Chapter 14

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It had been 2 weeks since Angel came to live the turtles, Kiara was now a month old and everything was going smoothly.

Angel and Chloe had been taking online high school classes together and while they were studying, one of the turtles would watch Kiara, even Raph watched Kiara from time to time.

One day Angel was putting Kiara down for a nap when her Phone rang. Donny had made her a new phone since her old phone had been lost in the fire. Angel picked up the phone.

"Hello" Angel answered.

"Hi, Angel, its Chloe, listen April and I are going shopping in 2 hours after April gets off from work would you and Kiara like to come with us?" Chloe asked.

"Sure, I'll meet you at you're house in an hour and a half" Angel replied.

"Ok" Chloe said.

Once they hung up, Angel did her homework.


An hour later Kiara woke up from her nap all refreshed and happy. Angel got her and herself ready, after getting her diaper bag and putting Kiara in her stroller she headed for where the turtles were.

She found the turtles in the dojo, training.

"Hey guys, Kiara and I are gonna go to Chloe's house and then we are gonna go shopping with April.

"Would you like me to dive you to Chloe's?" Donny asked.

"Sure" Angel said.

Donny then went with Angel to go drive her.


Once Angel and Donny got to Chloe's house Angel got out and got Kiara.

"Thanks for driving me, Donny" Angel said.

"No problem Angel" Donny said and then drove off.

Angel then rang the doorbell and Chloe answered it.

"Hey Angel come in" Chloe said.

"Hi Chloe" Angel said as she walked into Chloe and her grandparents spacious house.

"How's the baby?" Chloe asked as she looked at Kiara.

"She's doing great, I can't believe she's already a month old" Angel said as she handed Kiara to Chloe.

Kiara looked up at Chloe and smiled.

"Say hi aunt Chloe" Angel said as she noticed her daughter's smile.

"Hi sweet heart" Chloe said.

Twenty minutes later April arrived and they proceeded to go shopping.

At the outdoor mall Angel, April, and Chloe went from store to store each of them taking turns pushing Kiara in her stroller.

While walking, the girls heard music from afar.

"OH, sounds like there's someone playing" April said.

They kept walking and while they were making their way to the music they heard a girl singing, her voice was so beautiful.

They then reached their destination when they saw a girl on a stage with a karaoke machine next to her, the girl was still singing.

So I lay my head

Back down

And I lift my hands

And pray to be only yours

I pray to be only yours

I know, now

Your my

Only hope

The girl had long dark brown hair and brown eyes. The girl then sang some more.

I give you

My destiny

I'm giving you all of me

I want your symphony

Singing in all that I am

At the top of my lungs

I'm bringing it


"Wow she's amazing!" Angel exclaimed.

"I know right" Chloe said.

So I lay my head

Back down

And I lift

My hands

And pray

To be only yours

I pray

To be only yours

I know now your my

Only hope.

And with that the song ended and everyone cheered Including April, Angel and Chloe.

"Thank you" The girl said as she walked off stage.

April, Angel, and Chloe then saw the girl getting her bags and they decided to walk up to her.

"Hello" April said.

"Hi" The girl said.

"My name is April O'Neil and my friends and I think you are amazing at singing" April said.

"Thanks my name is Gia Larkin Madura" Gia said.

""I'm Chloe Calls" Chloe said as she shook hands with Gia.

"My name is Angel Lagato" Angel said.

"Oh is that you're daughter April?" Gia asked as she noticed Kiara.

"No that's my daughter" Angel said.

"Seriously?" Gia asked looking very shocked.

"Yes" Angel said.

"Wow, what's her name?" Gia asked.

"Kiara Madison Lagato" Angel said.

"Oh that's so beautiful" Gia Said.

"Thank you" Angel said.

"Hey I have an idea, why don't we go to lunch so we can get to know you better" April said to Gia.

"Sure, I would love that" Gia said.


At the restaurant, April, Chloe, Angel and Gia were waiting for the food they just ordered. Angel was Feeding Kiara.

"So Angel how old are you?" Gia asked.

"I'm 15 I'll be 16 in 5 weeks." Angel said.

"How old are you Gia?" Chloe asked.

"I'm also 15 I'll be 16 next week!" Gia exclaimed.

"Oh that will be exciting for you" April said.

"Oh it is, it really is!" Gia said happily.

Just then the food came and Angel put Kiara down in her stroller so she could eat.

"So Gia, do you have any pets?" Chloe asked.

"Yes I do, I have a cat named Fantine named after a character from the musical 'Les Miserables" Gia said.

"Oh I've heard about that show, I've never seen it though" April said.

Just then Kiara started crying, Angel then picked her up and started rocking her and singing a soft lullaby. Kiara then fell asleep once the lullaby was over. Angel then put Kiara in the stroller and started eating again.

"Angel that was amazing" Gia said.

"What?" Angel asked.

"Your voice, you have an amazing voice!" Gia said.

"Oh, thanks" Angel said.

"You know you're voice is so good that I think you should try out for "Les Miserables' When the audition time comes in two months" Gia said as she handed Angel a flyer with the audition information on it.

"You really think I'm that good?" Angel asked.

"Oh yeah" Gia said.

"Angel I think you should do it" April said.

"So do I" Chloe agreed.

"I'll think about it" Angel said.

"So Gia, have you ever done a musical before?" Chloe asked.

"Oh yeah I'm in my 6th show right now" Gia said.

"Which show is it?" April asked.

"Its called 'Rockin Tales Of Snow White" Gia said.

"Oh who do you play?" Angel asked.

"Snow White" Gia said.

"Oh wow that's awesome" Angel said.

"Thanks" Gia said.

"When is the show?" April asked.

"Next week, you guys should come see it" Gia said.

"I think we will" April said.

"So who plays the Prince?" Chloe asked.

"Actually my boyfriend Colin plays him" Gia said as she smiled.

"That's perfect" Angel said.

Later on the girls left the restaurant and everyone got Gia's number and they gave Gia there numbers. April then drove Chloe and Angel home.


"Hey guys" Angel said as she Pushed Kiara in the stroller.

"Hi Angel" The turtles said.

"So did you two have fun with April and Chloe?" Don asked.

"Of course I did" Angel said.

"What do you guys do?" Mikey asked.

"Well we shopped and we met a girl named Gia and she's an amazing singer and she's also in a musical. I was wondering if you would like to come see it with April, Chloe, Casey, and I" Angel said.

"And how are we gonna do dat?" Raph asked.

"Well I did make us some human disguises" Don said.

"Perfect so you guys just put those on and we can go see it" Angel said.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt" Leo said.

"I love this idea dudes!" Mikey said.

"Great, I'll order the tickets and print them.

"Angel said as she put Kiara in her crib for the night.

"So who does Gia play and what is the show called?" Don asked.

"It's called 'Rockin Tales Of Snow White' and she plays Snow White" Angel said as she got on the computer.

"Ah great so it's a girly play?" Raph asked.

"No it's not all girly" Angel said.

"Whatevea" Raph said.

Once Angel got the tickets she put them on the counter and then headed to bed. The turtles did the same.

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