasir's smaller body. Agron slept on his back, Nasir used gladiator's broad chest as pillow.

Spartacus quietly called Agron's name. The gladiator's eyes flew open and fixed on his leader's face.

"We leave for Neapolis within the hour," Spartacus informed in whispered voice. Agron nodded, sending his fellow gladiator to wake the others.

Agron shifted carefully, trying not to wake the small man who shared his bed. He stood, picking his subligaria from the floor and covered himself. He searched for his other clothes, through a pile besides their bed.

You would do better to wear shorter vest," a sleep filled voice suggested. Agron smiled, turning toward the bed, crouching down to press a light kiss to Nasir's lips.

"What fault do you find in long cloak?" Agron asked quietly, tucking one of Nasir's long locks of hair behind his ear.

"I accompanied my Dominus to the docks on many occasion," Nasir said, sitting up, "men wore no long garments, fish and refuge lay in street, half as high as knees."

"Ankles for me then?" Agron said, a small chuckle rising from his throat.

"You would look out of place or ill-informed dressing in long cloak," Nasir said, arm twining around Agron's neck, turning his face into the warmth of Agron's body.

"You prove trusted consultant," Agron said, kissing Nasir quickly and returned to choice of clothing, picking shorter vest. He dressed quickly, pulling rough fabric over broad shoulders.

He moved his usual long cloak aside to take leather slicker, protection against rain. Before he stood to leave for his mission he heard the quiet clatter of Nasir's teeth.

"You are cold," Agron said, grabbing his discarded cloak and returning to Nasir's side.

"I am only truly warm when in your arms," Nasir said, "make quick return and see me to comfort."

Agron smiled, wrapping his long cloak over Nasir's shoulders, momentarily resting his cheek against his beloved's hair. "I will be wanting my cloak back little man. Wear gladiator's garment as you train today. I would bring you partners for sparring."

Nasir took a deep breath and pulled away from embrace so he could stare into Agron's blue eyes. "May the gods continue to favor you and see your return to our bed."

Agron kissed Nasir passionately, wanting to leave Nasir no doubt of what he meant to him. "Sleep now, turn thoughts toward training, as to accompany on future mission."

Nasir nodded, a small amount of regret hidden behind his eyes, betraying his desire to remain at his gladiator's side.

Agron kissed Nasir's forehead and gently pushed him down into their bed, covering him with a blanket.

"Dream of your gladiator little man," Agron commanded, "and he shall return to you before sun sinks below horizon."

Nasir smiled and closed eyes, cherishing the gentlest of kisses to grace his lips before he heard Agron depart for his mission.