"So what is the Celebration for?" Twilight asked, walking happily next to the princess as they strolled through the grand hallway leading to the ball room where Prince Blueblood was scrutinusly making final perporations for the party.

"It's nothing too formal," Celestia responded in her usual calm, polite and royal demeanor. "He simply wanted a celebration for his graduation of his most recent college class."

"Oh? What was he studying?"

"It was his last core class, Literature if i'm not mistaken. But he still has a few months before he's actually done with his studies." Celestia answered in a slightly amused tone as they opened the door and helped finish the last of the preparations.

The party itself was rather festive compared to most held in the castle, but still most elegant and formal. The guests enjoyed themselves a bit too much because one of the chefs accidentally spiked the punch by switching one of the many unlabled bottles in the kitchen. Nearing the end of the party, Twilight was hammered, obviously not sober enough to remember anything the next day but still able to carry on a decent conversation with the princess who had only gotten slightly buzzed by this point. "...So ai told 'im that 'e needs to mov' fathter, 'e's got da taime to... complain." Twilight finished with a quite hard slur.

Celestia just giggled not only at her statement, but her slur and obvious drunkardness, "Yes, but he's so small. I didn't think he could move that fast every time you have a stody session. I bet he can bairly keep up with you most of the time."

Twilight drunkenly snickered at the thought of what Celestia said, "oh, 'e's got ah fiew triks o' 'is oun..." She leaned over to Celestia, whispering as discreetly as she could, "wen 'e gets down to it..." Twilight snickered, "'e maks me cum with 'is tonge 'arder then iu can emagin!"

Needless to say, the princess was shocked to hear her student talk about something like that with her assistant, she always thought he was more like a brother or a son then a lover of Twilight, but then again dragons do mature a lot faster then most creatures, even if their size dosen't. It had been a few moments before the princess could reply, "Twilight, I..." She was cut short by Twilight's snoozing, Celestia smiled full heartingly and used her magic to levitate her and bring her to one of the many guest rooms in the castle, telling the guards that when she is to be awakened, it was to be most gently and silently as she will have a hangover. As she made her way to her own quarters, she was thinking rather hevily about Spike and Twilight, talking under her breath, "was what she was saying true? Was he truely able to make her cum with only his tonge's work as hard as she claims? I must investigat the matter." She said, shocking herself that she said that, but more intrigued that she was enjoying the thought of doing such a thing.

The next morning, Twilight had woken up to see that she had slept in the guest room of the castle like many times before, only this morning she had a splitting headache and no memory of the previous night. One of the guards pocked his head into her room as soon as she woken up, saying polightly and quietly, "Good morning miss Twilight, The Princess has requested your company for breakfast when you are awake and able.

She groaned still partialy asleep and hong over, "thank you, let her know that I shall be down in a few minutes, after i freshen up." The guard nodded and left while Twilight was scrapping together what had happened, the last thing she remembered was walking together with the princess to the party, then waking up. Grounging up and fixong her hair, batteling the pains in her head, she finally made her way to the dinning room where Celestia was enjoying some oat pancakes with sliced apples and bananas. "Good morning princess."

Celestia hadn't noticed Twilight enter, she turned and smiled greatly, gently replying, "good morning Twilight. I hope you will stay and enjoy the meal, I would imagine you need the aliment after last night's festivities."

Twilight was confused by the statement but replied quickly, "actually, speaking of last night..." She was interupted by her stomach growling, followed by her embarasment and light chuckeling, "I guess it can wait until after breakfast."

They both enjoyed a fine meal together along with a portion of the staff, the princess had always enjoyed the company of others when they were relaxed, 'and where not more relaxed then enjoying a meal after waking up in the morning?' she often thought. "So how is your meal? Is it not delightful?"

"Oh it is most exquisit, but i can't help but miss the meals Spike makes for me every morning."

Celestia chuckled, "yes, the best meals are the ones you eat with the ones you love."

Twilight almost gagged, but maintained her composure trying not to give too much away. "What do you mean by that?"

"Oh i meant that you two had been together for so long it's as if you two had become family."

"Speaking of Spike, did you let him know..."

"Yes, i sent him a message last night, there is no need to worry."

"That's good." Twilight replied pleasently as they finished their meal. The rest of the day was more typical of Twilight comming to the castle to learn rather then a study session that the princess called Twilight to have, they had even played a few games when Twilight wasn't too deep in her reading, having mostly forgotten about the party and pushed the nessessity of it aside.

It wasn't until around six when Twilight made her way home, appologising for the mess she had made with the books while studying, "hey Twilight! Long time no see." Spike said happily as he joined her stroll back to their home.

"Woah! Hey there Spike, i didn't expect you to be out."

"I was just getting some supplies before i went to go see Celestia."

"Oh? and what did she want to see you about?"

"I'm not sure, she said in the letter she sent about you staying the night with her that she wanted to discuss something important with me when i could. I said i most likely could after you had gotten back, hoping i could come back and have my favorite snack before bed." Spike said in a seductive tone.

"Ooh! Well let me have the supplies and go see what Celestia wants, I don't want a single second longer to wait for that." She replied smiling very hard as she took the quils, parchments and inks that spike was carrying to watch Spike run off in the direction she was just comming from. 'I've got to get the bandage, he just loves it when the juices build while i think about it,' Twilight thought to herself.

It wasn't for a few minutes before Spike made his way to the castle, and still another ten before he had found where Celestia was to meet him. "You wanted to see my Princess?"

"Yes, Spike." The princess said rather nervously in the hall in front of both her personal quarters and her personal library.

"So what did you want to talk about?" Spike asked as he made effort to open the door to the library.

"I, um... didn't want to talk with you in there." The princess said as she closed the door with her magic and opened the door to her room two doors down across the hall, just behind her.

Spike blushed rather hard, he had never been inside of Celestia's bedroom, only glanced in when the servants were cleaning while he was walking past on his way to the library, "um... What is this all about?" asking nervously

"Come with me and i will tell you," she said in a royal and proper tone as to distract herself from her rather obvious nervousness as she lead him into her bedroom and sat him down on her bed as she closed the door and sat becide him. "You know that Twilight and I were attending a party last night..."

"And Twilight had drunk too much of the punch that was spiked, she passed out and stayed the night then spent the day with you... what about it?" Spike asked, rushing to the point.

"Actually, she had mentioned something to me in her inebriated state..."

Spike almost jumped off the bed, replying in a rushed mannor, "wh... wh... what did she say?"

"She mentioned your skill with your tongue."

"You mean she talking about us practicing kissing?" Spike proclaimed, hoping to deture the most likely conversation.

"Not exactly..." Celestia mentioned, jestering that it was not her mouth he was kissing.

"Oh..." He replied with a sorrowful tone, expecting to get punished, "what are you going to do to me?"

"Well i'm not sure... but i would like a demonstration."

"OH PLEASE DON'T PUNISH... Wait! WHAT?" he replied, just catching what she was saying.

"well..." Celestia started, not sure how to word it, "well durring the party, she had said that your skills with your tongue makes her cum harder then she thought she could..." She stated almost rbotically, trying to say it without drawing it out longer.

"She said that? but what did you call me here for?"

She blushed hard, turning her entire face from it's normal white glistening coat into a cherry red plume of emotions, "to be honest, i havn't had any in so long, and hearing about you made me want to try... and i was hoping..." She started, trailling off and thinking he's going to reject her offer when he picked her face up in his claws and planted a deep kiss. Her eyes widened from the sudden action but calmly closed as the passion from their contact had made her feel more pleasure then she had in the past century, eminating from her mouth through her entire body. She could feel her mound slowly getting wet, clenching with anticipation as her entire mouth was massaged by the invading tongue. She moans softly as her body becomes limp in his arms, falling gracefuly onto the bed still interlocked with spike, while he, having noticed her pleasant limpness, has begun plans to move his way down. With a wimper, she softly proclaims under her breath, "don't stop," as Spike leaves her lips and licks the entire length of her body, being sure to stop at pleasureable areas for some extra attention. Playfully licking around each of her nipples before lightly sucking on them one at a time as he made his way down to her open legs, massaging the muscles around her vulva as he finished with her last nipple. He didn't start on her pussy right away, he knew better, she was rusty and sensative, he started by kissing around, dragging his tongue softly as he made his way to the prise, her clit. He had noticed whenever he licked that one bump on Twilight, she would say that it felt amazing, and each night she would beg him to lick there again, eventually getting good enough not even need to look for it, but he only grazes it for now, letting her moans deepen only momentarily as he uses his entire tongue's length to slide from the bottom of her slit over her clit. Her moans were borderline hearable outside when he made his way inside of her with his magical tongue, not just licking around, but trirling as his lips suckled the entire mound and the very tip of his upper lip grazed her clit magnificently. Unbeknownst to Spike, Celestia was forced to use her magic to make a ball gag to stop herself from screeming in pleasure and possibly allerting the guards as he edged her closer and closer to orgasm before kicking down the pleasure to build it up even more, nearly throwing her over the edge many times over before finally finishing the job and setting her off in the biggest orgasm she could ever remember.

"How was that?" Spike proclaimed as he came up after her orgasm subsided. She tried to say something, but it was blocked by the gag too much to tell what she said. "What was that?"

She used her magic to slide off the gag and tried again while smiling pleasently, "It was just as Twilight said, better then I could've imagined."

"Is that why you had the thing on?" Pointing to the ball gag Celestia threw on the bed.

Embarassed, she replies bashfuly, "yes, i had to, to stop myself from yelling too loudly."

"So you're NOT into that?" Spike asked inquisitively.

"To be honest," she started with some emberasment in her tone. "I wouldn't say i'm not, but more that i've never done any..."

"Well let's not get ahead of ourselves..."

"Very true Spike. Lets just start at the beginning."

"Missionary? or was it doggy?"

"Yes, have you already done it with Twilight?"

"Tried, but it's too small to do anything but rub her..."

After a moment of thinking, and comforting Spike on his size, she calmly asks, "do you want me to fix that?"

"What do you mean?"

She didn't respond any more then glowing her horn brightly, so much that Spike had to avert his eyes as Celestia leaned her horn down and touched his fully erect member, bairly noticable but still quite large considering his age (and his race) . Her magic softened, letting the room go back to it's natural lighting. "How's that?"

Spike opened his eyes, and saw a dick like the one he had seen in the books Twilight was showing him about Dragon anatomy, "Woah! Is that mine?"

Celestia chuckled, "it is now, I imbuned my magin into it. You can now controll how big it is, just by consentrating on it."

"Wow," was the only thing he could say, then again, what could you say?

"Now why don't we try it out?" She said seductively, laying back down and waiting for spike to crawl up and take her. But Spike was paused, contemplating what he should do, should he take the princess and hurt twilight? should he not take her but somehow explain his growth? every scinario went into termoil. The princess however grew tired of waiting those few seconds, snapping him out of his consentration, "just come here and fuck me!" Glowing her horn and pulling him forward, pearcing her slippery hole all the way to his hilt. He had never felt a pleasure so wonderful, every twitch she made squeezed his member into a tingeling sensation of which he could bairly contain while she had a similar reaction, not having a cock inside of her for many many years, even twitch felt like it was massaging her very core, only managing a few short strokes before climaxing. It had only been a few minutes since they started but they both had colapsed in exaustion on top of eachother. "That was amazing," celestia said through her heavy breathing.

"Yeah, it was..." Spike agreed, just as out of breath as her, "I had no idea it could be that good..."

"Especially for our first times..." She said, looking at him sweetely.

"Our first times? I didn't know you were a virgin too?"

She couldn't help but giggle, "Well i guess it was like my first time, not having any for so long. But i expect us to be doing this every now-and-again."

"I would love that." Spike smiled before leaning up to plant a kiss on her lips.

"I guess you should be going back to Twilight now..." Celestia commented, almost disapontingly as she noticed the clock on the dresser.

Obviously disapointed, spike replies almost in shock, "THAT'S RIGHT! How am i going to explain my growth to her?"

"You can controll the size, just consentrate on the size you used to be, and she will be none the wiser..." She commented with a sinister grin.

He consentrated, trying to remember the old small size of his half-flacid member, and magically his cock shrank, almost identical to before he came. "Thank you princess," Spike said as he gave her a payful kiss. "I can't sait for you to see me again." wink ;)