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"A romance movie," said Raven in her characteristic monotone, "Really?"

"Oh yes friends it looks to be most enjoyable!" Starfire squealed excitedly, "It will have all the wonderful love and affection and most adorable moments between two lovers!" Her enthusiasm was palpable.

Raven rolled her eyes at this and groaned.

"C'mon Raven, just give it a chance", said Cyborg, hopping Raven would reconsider abandoning the movie to isolate herself in her room.

"Yah Raven, who knows maybe you'll learn something." Said Beast Boy, trying his best to suppress a laugh.

Raven glared at him.

"And what would you know about romance you little twirp?" Raven shot, "I forget how you're always beating back the ladies with a stick on a daily basis". Her words dripping with sarcasm.

At this Beast Boy crossed his arms and turned his head away grunting in indignation, mumbling something inaudible under his breath.

Raven rubbed her temples in frustration. She didn't mean to upset him. She cursed herself inwardly at being so snippy with her friends. But they just didn't understand why she was so reluctant to watch this movie. Let's be honest, Raven certainly wasn't one for overly dramatic emotional films, but there was something more. A deep psychological aversion towards romance she not often acknowledged. She dismissed these thoughts from her head when Robin spoke up.

"Ok enough chatter guys, let's just watch the movie," He said in a commanding tone, "And Raven, you don't have to watch the movie if you don't want to, but we would all like you to stay and spend time with us" He added, his tone softening.

"I'm sorry everyone, I wasn't trying to push you all away. I just hate romantic movies". Said Raven, her tone soft as her eyes fell to the floor for a moment.

"We know you do Raven, but it's Starfire's turn to pick the movie tonight." Said Robin as he sat down on the couch, "You can get next pick; deal?" he added as he looked over his shoulder into Ravens eyes.

"Deal." Said Raven as she made her way to the far end of the couch and sat down. Once there she turned her head to Beast Boy.

"I'm sorry Beast Boy, I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings", she spoke sincerely.

"Oh, it's ok Raven." He said as his face split into a grin, "I was just mad I couldn't think of a good comeback fast enough".

"Good because you're really annoying when you get upset" said Raven teasingly, a small smile on her lips.

They were both staring at each other and the moment seemed to linger a moment too long, and they both looked away quickly.

"Ok, enough flirting you two and let's get this movie started" Cyborg said jokingly, grinning when he saw the embarrassed looks on his two friend's faces. He leapt over the couch with an armful of snacks and beverages. He sat down in between Beast Boy and Robin, purposefully leaving Raven and Beast Boy next to each other to heighten their embarrassment.

Starfire placed the DVD into the player and soon snuggled up next Robin as the movie began.

As the movie went along Starfire and Robin held each other contently, as Cyborg munched noisily on popcorn, and Raven stared blankly at the screen. Beast Boy was bored out of his mind and he began to fidget constantly. There wasn't a single explosion, car chase, or fight scene in the whole movie. He agreed with Raven that romantic movies were a snore and he looked over at her to see if she was suffering as much as he was. She was, but in a completely different kind of way.

As he looked closely at Raven, he began to notice the sad expression barely perceivable on her features. At first he thought he was just seeing things, and dismissed it. But after about half way through the movie he began to notice it more and more. Every time, the lovers in the movie said something sweet to each other, or kissed passionately, Raven would ball her hands into fists and her frown would deepen as her eyes grew sad and distant.

Beast Boy was shocked. What was happening to Raven? Why did she look so hurt? He furrowed his brow in thought, and he began to worry about his friend. Beast Boy's worry soon grew when Raven got up quietly from the couch and left the room quickly. He could have sworn he saw a tear on her cheek. He looked next to him to see the others too engrossed in the movie to notice Raven's sudden departure. Beast Boy decided he would find out what was wrong and he got off the couch and made his way to Raven's room.

Raven quickly shut the door to her room and sat on the edge of her bed with her head down in the palms of her hands. Her eyes were watering, but she hadn't yet begun to cry. She took a deep breath to compose herself. Why was she getting so emotional? It was just a stupid movie. Deep down, she knew the answer but she refused to acknowledge it, not wanting to deal with the pain. She got off the bed and sat down on her floor with her legs crossed, hoping some meditation would clear her troubled thoughts.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos…" She began to chant.

But before she could continue there was a knock on the door.

"Raven?" Beast Boy asked softly from outside her door, "Hey, are you ok?"

Raven's eyes snapped open and she began to panic. She had hoped no one had seen her leave the room and she was in no mood to deal with her friends, especially Beast Boy.

"Go away, I'm fine". Raven was surprised to hear how much her voice shook.

"No, Raven, you're not." Beast Boy said, the concern evident in his voice, even with the door muffling it.

"Well it's not your problem, and I want to be left alone" Raven said still sitting on the floor.

"Raven, we're friends and you're upset, of course it's my problem". Beast Boy said still waiting outside the door.

He could be the most persistent person in the world when it came to Raven's feelings and she cursed Beast Boy's stubbornness silently.

"Beast Boy, I appreciate what you are trying to do but trust me, you don't need to get involved in my personal issues" Raven said still unable to look directly at the door.

"But I want to Raven, I want to help you."

Raven sighed. He wasn't going to give up so she might as well just give in.

She rose from the ground and walked slowly to the door. She opened it slightly, allowing Beast Boy to see her hooded face. She hoped the hood would hide the wetness of her eyes.

"Raven, what's wrong?" Beast Boy spoke first, "You looked so . . . uh, sad" he said, trying his best to put what he saw into words.

"Well, I was Beast Boy. . ." Raven's voice trailed off as she avoided eye contact.

"But why Raven?" Beast Boy paused before adding, "Was it the movie?"

"Yes, Beast Boy, there is another reason I hate romantic movies". She looked down as she spoke

Beast Boy gave her a puzzled look.

"They remind me of how alone I am", Raven felt a single hot tear roll down her cheek.

Beast Boy eyes widened in shock at what Raven had said, and the cold seriousness of her tone.

"Raven, what are you talking about?" Beast Boy asked softly, "Raven I told you once before that you're never alone, you have us." Beast Boy spoke with all the sincerity he could.

"No, Beast Boy, you don't understand." Raven said, shaking her head, "The loneliness I feel has nothing to do with friendship."

"What are you talking about Raven?"

"Beast Boy I may not always show it, but I have the all the same feelings and longings as anybody else." She spoke quietly still refusing to look in Beast Boy's eyes, "I'm lonely because I know no one will ever love me like those people in those movies love each other" Another lone tear streaked down her cheek.

"Raven. . ." Beast Boy trailed off, still unable to contemplate how his friend could think such terrible things about herself. He reached out and opened the door a little wider exposing more of his friend's face before continuing.

"Raven, how could you think that?" Beast Boy felt his throat tighten as he became more emotional.

"Beast Boy, I'm not like those other girls, I'm not beautiful like Starfire . . ." her voice was shaking more and she took a deep breath in an attempt to compose herself.

"But Raven, you are beautiful." Beast Boy said suddenly.

He was shocked that he had said it out loud without even thinking about it, but even more surprised by the fact that he meant it. He opened the door the rest of the way so that there was nothing between him and Raven and he reached out and removed the hood of her head. Raven's eyes met his.

Raven was speechless. Beast Boy had just told her she was beautiful. She couldn't believe what she was hearing, she had only ever been called beautiful once before, and she felt a surge of despair at the memory.

Malchior. The true source of her aversion towards all feelings of love and affection. She had felt something for the man she thought he was, feelings she never in her wildest dreams she thought she would ever feel. And then he crushed her heart with glee, the heart she had given so willingly. Raven had always believed that she really wasn't beautiful and that Malchior only told her what she wanted so desperately to hear in order to fool her into freeing him.

But now, here was Beast Boy, her friend, who she trusted absolutely, telling her that she was beautiful. Finally she spoke.

"Beast Boy, d-do you really meant that?" She looked down into Beast Boy's pleadingly

"Of course Raven, you are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen, maybe even the most beautiful". Said Beast Boy genuinely as he stared into Raven's amethyst eyes.

"But, you've never said anything to me before." Raven said wiping the tears from her face, "and you have always thought I was creepy. . ."

"Raven, I don't think you're creepy; I'll admit I used to think that, but that was before I got to know you as a friend," He took Raven's hands in his and was surprised to feel how soft and warm they felt.

"Beast Boy, I . . .," Raven began but was soon cut off by Beast Boy.

"Raven, you're beautiful, and you are brave, and you are strong, and smart, and you way funnier than me," He said smiling, the wonderful things he thought about Raven spilling from his mouth with ease.

"I'm telling you with one hundred percent certainty that you will find someone who loves you for how great you really are." said Beast Boy, never breaking his hold with Raven's hands.

Beast Boy was surprised at how easy it was to tell Raven all of these things, because up until now he had never really thought about how much he loved about Raven. He was also surprised at how beautiful she really was, it was as if the more he looked at her, the more enchanting she became. His chest tightened as he was gripped with a feeling he hadn't felt in a long time.

Beast boy was suddenly startled as Raven let go of his hands and threw herself into his arms. She embraced him as tears began to flow freely down her ashen face. They held each other longer than they had ever held anybody in their lives. Raven broke the embrace first and Beast Boy felt a pang of sadness at the loss of contact. He wouldn't be sad for long though.

Raven, without warning, leaned down and pressed her lips into his, and they shared a long passionate kiss. When they broke apart they looked into each other's eyes for what seemed like a silent eternity.

"Thank you, Beast Boy, you don't know what this means to me." Raven spoke softly, taking a small step back.

"Um. . . uh." Was all Beast Boy managed to say as his green cheeks burned into a bright red.

Raven's door swished shut and Beast Boy was left standing dumbstruck in the hallway. He put his fingers to his lips and tried his best to remember the sensation Raven's lips had left. A huge grin suddenly appeared on his face.

"Well, I guess Raven did learn something after all."