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Dib started to get very worried about not seeing Zim for about a week when he visited him at his base. At first he thought he was just sick but he never called in sick at all at work. Dib tried knocking on the door to respectfully come in but he got no answer but a current of electricity coursing along the fist that he knocked with. To be honest, it hurt like a bitch because he smelt burning flesh an a tint of smoke coming off his hand. He didn't even bother to try again.

But something similar happened a little bit before Zim left for the Massive...

Dib was sneaking into Zim's base again but when he did, he didn't see Zim in sight. He shrugged it off; knowing that he was down in the labs working on a nasty experiment. So Dib went into the trashcan towards Zim's underground lab and held out his laptop to check where the little Irken was at.

A couple of minutes later, he found him in the next room; not moving but breathing because of the laptop making small beeping noises, indicating that he is still alive. Dib turns off his laptop and opens the alien metal door slowly and taking a peek inside.

What he saw...was very disturbing and shocking...

Zim was in the very back of the room covered in wires from the walls and drops of green liquid were falling from his head and onto the metal floor. Obviously, Zim was bleeding...

But that's not even the worse part...He was naked from head to toe, exposing his member and the rest of his body; even his hands and toes. His head was down do you can't see his face and the antennas were twitching rapidly.

Dib took caution and walked in slowly and quietly. He took a look at the Irken when he was at arms length and touched his head lightly. "Z-Zim...?" He softly spoke the name and there was a response. Nothing that you would know as one, but Zim didn't lift his head up and say, 'D-Dib? Is that you?'. No... He did the one thing that would made anyone piss their pants. Zim attacked him.

As soon as Dib spoke his name, Zim lunged at him; the wires loosing it's grip and tackles him to the floor. He grabbed Dib's wrists and pinned them onto the floor and he revealed his face to him. His face was stained with green blood, his eyes were swirling with a emotion that Dib never understood and his breathing was ragged.

Dib was startled when he got tackled to the ground; banging his head onto the floor and making him dizzy a bit. But when he opened his eyes, his wrists were already pinned and Zim looked like he was pissed.

Zim was panting heavily and kept his wrists onto Dib's; making sure he wasn't going to escape from his clutches. He let out a wicked smile; showing a row of razor sharp teeth and a chuckle. "Mmm...A snack to take tonight..." He tightened his grip on Dib's wrists and leaned in; ready to bite the flesh between his head and the shoulder.

Dib squirmed around under Zim. 'What do I do? And why the hell is Zim acting this way?' Dib squinted his eyes as he feels Zim's teeth biting into his flesh and screamed out agony. "Zim! It's me Dib! Let me gooo!" Dib screamed out again and some tears slipped from the corner of his eyes; not from the pain of course, but the fear of not knowing what was going on.

Zim stopped immediately and jumped back; guilt flashing in his eyes. "DIB-HUMAN! GET OUT OF MY BASE BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT I WILL DO NEXT!"

Dib was standing up and holding onto his bleeding neck and was trembling in fear. Without another word, he ran...ran all the way up the stairs, through the door, and all the way home; not looking back once.

The rest of the memory was a blur and Dib couldn't think of anything else. He wanted to see him again...Wanted to feel those soft green talons on his skin and verbally abuse them; even those soft rubbery stalks that rested on his green head. Dib frowned and quickly exited his work and ran towards his house.

. . . . . .

Zim was twitching when he exited the room. He laid on his bed for a week and there were bags under his eyes. No...No! This emotion can't be in my PAK! That means that I'm even more of a defect than I ever was before! Zim frowns sadly and sits on a chair and a giant wire comes out and connects to his PAK.

"Computer...Set me asleep for approximately 13 hours...I need to get this sleep out of my eyes..." A faint red light glows on the wire and Zim lays on the floor with his hands resting his head and closes his eyes.

Dib was on the outside of the alien's base and carefully placed his hand on the doorknob when he doesn't get shocked. "Zim!" He smiles and opens the door and quickly runs towards the trashcan to be brought to the lab. The elevator arrived it's destination with a faint ding sound and what Dib saw was rather...dare he say it? Cute...

Zim was on the floor, his eyes closed and he was curled up in a little ball with his hands under his head to cushion it. His chest was gently moving up and down from his soft breathing and his antennas were tilted upwards just a bit.

Dib walked over to Zim carefully and knelt down beside him and smiled. How adorable...He looks so cute when he sleeps. A dark red blush spreads on his face. Wait! Did I just say cute? Indeed he did...

Gir was walking through the lab and he sees Dib and smiles widely. "MARY!" He jumps on his head and nuzzles into his soft hair. "I missed youuhuuhhhhuuu!" Gir sits on his head and takes out a cupcake out of his own metal head and eats it.

Dib groans, knowing that if he did leave, Gir will scream and yell. "Gir how about you go get some tacos at Crazy Taco or something..." With a squeal, the SIR unit exited out of the room and Dib let out a relieved sigh. He looked back at the small Irken that laid on the floor and couldn't help but wonder what those black stalks on his head, that Zim called sensitive, actually does.

Only one way to find out.

Dib carefully took the thin appendage in his hand and examined it thoroughly. He gently rubbed it between his two fingers and a soft blush appears on his face. I can understand why Zim wouldn't let me touch them because it's so weak and fragile but why sensitive? He pinched the tip of the antenna and a tiny squeak came from the sleeping Irken.

What the...Did I just heard a squeak? Like a mouse? Dib's blush darkens a bit and he tilted it upwards and looked below to only see the green skin on his head. With a sigh, he placed the antenna in his mouth and looked down at Zim to make sure he stays asleep.

Zim's fingers twitched and clawed at the cold, metal floor. A small tint of dark green spreading across his face. "Nhh..." A small gentle purr came from his chest and he crawled closer to the person who was doing the treatment.

Dib's eyes open wide and he blushes deeply as Zim laid in his lap; nuzzling his head into his chest. He hesitantly placed a hand on his back and gently rubbed it. "Z-Zim?" A jolt of a purr was a response and that only made Dib's blush deepen. His eyes traveled to the wires on his PAK and he wondered why they were there. He placed his hand on it and removed the wires; looking down at Zim again.

Zim whimpers and slowly opens his eyes and jolts open; purring loudly. "W-What the!" He pushed the attacker but felt weak and laid on him; whimpering. "D-Dib-human...Let go of Zim..."

Dib was lost in his own fantasy and couldn't seem to stop. The purrs vibrating up the black antenna that rests on his tongue, mixed in with the sweet taste of strawberries that was literally hypnotizing him into the taste. Zim's pleads were no longer heard from Dib as he moved the thin appendage more into his mouth as he harshly suckles on it.

Zim's eyes were half-lidded and was panting heavily, a dark green blush on his face with his red orbs glowing and slightly swirling from all the pleasure he's receiving. His old leaders, Tallest Red and Purple, told all Irkens to never touch an Irken's antennas or something bad would happen to him; especially different beings such as humans. He never understood why but now he did. All these emotions flooding into him is making is PAK emit sparks; clogging up the necessary space he needs for Invading. But all he could do was lay his head on Dib's shoulder and pants against the humans neck and let out small cute moans.

Dib heard Zim's pleads had stop as he rested his head on his shoulder. The way he was licking and sucking the antenna made Zim's eyes glow and swirl more; some flashes coming from the orbs as well. One thing for sure, is that he knew that Zim was enjoying it. His tongue swirled over the tip as it takes the flavor of strawberries as he swallows it down, enjoying the tingly sensation that rests on his throat.

Zim gasps sharply and he moaned from the treatment and hugged him tightly, starting to lick the human's neck with his long, swift tongue. For Zim, Dib tasted something from coconuts and chocolate. This only caused Zim to hold Dib tighter, capturing his neck with his mouth and licks and sucks on it harshly; his hands clutching onto the back of his shirt.

Dib's eyes close and his moans against the antenna, causing it to vibrate down it onto Zim; making him moan against his neck as he moans again. It was a constant cycle for them both. Dib slowly removed from Zim's antenna and he pants for air, his entire face flushed as he looked down at the Irken; hoping that he wouldn't be angry.

Zim stops what he was doing and pants heavily against Dib's neck. His vision was a little blurry but moves off Dib's lap and bows his head down. He couldn't stand to look at Dib. He told him specifically not to touch his antennas, to leave him alone, to let go of him.

Dib looks at Zim and his blush dies down, extending a hand out. "Zim...?" His eyes widen as Zim lifts his head and tears were falling down his face.

"Get out..." He said and that's all he said. Dib frowns and shook his head. "I'm not leaving Zim..."

Zim whimpers and bows his head again and his hands clutch onto his pants, causing small rips in them from his sharp claws. He hated feeling like this. His squeedly-spooch was twisting and turning and his face was as red as a green jolly rancher and his breathe was ragged. Should he tell Dib what happened with his PAK? What's going on through that little head of his?

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