A/N: Hello, readers! Today, is a special day because we are doing a special series, hawh? Now your probably asking yourself, Nightzs? What special series? Well, the story you are about to read in about 50 seconds is written by me, incredible as I am, and my friend Samantha at school! Great props for 'Samantha' by her amazing vocabulary and grammar and helping me with this project! :) Now, ON WITH THE BOOK, SERIES, THING!

On the planet so called Irk, where Irkens become prepared and ready for war against another planet, there lives a so called Irken named Zim. He was unfortunately not one of his leaders Invaders, but he was one of the many great Tallests of the planet. Invader Zim, was now Tallest Zim, more powerful then the great Tallest Miyuki. As great as she was, she lack the necessary requirements on being a great leader; Emotions.

Although, Irkens who have these 'emotions' would be considered as a defect, and only Zim knows that. He erased all the Irkens with the knowledge of this 'defect' and took control and told the Irken empire that emotions are to be held for out Smeet hatcheries. Zim still fears to this day that if someone found out about his 'defect' he would be banished, or even killed.

Planet Irk was a metal planet, surrounded by red and various machines along the landscape. Mostly retired Invaders, the old, or the newborn smeets were here. The old were used for knowledge once they die peacefully, along with the memories that are in their paks. They take the memory chip out and place it on the brain's computer, programming all the memories into knowledge for Irkens in the future. The bodies, however, are placed into a fire chamber, turning them into ashes.

Sad as it may sound, yes, but that is just how the world works on Irk. Many smeets are born, and the old only take up space on the planet, that there could only be so much room. Even though the Irkens die and are burned into ashes, the ashes are brought to a cremating chamber, where it will be evaporated into space and the ashes turn into thin air. Cool huh?

But most of you readers will be wondering when did Zim return to Irk? Well, right when he was about to destroy Earth, his leaders, Tallests Red and Purple, called him and told him to return to Irk. They told him that he's grown a extremely large amount of inches in the last year, that they actually wanted him to be the leader of Irk. Although Zim loved being an Invader, but being Tallests is much more powerful and takes quite a bit of responsibility.

The clumsy old Invader took this as a challenge and was ported back into space, leaving being the dirt ball planet called Earth the way he left it. The large headed boy Dib always wondered where Zim went, considering that he could be planning something devastating when he dropped his guard down; but he waited for Zim's return.

Although many years has passed for Dib, and the alien never returned. Dib had given up and proceeded through his life and started to become a scientist, since his 'father' was always there to help him. Dib was 14 years old when Zim left, and he was now 23. Nine long years of waiting for the chances Zim may return, but it never happened.

. . . . . .

It was Jubas 23, 2012 in the Irken world, and Zim was sitting on his throne, looking through the smeet hatchery files. As he was looking in, he found something interesting that caught his eye.

"Irken Soldier, come here for a moment." Zim motions the Irken that's in a purple armor, walks over to his Tallest. "Take this letter to the Smeet Hatchery and say that Tallest Zim would like to have smeets be able to chose their class." With a nod of the soldier, he ran towards the door and it closed on it's own.

Zim smiled and sat from his chair and walked towards the opened window. It showed the dark form of space on the Massive and small amounts of ships attacking a strange planet. He smirked evilly and petted his hands together, laughing loudly and manically.

"Tallest Zim! We have a incoming transmission from Irk! He calls himself, 'The Eye'." Zim gave a trademark look and waves his hand.

"Fine. Answer the call." Zim stood in the middle of the room, staring blankly at the static filled screen.

It gave a short sound of the call coming in and it showed a Irken, standing tall and proud with his red glowing eyes and lighting shaped antennas.

"Tallest Zim?" The Eye spoke. Zim just nodded.

"Yes, what do you want The Eye? I have important things to be doing right now..." The Eye smiled warmly and shook his head.

"Zim, what important things besides taking over planets for the Irken Empire must you do?" Zim frowns, hmpping at the Irken.

"Very well. What business do you have with me?" He smiles, crossing his arms over his chest over his Tallest Uniform. It was the same as his old Invader uniform, only with no black stripes, gold straps over the middle, and gold plates on his shoulders.

"As you may know, we have the 'emotions' in Irken smeets now, is that so?" Zim lifted an 'eyebrow' at The Eye.

"What are you getting at?" The Eye smirked evilly at Zim and showed his razor sharp row of teeth.

"I know your secret, Tallest Zim..." Zim opened his red orbs wide and stared blankly at the screen. "And I'm tempted to tell the whole Irken Race who you, a leader, betrayed." He laugh uncontrollably, coughing a few times into his hands.

Zim walked out of the room and ordered for a remote screen to walk with him. The current one in the room he was just in, turned off and as the one with him showed The Eye. Zim walked privately into his quarters, a room with a bed and arranged achievements he won.

"What do you want, Eye?" Zim growled at the screen. The Eye smirked and rubbed his hands together in a greedy form.

"Nothing really, just I want your place as leader..." He smirks evilly while Zim growls.

"No way that's happening, Eye! I can't let a foolish Irken take control of the Irken Empire! And besides, what right do you have to threaten me which such foolishness? I could track you down right now and kill you if I wanted to."

"Then do it." Zim flinched. "If you think your so 'High and Mighty' then I dare you to send soldiers." He smirked and glared at the screen. Zim however turned the transmission off and walked out of his room into the main. He sat back down on his throne and shoved his claws onto his face, sighing heavily.

All he has done for the empire is about to be ripped out of his hands and onto a mysterious figure, someone Zim hasn't seen before. He removed from his chair and spoke proudly,

"Irkens, I will be sleeping in my quarters. Do not let anyone call or in the Massive. Understand?" All the Irkens jumped out of their control chairs and saluted at their Tallest. Zim smiled warmly.

"Also, there is snacks in the kitchen for you all. Goodnight." A gasp of happiness was brought onto the Irkens, and most of them ran for the kitchen for free snacks.

Zim walked back into his room and laid on his bed. He closed his eyes and only thought about resting for a while...

This is the prologue! So what do you guys think? :)