The next morning, everyone couldn't wait to get started at all the parks. The problem; everyone wanted to go somewhere different.

"Can we meet Mickey yet?" Hope asked.

"We want to ride the Tower of Terror." Jessica and Natalie both said.

"Kilimanjaro is the way to go!" David exclaimed.

With everyone wanting to go somewhere different, the heads of the families had to come up with a solution, and quick.

"Ok, what park hasn't been mentioned?" Bo asked.

"Nobody said anything about the two water parks." Clint said.

"That helps. Now we just have to decide between the other parks." Bo said.

"How about this, where are we eating dinner tonight?" Dorian asked.

"I've got the whole family at the Crystal Palace tonight." Clint said.

"Isn't that in the Magic Kingdom?" Bo asked.

"Exactly." Dorian said. "Since that's where we're going for dinner, that's the park we'll go to today."

"Perfect solution." Clint said.

"I know." Dorian replied in a cocky tone; rejoining her side of the family in their building's main lobby.

Bo and Clint followed, and the three got the attention of the crowd of Llanviewers around them.

"Alright, since none of you can decide on which park to go to, we've decided for you." Clint began.

"So where are we going Paw?" David asked Bo.

"Today we're going to the Magic Kingdom since that's where we're having dinner." Bo explained.

Everyone agreed that that made the most sense. It made even more sense since their hotel had a monorail that went to the park. Without another word the whole family rushed to the main building to catch the next monorail headed to the park.


As soon as they got off the monorail, everyone was headed in all different directions.

"So much for keeping the family together." Bo laughed as he watched everyone take off.

"Hey honey." Nora asked her husband. "Do you want to come on Thunder Mountain with me?"

"Oh, you know, I would love to, but my brother just asked me to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with him and Viki." Bo answered, trying to get out of it.

"No I didn't." Clint said. Bo's plan was quickly squashed.

"Oh stop being a big wimp." Nora said. "You're coming with me."

Nora dragged her husband off to Frontierland to conquer his fear of rollercoasters.

Clint and Viki laughed as they watched Nora drag Bo away.

"So my brother just gave me a good idea." Clint said. "I could go for a boat ride."

"Pirates of the Caribbean it is." Viki laughed. The two headed to Frontierland also, but for a much gentler ride.


"Ah, now this is more like it." Tea said, pushing J.J. in his stroller through Toontown. Little Victor was the happiest baby alive as he laughed and smiled at everything around him.

"He seems to be having a good time." Tomas said, walking beside his sister.

"I know; he's usually taking his mid-morning nap by now. I'm very surprised he's not cranky." Tea replied.

"Oh hey, there's a cute little merry-go-round. It looks perfect for him." Tomas said cheerfully, pointing about a hundred feet ahead of them.

Tea bent down to talk to her son. "You want to go ride on the merry-go-round?"

J.J. just continued laughing like he had been all day. Tea and Tomas got J.J. onto one of the cute little giraffes on the carousel. Tea held onto him tight, being the protective mother she always was, while Tomas continued to make baby faces at him.

"I told you he'd love it." Tomas said, still playing with him.

"Thanks for suggesting it." Tea said. "I just wish Victor was here to see his son."

"I know you do, but just think, J.J.'s got a whole huge family to tell him all about his dad." Tomas said. "Victor III will always know his father."

"You're right." Tea tried being optimistic. "Victor certainly was well known in Llanview."

"And hey, speaking of family, where's Dani?" Tomas asked.

"She's off with the girls. I told her to go have fun." Tea said. "And where's Blair?"

"Also with the girls." Tomas said. "Since Langston and Starr have been very busy she wanted to spend some time with them. But, she did promise me some alone time tomorrow."

"That sounds nice." Tea said, taking J.J. back off the ride and putting him back in his stroller.

"Oh, trust me, it will be." Tomas said; he had a plan up his sleeve.


"Oh my god." Starr was out of breath.

"What a rush." Langston said, also out of breath.

Blair could barely talk from screaming so much. "Space Mountain rocks!"

"Ok, that was seriously the best rideā€¦ever." Dani added, stumbling off the ride.

The girls made their way to the little gift shop at the end of the ride. That's where they saw pictures on the walls from people on the ride.

"So that's why I saw a camera flash." Starr said.

"At least you saw something. My eyes were glued shut the entire time." Blair laughed.

"We've got to see that picture." They all laughed, walking up to the counter where people were picking up pictures.

Starr, Dani, Langston, and Blair all stood at the counter as the guy looked through the computer looking for their picture. Once he found it, he pulled it up on the screen in front of them.

"Oh my god." The four said in unison, all laughing at the picture in front of them.

In the picture, Blair's eyes were shut tight, as were Langston's. Starr and Dani's faces were pulled back as they were screaming their heads off. It looked as though all four of them were scared out of their mind.

"We definitely need to buy this." Langston said. "It's so funny."

"We survived Space Mountain, so of course we need proof." Blair said, pulling out her credit card to pay for the picture. She handed her card to the man at the counter. "We'll take four of the 4x5's."

As the man processed the order, Dani came up with an idea. "Hey, how about we get pictures from every rollercoaster we go on? We'll call it our Week of Extremes."

They all thought it was a great idea. Nobody would believe that four girls could handle every coaster in Disney, so they definitely needed proof.


Once again, Jack got the short end of the stick. He was stuck babysitting Bree and Sam so the adults could go have some fun. To make matters worse, David was with him. The adults decided Jack couldn't handle all the kids by himself, so they had David watch Liam and Ryder.

"Jack, can we go to the candy store?" Sam asked as they walked down Main Street U.S.A.

"Yeah, can we?" Bree also asked.

"Can we, can we, please!" This time it was David who was begging.

"Ugh, alright fine; we can go. Just stop with the begging. It's annoying." Jack replied.

Before Sam and Bree could take off running, Jack stopped them, grabbing each of their hands and walking with them as the two pulled him into the store. David quickly followed, pushing a stroller holding both Liam and Ryder.

Sam and Bree started going nuts in the store, picking up everything they could. Jack was trying to be the responsible one, but David was making it exceptionally difficult. Any time Jack would try to stop the kids from getting something, David would come up with some excuse as to why they needed it.

"David, why don't you watch these two for a few minutes while I look around for myself." Jack said, walking away from the group of kids.

He watched from afar as David started running around with Bree and Sam. He was acting like a little kid, which would've been fine, if he wasn't supposed to be watching four kids. He turned away for a moment when he saw a good looking girl walk in. She looked like a skater jock, which was totally his type. Jack decided to have himself the same fun everyone else was having, so he went to go say hi.


"So what shall we do next my sweet?" Ford asked, taking Jessica's hand as they walked through Cinderella's castle. It was then they were interrupted by one of the Disney photographers.

"You two look absolutely adorable together." The photographer smiled. "Would you like to have your picture taken in front of the castle?"

"Absolutely." Jessica and Ford happily said. They did a few cute poses as the photographer took the pictures.

"I hope you guys are enjoying your vacation." The photographer said, handing them a little card. "You two can look at these pictures whenever you want at one of our kiosks."

"Thank you." Jessica and Ford smiled as they continued walking.

"That was nice." Ford said. "I think those pictures would look perfect on the window sill at home."

"I was just about to say that." Jessica smiled. "We've officially got the stereotypical couples picture in front of Cinderella's castle."

"Yup. And I've seen some of the other ones on Disney's website; they all come out amazing." Ford said. "Especially the ones of people getting engaged or married."

"Awe, that sounds so romantic." Jessica gushed. "Those couples are so lucky."

"Not as lucky as we are." Ford smiled, grabbing Jessica and planting a kiss on her lips.

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