"You know what? AJ's right..." Spike said to himself as he walked back into town. "And that's just what I'm going to do!"

"Heeey, Spiiiiike..." a soft, almost angelic voice hummed from his side.

Spike turned to face the pony that called out to him, already having a good guess of who it was, "Sweetie Belle? Hey!"

"Hey Spike... I was wondering if you could help me for a minute?"

"Well... Um..." Spike paused, he was never one to ignore any of his friends, but he knew he had to go to Twilight as soon as he could, "well... I'm kinda..."

"Please Spike... It'll only take a second."

"Um..." Spike paused, "alright... What do you want me to help you with?"

"I need you to help me move something really quick," she replied, pointing towards the dark alleyway that was next to them.

"In there?"

"Yeah, Rarity... um... wanted me to get some... uh... stuff! And I took this rout... and now I need your help." She knew she was not as convincing as she thought she would be, but quickly putting on her cute face, "please?"

"O... K," he replied, making his way towards the ally. "So what does it look like?" He asked as he poked his head into the darkness for an exploratory view.

"You'll know it when you see it!" She replied mischievously as she followed him into the darkness.

He couldn't see anything, barely making out figures in front of the minimal light he could see from the back of the ally, let alone something like Sweetie could carry. "I can't see anything," Spike commented right before he saw some light from behind him. "Thanks..." was all he could get out before he was knocked unconscious.

"I'm sorry Spike, but I need to have a word alone with you," Sweetie said with her magic still glowing around the stick she used to hit Spike with.

A while later, Spike came to. He quickly noticed the pain in the back of his head but as he tried to put his hand to sooth it, he realized he was tied up to a chair in a darkened room with the only light he could see was the one shinning directly at him and the table in front of him, "wh... what's going on?"

"Well, well, well... look who's finally up!" A voice replied to him slightly aggravated and sarcastic.

"Wh... Who are you? What's going on?"

"Who am I?" The voice replied quietly. "Who am I?" It rang louder. "WHO AM I?" It screamed, "I'm the pony who's sister you raped!"

He froze in shock, thinking hard to himself, 'r... r... raped? I would never do that... would I?' Finally he regained himself enough to barely ask, "what? I would never do something like that!"

"Yes you would and you did! I saw you hitting her until she cried!"

"I... I would never do..."

"Don't even pretend! I saw you spanking her! I saw how red you made her flank! I saw it!"

"S... Sweetie?"

"Oh! Now you recognize me! How many others have you raped if it took you this long to remember?"

"I never raped anyone!" Spike yelled, finally getting used enough to the light to make out where Sweetie is.

"Bullshit!" She replied quickly, letting her tone drop to a more serious one, "it's hard not to notice how different she is now... I even saw her crying on her bed the other day!"

"Wh... Wh... What?" Spike replied speechlessly.

"You didn't know? Well why would you... you're just in it for yourself!"

"Th... That's not true..."

"Oh? And just how is it not?"

"B... Because she was begging me to do it..." He almost cried with his chin in his chest.

"Wh... What?"

"She even said how good it made her feel... she didn't know why it did... I was just trying to make her feel as good she she makes me feel every time I see her..."

Sweetie was perplexed, "h... how can something like that feel... good?"

"She didn't know why she liked getting spanked, it just..."

"No..." she interrupted softly. "How can what you did to... um... with her... feel good?"

He was taken aback by the question, not even imagining why it would feel good. "I... I don't know. It's just that every time I do those things, they really like it... and that's why I do them... when they let me... but I don't really know why they do..."

"They... They really like it?... What did they like about it?"

"Well Rarity loved the way I kissed and the way I used my tongue."

"Y... Your tongue?"

"Yeah, apparently she was enjoying it too much to even notice when I stopped."

"R... Really?"

"Yeah... she only noticed when I started using my tongue to pleasure her..." he snapped his mouth shut, hoping the little filly didn't hear and understood him for what he meant.

She looked confused, yet intrigued and asked in a more sexual tone then she probably meant, "use your tongue to pleasure her...?"

'damn it' he thought to himself before admitting a sigh, "yeah, I was so good apparently that her legs gave out on her..."

Sweetie was now lost in thought, completely forgetting the reason she captured Spike and falling into this new-found desire to learn more about this alleged pleasure, "r... really? Do... Do you think you can... I mean... can you show me?"

Spike knew he shouldn't be shocked by this, especially with the series of events recently, but still it shocked him with the fact that it was such a young filly, and a relative of the most beautiful mare he's ever seen, "I... I can... but it's really something you should only do with your special somepony." He caught himself on his own words, clearly not doing that himself, but wanting her to be better.

"Well... you're not a pony... but... you are rally cute..."

"Wh... What? ... um... What about your sister? Rarity?"

"What about her?" She replies lustfully, drawing closer to him, "she doesn't have to know."

He was helpless, he couldn't move, he couldn't think, he was only able to give in to her demands, "o... alright... but can you untie..."

"Nope. You only said your tongue," she began in a matter-of-fact fashion. "So you're fine... just. the. way. you. are."

She was now mere fractions of an inch from his face, he could not help but further his thoughts of her beauty, one more natural of Rarity's but still almost as alluring, "wh... what are you going t..."

She stopped him with a passionate kiss, closing her eyes and taking in the strangely addictive sent of his scales, enjoying every instant of her kiss, yet feeling it could be better.

It took him a few seconds to accept what was happening, she was fiercely kissing him after tying him up and forcing him to answer her questions, expecting him to pleasure her out of the blue. But again, he didn't have a choice, he decided to have some fun while he could, sliding his tongue explorationally across her lips to see how she reacts.

She had felt the slimy thing slip along her lips, making her flinch at first, but realizing it was his tongue quickly allowed him to work with it, allowing him to slide his tongue through her lips, sensually teasing her tongue, and pleasantly rubbing inside her mouth. She found herself at a loss for words, nothing could describe the sensation of his lips, his tongue, everything about him seemed to drive her sensations into overdrive, now understanding why her sister would do those things. She broke the kiss for a gasp for air, unable to think clearly enough to form a single word, "aaaahhh..." Seconds flew by and she finally regained herself, "wow Spike... That was amazing." she thought back, remembering what he said about using his tongue not for kissing, "but what about the other thing?"

"Other thing?"

"The other thing you said you did with your tongue?" His eyes went wide, clearly thinking about what she meant, even though she really had no clue, "so what do you need me to do? So you can do it?"

"Hu? You want me to..."

"I don't know... I don't know what you said you did with your tongue... and I want to know!"

"O... Ok... in that case..." he blushed, knowing what he was about to ask. "I need to you show me your... um... your Vulva."

"My what?"

"Th... That thing between you legs... under your tail?"

"You mean... my ass-hole?"

"No... not unless you want me to... but the slit under it."

"You mean where I pee from?"

"Yes, but it's not really... look. You want me to, or not?"

She paused, looking down to the side, thinking intensely about how gross it was... but he knew it would make her feel good... and at least it wasn't her mouth somewhere like that... "O... alright. you want me to stand in front of y..."

"Actually, why don't you lay on your back on the table and let me lick it that way? It'll be much easier."

She thought for a moment, 'it would be easier, not having to untie him or anything. Heck, this way I don't even have to move him!' "alright... Just give me a second to get something to climb onto... oh... this will do fine!" she claimed as she moved a crate into the light, it read 'Fresh from Golden Harvest' on its side.

It wasn't a good light and pointed oddly at him and the table, shinning on her about half way down from her chest, leaving her head in the dark, he couldn't complain but he couldn't help complain about better lighting, "good. Now I need you to slide down until I can touch it..."

"I know!" She yelled, finally getting comfortable on the table, finally starting to slide back towards him, "Just give me a second."

He saw her squirm, shifting herself slightly at a time, slowly moving herself towards him. He clenched his body, leaning forward to see if he was in reach yet, only to be disappointed when his chin hit the table next to her tail, "just a little bit more..." his nose could now smell her quite clearly, not aroused, but slightly hinted as the smell of her fur filled him as she scooted closer and closer. She was now close enough where he could touch her mound with his nose, 'a little bit more.'

'I should have laid down closer to him... that way I wouldn't have been moving so uncomfortably... this had better be worth it!' she thought to herself as she inched closer, loosing her resolve with each second when she suddenly felt it! It was like nothing else she's ever felt before, the same slippery, wet, and smooth tongue that danced in her mouth was now sliding across her slit, pulsating and wiggling to please her like she never knew possible. "Ooooah! Spiiiiiike!" was all she could say as he uncovered her clit and slid over it gently.

Her moans of ecstasy were music to his ears, enjoying it more then he wanted to admit, but enjoying it none the less as he maneuvered his tongue through and around her pussy, making sure to only gently flick her clit as his tongue spread her hole caringly, 'why do all of these mares want to have sex with me? Did I get a wish granted or something? Was it something I ate?' His thoughts continued as his tongue was now pressing against her hole, beginning to open it slightly and slither inside, careful not to break her hymen as his tongue wrapped itself around the walls he could enter, finally allowing his lips easy access to her lips.

"Ah," she yelped as he started sucking on her suddenly, along with the sensation of his tongue pressing inside of her, as if it was just starting to fill a breath she never knew she was needing to breath. She wanted more of this feeling, to feel that full breath, but alas, she felt the barrier in his way, but forgetting all of it when he found her clit again with his lips, sucking on it and massaging it between them, causing her to scream as a new sensation rocked through her entire body.

He could feel her climax, and letting the pulsation die out along with the light build-up of juices. He waited for her to finish before taking his lips off of her lips and retracting his tongue, "so how was that Sweetie?"

She heard him, but couldn't answer, she wanted to lie there for ever, "that was amazing..."

"Good! Now can you let me go? I really need to go home!"

She sprang up quickly, facing him and covering him from the light with her body, "no! you can't go now..."

"What! What else do you want me to do!"

"Well... um... I want you to... fill me up..."


"You know. Like you did with Rarity... but without the spanking."

"You... You want me to take your virginity?"

"Um... I guess... I mean I just felt so good with your tongue inside of me... and seeing you with your thing inside of Rarity, I finally understood! And I want to do it with you!"

"Well... um..." his mind raced, trying to think of any excuse to stop this, even going as far as making himself too small or too big for her... but who knows what she might do if she's not satisfied... "Oh, alright..." He defeatedly exclaimed while drooping his head away from the filly as she rolled herself carefully off the table, whispering to himself, "it's not like I have a choice in the matter anyway."

Sweetie, now upright on the ground, was intensely thinking, 'I know something on him is supposed to go inside of me... but what? His tongue? no, probably not... His claws? NO! That would hurt!... His... tail?'

Seeing her obviously confused face and looking over his body, he sighed and grew his hardened member to a decently small size for her and made a gesture towards his crotch, "it's... down here."

"What?" She replied as she was snapped out of her thoughts only to now notice the throbbing member in his crotch, "th... that wasn't there a moment ago."

"Yeah... I just let it out of my scales a moment ago."

"Oh, well..." she started, walking towards him and straddling herself onto his lap. "I guess we should get started then," stopping any rebuttal from him with a deep kiss as she lifted herself off of his lap and guided him inside of her with her hoof. The initial pain was intense, she couldn't understand more then it was why his tongue didn't venture deeper, letting out a whimper as she stopped the kiss.

Spike knew exactly what happened, having been through this three times this month, one of them just a few hours(?) ago, "it's ok Sweeite Bell, the pain will go away soon."

Her whimper remained, though comforted slightly as the pain dwindled as he said it would, now allowing her to feel the fulfilling feeling of his justly sized member within her, "th... thanks Spike. It's not hurting anymore." She started to move, getting more comfortable with how she was on top if him when she noticed how great it felt moving inside of her, but still cautious and moving only slightly as she wiggled on top of him.

He could clearly hear her growing moans, and although his hands were bound behind the chair under the backrest and his legs bound to the legs of the chair, he still found enough freedom to rock his hips, timing it to fill her even more pleasantly, "so how is it Sweetie Belle?

"It feel really... good."

"Just good? Well why don't you try bouncing up and down on it?"

She took him by his word, lightly shifting herself off of him and pressing herself back down, turning herself harder and harder with each bounce, "Oooo, Spike you were right! This is amazing!"

Finally rid of the burden of paying definite attention to Sweetie as she didn't wait for a response to moan on his member, he drifted into his thoughts while faking a face of interest and pleasure, one that he admittedly used a number of times with Celestia when he wasn't in the mood. Almost immediately his thoughts were about his capture, 'she was so worried about her sister, seeing her act strangely... even... crying? ... If I had known it would make her cry...' his thoughts caught up with him, going back to Twilight, 'that's right... I still haven't done anything with her yet... Oh! That's right! Now what did Applejack say again?' He tried to think back, but the bump on his head clogged his memory momentarily as he recalled what she said.

"well... you want to know what I think? I think you should go and tell Twilight the truth... well maybe not the whole truth, but the truth none the less..."

"Wh... What do you mean AJ? tell her the truth, but not the truth? What?"

"Sheash... have to make this difficult don't ya," she replied and rolled herself off her bed, making no effort to hide her overflowing hole. "Just tell her that you love her. Tell her you want to... um... what's a nice way of saying 'buck her'?"

"Make love to her?"

"Perfect! Tell her that! And if she says anything about your size, just ignore it and get her onto the bed. Get on top of her. Give her the most passionate kiss and while she's lost in thought... buck her like crazy! ... She'll be too far amazed to even care for practically the rest of the day! I guarantee it!"

"R... Really?"

"Of course... Would I ever lie? Especially to someone like you?" She blushed as she leaned down to him, kissing him with a lingering passion as she left her room, leaving Spike on her bed.

Now replenished with his formerly found resolve, he woke back into reality to see that he was still being ridden by the infatuatious Sweetie Belle, now close to her orgasm, "oah! Spiiiiike! I'm getting close to something!"

'good!' he thought, 'it's almost over.' "Kiss me Sweetie!" He demanded, knowing it would wind her drive faster.

She didn't delay a single second, almost like she was wanting to do just that the whole time as she was still practically jumping up and down on his member, enclosing her hooves around him and kissing him with all of her might. She wasn't sure why, but even though the kiss was heavenly with his wonderful piece buried pleasantly deep inside of her, it was his smell that gave that last kick over the edge, tightening nearly every muscle in her body and causing her to pull back from the kiss screaming his name, "SSSPPIIIIIIKKEEEEE!"

The room fell silent, only the heavy panting of the white filly pierced the quiet darkness as Spike waited for the last remaining convulses to diminish, "Sweetie Belle?"

"Yeah Spike?" She responded rather slurry, facing him for another round of kisses before he could respond.

"Can you untie me now?"

Author's note: I am breaking the tradition of the birthday gift, because I'm giving you all this as a special present on my birthday (July the 8th) and even though I admit that it is not my best work, and true I have only started it a mere three days ago, so I had to do the editing and spelling myself -.- , but none-the-less it is a gift that you all have been waiting for...

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