The plan that Erik had was put into action, he would not tell Christine his entire idea but he told her most of what she needed to know so she could play her part. Christine and Raoul were lovers to everyone around the opera house; by now even though they wanted to keep their engagement a secret everyone knew. Christine was practicing her newest number and Erick watched from the top of the opera house. He kept a close eye on Raoul who sat in the front row watching Christine practice. All of a sudden Erik noticed that Meg was watching Raoul from the set of stairs used for a stage prop. She gave him a nod and Raoul got up and walked out of the stage room. Erik immediately followed to see what was going on between the two.

Erik found the two of them talking about something to do with them meeting up with someone later on in the week.

"I've talked to him and he said that he will do the job as long as he paid before the job." Said Meg "Paid before, but how can we trust him to do the job if he has the money before he does it?" asked Raoul. "Trust me, I've known him for so long, he will not let me down." Meg responded

Erik was confused but then he thought about it and they were talking about how they were going to kill Christine and him.

After the rehearsal Christine was allowed to have time to do what she wanted. She thought that she had not been to talk to her father so she went down to the chapel and lit a candle.

"I've been away father, but I must tell you that I've been the rising star in the opera house. Thanks to the angel of music, I am the most popular singer here." She then looked at the flicker of the candle and a breeze almost put it out. "Chistine…" a voice sang in the distance.

Christine smiled, blew out the candle and walked down the corridor out of the chapel.

As she walked down the hall a figure with a black half mask and a long flowing black cape. She quickly walked toward Erik and stood with her face two inches away from his. "What are you doing out in the open?" she whispered to him

Erik looked down into Christine's eyes and responded. "I have to ask you to come and see me tonight for I have something important to tell you." He then turned and disappeared just as fast as he appeared.

Christine walked down the corridors to Erik's chamber and he caught her before she got there. He walked behind her and put a blindfold over her face to cover her eyes and took her hand and walked her to where he sat her down and then he took off the blindfold and Christine eyes opened to a table with candles and a meal that looked like it belonged in the heavens. Christine's mouth dropped. "What happened to you wanting to talk to me?" she asked

"Well we will talk over dinner." He replied and he went to sit at the other end of the table. "Please dig in." said Erik

Christine did just as he said; she dug right into all the food that was directly in front of her.

"So I heard Raoul and Meg talking today." Said Erik, Christine looked up from her plate and stared at him. "And." She replied. "And, they were talking about a man that they have hired to do a certain job." "Does that job entail killing us?" asked Christine "I believe so, but not to worry because I will not let anyone harm you." Erik replied.

Christine blushed at what Erik had just said and went back to eating. She could help thinking why Raoul would go through so much trouble just to get her killed; he had known her for so long she didn't think he would ever harm her. Obviously she was wrong.

Christine and Erik finished their meal and they went to sit in loungers by the water. "Have long have you been stuck here?" asked Christine, Erik stood straight ahead and answered with a very straight unemotional face. "I was twelve when Madame Giry brought me here." "Madame Giry?" she asked "Yes, she found me one day when there was a carnival in town. A man kept me caged and showed me to people who paid to see my face, and when they saw me they would scream with fear. So Madame Giry took me and brought me here and I have been here since then." He finished. "So you were here when my father passed, and I was left here in the care of Madame Giry." Christine asked. "Yes I was about seventeen when all of those events occurred. I watched you grow into a beautiful young woman with a beautiful voice." Erik turned his head and looked at Christine.

"I never knew you were there, I had been told of the phantom that lurked within the dungeons of the opera house for as long as I can remember, so I avoided walking around at night and I avoided walking around during the day so that I wouldn't encounter the horrible phantom. It turns out that the phantom couldn't hurt a fly." Christine said and looked at him with a playful expression. "You do not know what I am capable of Miss. Daae." Said Erik, and the eyebrow that was not covered from the mask raised. "You are becoming soft sir." Said Christine again

And in the blink of an eye Erik was leaning over top of Christine inches away from her face. Christine jumped at how suddenly he was in front of her. "Did I scare you?" he asked. Christine looked into Erik's eyes. "You simply startled me, you could never scare me." Just then Erik closed the gap between the two of them and his mouth was on hers. His lips were soft, untouched and warm against Christine's. Then he pulled away and asked again "Did I scare you?" Christine's eyes were closed and her mouth slightly parted from the surprising and magnificent kiss she just received. She shook her head and leaned in for another kiss and Erik once again closed the gap.

She then wrapped her body around his and he carried her to his bed and there they removed their clothes and were intertwined. Christine wanted Erik to remove his mask but he objected telling her that it was not time yet. They preceded delicately making love to each other.

Christine woke the next morning to find that she was holding onto Erik as he slept. She lightly kissed his shoulder and she got out of the bed and walked around trying to find something that he used as a washroom. She returned to find him awake with the light blanked only slightly covering his parts while his muscular and beautifully shaped body was in the open for the world to see. She stared at his body in awe and then realized she was caught when she made eye contact. However he was caught to because he was admiring her. "You are beautiful in this light." He said "So are you." Christine replied. Erick laughed and lay back on the bed. His face was killing him; he wanted so badly to take off the mask that he had kept on all night. Christine saw his discomfort and made her way back to the bed and lay beside him. "Am I allowed to see now?" she asked carefully. Erik though about it for a while and remembered her saying that he could never scare her. He looked at her and said. "If I take this off you have to promise me that whatever you see under it your feelings for me will not change." "I promise that I will still think you to be the most handsome man in the world." Erik laughed at that statement. "Well that might not be true; however, I appreciate the thought."

As Erik's hand lifted to his face to peel off his mask Christine's heart started to pound. Erik felt Christine's heart rate rise, so his did the same. Then he took it off. She just looked at what was exposed.

What Erik didn't expect was what happened next. Christine pulled herself up and kissed him. "Thank you for trusting me. I still think you are as handsome as ever." She told him

That caused Erik to get emotional; he then embraced Christine with kiss after kiss. He finally found someone who would not cower or scream when they saw his face, he found the person who kept the other half of his heart.

Christine was not afraid because she did not see what everyone else saw, she saw a scared man just looking for someone to trust and love him, and she did.