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Tracie and Idina are getting ready to perform Take Me Or Leave Me. They have been secretly dating for the past nine years.

"You know Tracie this is one of my favorite songs to perform with you." Idina said looking over at the mocha beauty that she was secretly dating, smiling at her. Idina plays The Drama Queen Maureen who is a bi- sexual performing artist who holds protests in the small space she calls her theater.

"Why is that Idina?" Tracie asks her beautiful brunette lover, a smile teasing her lips. Tracie plays The Anal Retentive Lawyer Joanne who is a lesbian and a work-a-holic. Who just so happens to be in love with Maureen.

Idina looked from her lover to the ground and then back up again, chewing nervously on her bottom lip, contemplating the fact that she had a dream, just last night, about her and Tracie getting engaged and living the rest of there lives together, and telling Tracie was what she was scared of doing. Idina knew without a doubt that she was in love with Tracie but didnt know if Tracie felt the same.

"Baby'' Tracie said getting up from the lounge chair that was placed in there shared dressing room, walking over to her lover and slowing wrapping her arms around the brunettes waist. "You know, well atleast you should by now know, that you dont have to be nervous about telling me anything, I Love You" she said softly into Idina's ear.

Idina purred softly feeling her lovers warm, comforting embrace, she leaned into her and wrapped her arms around Tracie's neck and layed her head on the mocha beauties shoulder, sighing comfortably. "Yes I know Pookie" Idina whispered softly into Tracie's ear, "It's just that I am nervous when I see you, even though it has been 9 incredible years." Idina whispered and looked up into the chocolate eyes of her lover.

Tracie was smiling softly and had her eyes closed, the way that Idina's breath was tickling the outside of her ear, she and to surpress a small moan from escaping between her lips. "I have to agree it has been an incredible 9 years" Tracie whispered softly opening her eyes and getting lost in the most beautiful green eyes she has ever looked into.

''It's just last night I had the most incredible dream ever, and we where engaged and we where so happy and in love and this song just reminds me that maybe we could have that one day." she whispered softly, "well everything except for the fighting and leaving each other part." Idina finished her whisper and closed her eyes waiting for a response.

"Tracie, Idina." the make-up artist walked into the dressing room without so much as a knock, ''what the...'' she said quickly as she caught the two in what looked to be a loving embrace with Idina's lips attached to Tracie's neck.

''Shit...'' the couple swore at the same time pulling away from each others embrace quickly.

Tracie was the first to speak, ''Idina, that was wonderful, you have really been studying your lines...'' she said quickly with a smile on her lips and softly laughing, trying to cover up the embrace her and her lover was just having. Sure Tracie didnt care that anyone knew but she didnt want to tell anyone until she made it a permanent thing.

Idina laughed and shook her head, ''See I told you Tracie.'' Idina was hurt by the way that Tracie jumped away from her so quickly and covered up there love for each other, but she wasn't going to push that right now, she would wait till they where back at home before she brought it up again.

-God damn it, why the hell does that women always do that, she always walks into he dressing room without a knock or even yelling through the door.- Tracie thought as she bit her bottom lip and looked as the hurt expression slowly become visible on Idina's face. -I really dont care if anyone knows but I want to put a ring on her finger before we say anything. Sure its been nine years but they have been the best nine years of my life and I want them to last a lifetime- Tracie finished her thought and walked over to her make-up stand and sat in her seat next to Idina.

"Idina, why where you and Tracie holding each other, with your lips attached to the side of her neck?" questioned the make-up artist, as she began to put eyeshadow on her.

Idina looked at Tracie in the mirror, her head was down and she could see tears sliding slowly down her cheeks, it broke her heart that she couldn't reach over and grab her girlfriend's hand to let her know everything was okay, but two things where stopping her her, the first thing was that she was hurt by the way that Tracie had jumped so quickly away from her when someone caught them in there embrace and the second was that damn make-up artist who was now painting red lipstick on her lips. "Didnt you hear Tracie? We where practicing our lines for Take Me or Leave Me" she mumbled out due to the fact that she had her lips in a pout so the make-up artist could paint her lips red.

"I heard, but I was just making sure that you two where not secretly dating or something." The make-up artist said rather judgemental, but then winked down at Idina.

The flirting was noticed by Tracie who instantly got up and walked over to the make-up artist. "Why dont you just do your damn job, put our make-up on and get the hell out of here." Tracie said unable to hide her anger.

The make-up artist, who and never seen Tracie act like this before, quickly finished up Idina's make-up and left without another word or glance at the mocha beauties girl.

"Tracie what the hell was that?" Idina questioned, looking at herself in the mirror and inspecting the make-up that was just put on her face.

Before Tracie could get a chance to answer, someone called through the door that it was time to begin the song. -Damn now she is going to be and at me all day. You just couldnt control that damn mouth of yours, could you Tracie?- she thought to herself as she stared at her beautiful brunette lover.

"We will talk about this after Tracie'' Idina warned in a hurt/pissed off voice, with the tone her lover used, Tracie knew she had explaining to do, and a lot of it.

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