Chapter 1
Rusty: A puppy German Shepherd. Talks with a red collar and a light in the middle that light up with every word he says in his mind; black and brown with perky ears.

It was morning and all the monsters, including Rusty, were out in the main room eating. All except Susan. She hadn't come out of her room yet and the boys were getting worried.

"What's taking Susan so long? She never takes that long to get ready in the morning," Bob spoke up looking at his friends.

"I dunno. But whatever she's doing, her oatmeal is gonna go to waste," Link said leaning back in his chair.

"What makes you say that? Bob's all full," Dr. Cockroach asked looking puzzled.

"I say that because you might be tempted to eat it," he smirked. Dr. Cockroach gave an annoyed look. All three jumped with a fear running down their back when they heard Susan in her room scream. They run to her door when she stopped.

Link pounds on her door, "Susan, Susan you alright in there?" he shouts, "What's going on?" The door slides open to darkness. Link takes a step back with the others.

Rusty takes a paw-step closer and sniffs curiously into the room, "Master?" his collar cautiously said.

They heard a scream increase and saw Susan, in her human size, running towards them, "I'M NOT GIANT ANYMORE!" she yelled waving her hands in the air.

"Susan? Oh my God what happened?" Link asked shocked with his friends.

"I JUST TOLD YOU, I'M NOT GINORMICA ANY MORE!" she screamed at him.

"A-aren't you wearing the necklace that controls your size?" Dr. Cockroach stuttered.

"NO! I'M NOT!" she continued a little lighter on the screaming, "I-I-I don't know why I'm like this or…or even how I got like this! I mean I don't mind really but what if the world is in danger? WHAT IF WE ALL GET KILLED?" she grabbed him by his coat.

"Susan, Susan, Susan calm down!" Link comforted making Susan put Dr. Cockroach down, "I'm sure no aliens are going to invade us again. When's the last time the world was in danger huh? Four years ago! I doubt that we're gonna have to fight today. And we are not going to be killed," he said arrogantly, "Besides you should be happy you're back to normal, you can go live with your parents now and get a boyfriend and get human friends." Link smiled softly followed by Bob and Dr. Cockroach.

"But I don't want to live with my parents or get a boy or even have human friends! I'd rather stay here with you guys," she mumbled the last part.

"Aww, how touching," Monger said calmly, flouting above them. He landed down next to them and continued with a serious tone, "But all that heart filled friendship will have to wait till later. There's been report of a mysterious weed vine in a green house. They reported that it was glowing and didn't want anything to do with it. So, I'm setting you guys to go and do some investigating on this plant."

Susan's eyes opened wide with fright, Link noticed and whispered, "It's alright Susan. Some kids probably spilled glow-in-the-dark liquid on it," he patted her back. She nodded and went on listening to the General.

"The green house is in the city, next to an old building. Insecto will be taking you there. The aircraft has broken down because somebody decided to take a test drive!" he shouted with his gaze looking to the top.

In the distance you could hear a man shout, "I said sorry! How many times do I got to be tellin' you?"

Monger sighed and looked back at the monsters, "I'll be there as soon as I can." The monsters nodded and walked towards the giant butterfly.

"Ugh! I can't believe we were called just because of some plant," Link grunted walking on fours.

"Man I hope it's an alien!" Bob cheered. Susan looked up at him with worry in her eyes. "Uh, I mean…I sure hope it's not an alien," Bob uttered with a weak smile.

"Do not worry Master," Rusty said to the side of her, "No such thing shall hurt you. As long as we shall live, no harm will be near you."

"Rusty's right Susan," Dr. Cockroach said, "We will never let anything harm you." And with that said her friends walked closer together and smiled. She grinned back and breathed a sigh of relief.


Insecto dropped them off at the circle shaped green house. "Thanks Insecto," Link saluted with two fingers before the butterfly screeched and flew back to the facility.

All four monsters and canine stood in front of the green house door. The looked up in awe as the house towered over them about half the size of Ginormica. They walk in immediately surrounded by all sorts of plants.

"So, where's this weed Monger was talking about?" Link asked looking around.

"He said it would be glowing but…I don't see anything," Susan replied walking around then turned toward her friends, "Do you?"

"No, neither does the radar," Dr. Cockroach said looking down at his small radar box with a green circle inside, similar to the one on boats.

"Maybe it's in one of the plants," Bob said going up to a pile of plants at the back.

"He's right, come on boy," Link said to Rusty and went to the side of Bob followed by Susan.

Dr. Cockroach went to the corner of the green house away from the others. He focused on his radar as he moved it closer to a corner of plants with long roots. Then, a small circle on the radar flashed and beeped with it.

"Uh, guys?" Dr. Cockroach called not taking his eyes off the target.

"Not now Doc, Rusty smells something," Link said not looking from where Rusty was sniffing to a pile of plants.

"Sniff, sniff. Master! I have found something!" Rusty said waging his tail.

"Alright Rusty! Come on boy! Search harder!" Link encouraged with Bob and Susan watching.

The target on Dr. Cockroach's radar flashed faster and beeped louder, "Guys, I really think you should see this, I think I found-" but before he could say anything, a long weed as long as him shot out in front of him. The tip looked at him as if it was staring, then it shot back inside the ground.

Dr. Cockroach was speechless, he turned to his friends, "LINK I-" he shouted. But his call was ended when a weed, similar to the one before, grab his wrist and started to pull down. The radar dropped breaking the loud beeping. He tries to pull back as the weed slithered along his arm to his shoulder. He calls out for help but his scream was muffled when another weed covered his mouth. He struggled trying to free himself. Another weed came out and grabbed his ankle. He pulled viciously from the weed but it climbed up his leg and onto his waist and up his body to his neck. He was basically tied together, with just his one leg and arm free; he tugs harder and harder on the weeds. He muffles a scream when another weed shot out and grabbed his other arm. He was being pulled into the ground slowly by his arms. With his free leg, he pushes himself back but only for a few inches until he was pulled directly into the underground.

"Come on boy!" Link cheered to Rusty digging into the soil. Rusty turned and showed with pride a bone in his mouth. The excitement in the group died.

"Aww, I thought for sure he found it," Bob whined.

"Well, let's just keep looking," Susan said with the others beginning to search into the plants. Little did they know that their friend was just pulled into the earth by weeds.