The Phantom of the Opera (2004) Alternate Ending

This story starts not where the story left off, but where the story started. After Christine had sung her heart out in front of the opera house to the many people in the audience and she was entranced by the phantom who led her to his dungeon. As she awoke she remembered the mist…

Christine walked toward the phantom sitting by his piano, she put her hands on his shoulders and he crumbles before her touch. She slowly reaches up toward his face and closer and closer to the mask that hides what he is most ashamed of. She knows what she is doing; she wants to see what he is hiding. She quickly tears off the mask and reveals the monster that is under it. The phantom explodes in anger. "Damn you...! Stranger than you dreamt it, can you even bare to look or bare to think of me; this lonesome gargoyle, who burns in hell but secretly yearns for heaven, secretly… secretly… secretly… Christine. "

In the original movie he proceeds to return our beloved Christine to the main floor of the opera house; however you are not reading the original.


Christine stared into the man's eyes intently yearning that he knew she was sorry for what she had done. All he did was look away from her; he did not put an eye on her. "I…I am…" she tried to finished but figured it would be no use.

"No need to be sorry, everyone is curious, even I sometimes." He told her. She looked to see that he was looking at her once more. His eyes were entrancing, like they did something to her mind. Made her not able to speak or think. "Are you very angry?" she asked him. He let out a sigh, "No… no not anymore." He looked at her with an almost smile about his face. Christine felt a weight lift from her shoulders. "Pray tell, do you have a name?" she asked him

The phantom stood from the steps he was sitting on and walked to the backside of the piano and looked at the candles flame flicker. "To many I am The Phantom of this opera house, to others I am a monster." He told her. Christine looked disappointed. She got up and looked at him through the many candles. "I did not mean those names; I asked if you have proper name." He looked at her and looked at the broken mirror on the ground. "I suppose that sometime ago, I was called Erik." He said

Christine gave him a careful smile, not to big because she still felt she needed some caution around him considering his outburst of rage he just had. "That's such a nicer name than the others don't you agree?" she asked. He did not answer right away, he was thinking of a nice way to put what he was going to say.

"I have not experienced the best things with that name. So as to forget them, I simply forget the name." He told her "Well from what I know things haven't gotten better by using the names you have now." Said Christine

He did not respond for quite some time. "I have experienced some good things." He said. Christine looked surprised. "What might they be?" she asked him

Just then Erik looked as though he had seen something worse than a ghost. He knew that someone had entered the pathway behind the mirror, he wanted to know who. Raoul…? Andre or Firmin…? Then his facial expression changed to something more calm because the person or people that were in it left just as fast as they entered.

"Erik!" said Christine for about the fifth time

He looked at her like he had just come out of a heavy trance. "Are you alright? I have been calling you and you didn't answer until now."

"Come, we must leave, everyone is looking for you." He said and the both of them left.