After Curleys wife was done talking to Lennie, she decided that it was high time she left her overprotective and constantly jealous husband and make something of herself.

She was going to Hollywood.

It wasn't hard to convince some men to let her ride with exchange for under table favors. Within a few days, they were in Hollywood and she was tired of their irritating, pig-like ways, but adored the way they would praise her beauty and pay attention to her. She hoped Hollywood would be as easy to please.

She should have known better.

Sure she was a natural at theatrics, but that doesn't matter if you don't have the right connections. Connections would get you auditions, auditions get you discovered and once that happened, you were set. Or at least that's what she thought.

She had the one contact from her story and he got her an audition, which got her a small part in a movie and she thought it was the beautiful start to her new life.

Boy, was she wrong.

As it turns out, her connection was the wrong kind, and the only reason she got the part in the movie was because the director owed her connection man. He tried hard to get a another part, but Hollywood wanted newer, younger, fresher faces and apparently she was none of that. Maybe all that running around on the ranch had made her skin a little darker and less delicate looking. Maybe she wasn't as lean or as long-legged as some of the other aspiring actresses out there, but most of them couldn't act half as well as she could.

She spent a good five or eight years getting small parts, but never anything solid, never anything she could really fall back on or let her whole life revolve around. Those years were the best of her life, she felt like she was doing something. She wasn't someones possesion anymore. She wasn't called a tart behind her back. She wasn't a nusanice.

She was her own person.

She was happy.

And then just like that, she wasn't.

While walking home one night, she was brutally beaten in an ally by a random mugger. Months later when her face healed, she was unrecognizable. Her hair was uneven because the mugger ripped some of it out, her once beautiful face marred with ugly scars from the cruel blade of a knife, and her eyes didn't shine with happiness any more. She had been at the wrong place at the wrong time, again.

Pretty soon nobody would hire her, they didn't want a thirty-something, scarred, washed up, has-been actress. After being in denial for a few months, she found a job as a waitress. There she meet a man that she slowly fell in love with and vice versa. He learned everything there was to know about her and her about him. Eventually they got married and had two gorgeous children. She grew old grew with him and died within a few days of his death. Her tombstone read:

Mary Alice Prisma

May 4, 1914 - June 20, 1978

Loving Mother, Wonderful Wife, Eternal Actress

HI if you stuck around and almost, sorta, kinda liked this piece of crap, I appluad you :) I really did like writing this, 'Mary' (although she did bring a lot of the trouble upon herself and others) was an alright character in my opinion. I was kind of happy she died only because she would have been an issue in the ranch guys fictional lives and she hated Curley, so it was kind of a win-win situation...if you have a twisted mind like me ^_^