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Due to my RP buddies showing me a ton of Spain and Japan pics (because we didn't know the pairing existed when Spain and I ended up married...it's a long story), I decided to write this. I got some help with our Spain too.

In order to get this story, one must remember that in Japan, sharing an umbrella is a sign of affection. I don't own Hetalia.

The oak double doors were flung open as yet another world meeting ended.

It was... almost a productive meeting, Japan thought as he quietly got out along with the others.

As he opened the front doors to the building, a clap of thunder made itself heard outside. It was pouring on the one day that Japan forgot a raincoat.

The nation sighed. His hotel wasn't that far... he could run there.

So that was how Japan ended up on a park bench, out of breathe and soaked to the skin.

I really should have remembered my umbrella...


The Asian nation looked up to see a man with curly brown hair and emerald eyes. His head was tilted to the the side as he looked down at Japan.

Japan vaguely remembered this man at the meeting. What was his name again? Spain?

"Yes?" Japan answered.

"What are you doing out in the rain?" he asked.

"I-I forgot my umbrella so I was trying to run to my hotel..."

Spain frowned. "Well that's no good. You'll get sick if you keep getting wet like that." The Spaniard held out his umbrella a bit. "Here~," he said with a smile.

Japan blushed a bright shade of red. H-He wants me t-to share his umbrella? But we barely know each other...

Spain gave him a confused look. "Is something wrong?"

"N-No... Thank you..." Japan nervously stood up and got under the umbrella with Spain.

"Which way is your hotel?"

"T-This way..."

Japan felt his heart pound in his chest. He hadn't shared an umbrella with someone since that one time with Greece... Japan looked up the other nation. Spain had a bright smile his face as though he didn't notice the extreme discomfort this was causing.

"Um... Spain-san?"


"Um... I..." Spain suddenly passed Japan the umbrella and stood out in the rain with his arms out. "S-Spain-san! What are you doing?"

"The rain feels nice~!" was the response. Spain laughed at the surprised look on Japan's face. "You look funny, Japan!"

Japan blushed even more at this comment.

When they at last reached Japan's hotel, he returned the umbrella and bowed.

"Thank you very much for walking me here."

"No problem, Japan."

The moment Japan stood up straight again, he felt a pair of warm lips on his forehead. "Trate de no quedar atrapados en la lluvia de nuevo~."

Spain left the blushing Japan wondering 'What just happened?'

Random drabble for my friends. ^^" I suck at fluff.

Translation: 'Try not to get caught in the rain again~.'