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A cute, fluffy little one shot about Bradley…

"What do you do?"

Bradley looked up in boardem. In front of him was a cute little girl with blond tails and a toothy grin.

"Oh you turn off the light, you get a prize. Three tries for a buck," he informed the six year old girl, who dug around in her pocket before coming up with four quarters. She plopped them down onto the table before flicking the OFF/On switch.

Nothing happened.

The girl thought for a moment before pulling the plug.

Still nothing happened.

The girl looked around before focusing her attention onto the bulb.

To Bradley's surprise, it flickered a few time before going out for a few seconds. But it came back on as the girl opened her eyes.

"I didn't do it?" she asked sadly.

"No, you did it for a few seconds," smiled the mutant, standing to grab her prize. "What do you want sweetie?"

"Can I get the teddy bear, please?" asked the little girl shyly, scruffing her foot against the ground.

Bradley smiled as he grabbed the prize and handed it over to the young girl with a low bow.

"Thank you!" she chirped. "Oh before I forget, how did you do it?"

Bradley leaned in as though he were going to tell her a secret. "What the magic word?"

The little girl blinked a few times. "Please?" she asked in a tiny voice.

Bradley blinked and all the Lightbulbs in the booth went out.

"Cool!" squealed the girl.

"Hannah Maria! There you are!" A man- her father- came up to her. "What do you have there, kiddo?"

"I won it!" she crowed.

"Really? How did you do that?" he asked her.

"It's a secret," she mumbled.

Bradley had to chuckle at that.

This kid was funny.

Not to mention he knew that she would keep his secret safe.