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Chapter 4

Flashback- Roll in the hay…

"Rachel, this is so hot. You're so hot for letting me do this. I love you for this you know…. You're my everything."

The diva looks at Finn hovering above her with his eyes clenched shut, with his left hand palming her breast too roughly. Rachel thought dry humping was supposed to be fun; it was supposed to feel amazing. Instead, she feels nothing for the large sweaty guy hovering above her, too self absorbed into getting himself off, to care about her and her needs, and how much she's NOT enjoying this.

The brunette is broken from her thoughts when she hears the muttering from Finn's lips. "Mailman, mailman, mailman, mailman, mailman… urgh… mail-man…"

The boy slouches forward, out of breath, placing some of his weight on the petite diva, who feels like she's suffocating. She tries to push him off but does so with a little too much force. The tall boy ends up being pushed off the sofa and lands on the floor in the Berry's living room. Rachel is ready for this nightmare of an afternoon to end.

"Finn, you should go. I have homework to complete. I'm a little behind my Math."

"But don't you want to cuddle babe?" replies the clueless quarterback, with his dopey grin.

The brunette decides to switch tactics, and blurts out "My dads would be home from work soon and I don't want them to catch us on the couch, considering what we were just doing."

"Ohhh… I get you babe, well I'll go check Puck and see if he's up for hanging out or something."

Finn gets up off the floor and leans in for a goodbye kiss on the lips which Rachel avoids completely by offering her cheek instead. She escorts him to the door a little too eagerly and once he's crossed the threshold, she closes the door and exhales in relief.


Present Day- Roll in the hay…

Quinn gets the popcorn from the kitchen and brings it to the sofa. She settles in next to Rachel and they both put their feet up on the coffee table and the brunette snuggles into her girlfriend's side. Quinn starts the movie and they both lull into a comfortable silence. 15 minutes into the movie, the diva makes her move and starts peppering Quinn's neck with sweet, short, loving kisses. The blonde moans lightly at the act, yet most of her attention remains on the movie still in progress.

"Ok, enough is enough…" the flustered diva grabs the remote and stops the movie.

"Whoa… huh… what are you going on about?"

"Quinn, I know we usually make out, but I want more."

The blonde grabs her girlfriend's hand "Tell me what you want."

Chocolate eyes look into hazel ones with nothing but sincerity "I want you. Every time I'm around you, I just need to touch you, feel you, kiss you. If you're in the same room as me, I have to be within touching distance of your body. Do you get what I'm saying baby?"

"I do babe. I want the same, and I know you want sex, but I'm not ready to do that with you yet."

Rachel drops Quinn's hand in disappointment, but mostly anger "Why the hell not! You've done it before with other girls, why not with me?"

The blonde smiles at her flustered girlfriend "Don't you see? Because it's you… Remember in the beginning when you said that I had to not treat you like the other girls? Well you were right. I get it now. It is different with you and I would never go about things with you, the way I did it with them because you are so much more than a pretty face and a stellar voice. You are my Rachel, and I'm neither afraid nor ashamed to say, I love you Rachel Barbra Berry. And I would be totally honored if you loved me back."

Rachel is slack jawed and Quinn uses her thumb to wipe a single rogue tear rolling down her girlfriend's cheek. She recovers from her speechlessness and responds "I love you too Lucy Quinn Fabray."

The diva climbs onto her girlfriend, straddles her legs, and kisses her soundly.

Rachel breaks the kiss and asks "Are you sure you don't want to have sex now, because I really want to ravish you after that little speech of yours."

"As tempting as it is, I'm not ready for that with you just yet, but, we can do other things…"

The diva arches an eyebrow at the thought. "I knew there was still some naughty left in you. What did you have in mind? "

"We could have some fun with our clothes on."

The diva's eyes widen "All of our clothes on! Really Quinn. Are you seriously pulling first base on me, right after I ask for sex?… because that's no more than we already do."

"No I'm proposing a controlled make out environment right after I told my girlfriend I love her for the first time."

"You're right." Rachel leans in for a kiss.

"So what do you propose, Rach?"

"Minimum: second base."


"Play it by ear?" Rachel replies with shrugged shoulders and a look of fake innocence.

Quinn scoffs "Sounds like your version will have me with my pants off in two seconds flat."

"Quinnnnnnn…" the diva whines.

"Baby, I tell you what. We play it by ear and if we get too far, I'll redirect your hands, or body or whatever that has the potential to lead to sex."


"Whatever. I can't believe we're relying on me for self control in this situation."

Rachel dives in with a kiss wasting no time in adjusting her body from straddling the blonde to now lying fully on top of her. She sits on the blonde's hips and takes her shirt off in one swift motion revealing a fully exposed, topless brunette. She then wastes no time in fiddling with her skirt's zipper but Quinn takes her hands and moves them to her stomach and looks at the brunette knowingly.

"You're a sneaky little one, aren't you."

The diva smiles "Can't blame a girl for trying, Quinn."

They kiss for a minute more and Rachel sits up, still straddling the blonde. The diva looks at the girlfriend, then to her exposed breasts, then to her girlfriend again with an incredulous look on her face. "Well Quinn, they're not gonna suck themselves you know."

"Hahahahahaha… You are such a horndog."

Rachel turns serious and leans in close to Quinn's ear and whispers "… because I love you. Please touch me. I need you to, so badly."

"I love you too baby." The taller girl leans in and takes a stiff nipple in her mouth. The brunette bucks her hips at the sensation and begins grinding into Quinn's jeans-clad leg.

"Is this ok?" Rachel asks, out of breath.

"Yea, this is good."

"I feel like I'm kinda close."

"Me too… don't stop."

"I don't plan on it."

The girls grind into each other until they both stiffen and quiver from their orgasms. They then both collapse into a pile on the sofa in their post orgasmic haze.

Rachel buries her head further into the blonde's neck. "That was amazing, and we didn't even have sex yet."

Quinn smiles at the thought. "I had a feeling you would rock my world either way. Just think, sex together is going to be 10 times better."

Both girls cuddle up and doze off in the same position. 30 minutes later, Quinn hears the front door open, and voices making their way to them.

"Rach, wake up." Quinn whispers.

"I wanna sleep some more" mumbles the sleepy diva.

"Baby, someone's coming, and you're topless."


With that thought, both girls scramble to find the diva's shirt and get it on her in record time.

Hiram and Leroy walk into the living room and pass the girls on their way to the kitchen.

"Hi girls." Leroy greets them

"Hi Daddy"

"Baby girl, your shirt is on inside out, and backwards. I can see the tag under your chin."

"And Quinn, sweetheart, please wipe the damp spot on your jeans." interrupted Hiram.

Rachel has a smug expression on her face and Quinn has one of pure horror.

"Dad, daddy, who won this time?"

"Leroy-2, Hiram-0" Leroy responds in triumph as the men head to the kitchen to unpack the groceries.

Quinn hides her face in her hands and mumbles "I don't think I can ever get used to how open you guys are in this house. I can't believe they placed a bet on our sex life. Dear God, kill me now."

"Nonsense Quinn, that just means they like you and approve of us being together. Now, let's go see what the dinner plans are for tonight. Since you were a good girl today, I'll cook your favorite tonight."

"God, we haven't had sex yet and I'm already whipped." Responds the blushing blonde as she allows her girlfriend to pull her towards the kitchen.