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The lavender eyed girl fidgeted in her seat trying to avert her eyes from the silver haired devil of her dreams. Her thoughts filled with his cruel pink eyes and the deranged baritone which bellowed out of his mouth constantly. Hinata's pulse fluttered as the taller male strode by her, the girl's face lighting up bright red even though nothing had happened.

She had watched him from afar since she entered this school as a freshman. On Hinata's first day Hidan had managed to beat up her cousin Neji who was protecting Tenten from Hidan's flirting attempts, the fight had made her father drive up to the school and thus the family had met Hidan Judis. Ever since that fateful day Hinata had fallen for the devil.

Her heart filled with envy at every girl he had graced his presence with. Girls had fallen at Hidan's feet and had been all cast away without their dignity and virtue just like trash. It scared her to even think about what he could to her poor innocent soul.

"Hey lookie what I found!" A loud cheerful voice rang out followed by a few snickers. Hinata internally groaned her day could only ever get worse; the lavender looked up and met bright blue which could only belong to one person, Naruto Uzumaki. This boy had picked on her since kindergarten, him and his little group of other boys. The only reason was because of her dear unfriendly cousin Neji, who had called them trash which caused a fight to erupt and thus this happened each year.

"Aww you can't even say hi to your dearest friends Hinata?" The raven known as Sasuke Uchiha chuckled out taking a step closer to the girl, his black hole eyes boring into her soul; before Hinata knew it the boys had circled around her and had formed a wall which had no escape route.

"Oh shit run guys come on!" Kiba yelled out to group of boys before taking off from the unknown threat, the teens turned around from their prey to look at newcomer who had scared Kiba off. All boy's eyes filled with fear at the sight of the tall pierced ginger haired male and the much shorter pierced blue haired woman with him.

"H-i-i-I P-Pein and Konan." Naruto stuttered out with eyes glazed at the ground. Hinata mentally went over her chances of getting out of this mess unscathed and her chances were zero in her opinion. Pein leader of the gang group called the Akatsuki, known for his street fights and fights in school he was top dog here and Hinata knew this. Konan the leader's girlfriend known for beating other gangs senseless all by herself. They were the most powerful couple in and outside of this school.

"Hmm Pein-love I'm feeling rather bored so what do you think I should to these boys?" Konan's monotone voice rang out making the younger girl shiver with pure fear.

"Well seeing that their in our territory and trying to harass the pet I think suitable punishment is just a few broken bones." The man's voice stated back deprived of any feeling what so ever. The couple's empty eyes pierced every soul that they so happened to looked at and those souls at the moment felt the hollowness of their stares.

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"My angel that is enough for today. Come we must get to lunch I am hungry." Pein said indifferently as if his beloved had not hurt this poor unfortunate group of males. Hinata froze praying that the pair would just ignore like most people did. She didn't understand why they were allowed to get away with these kinds of things besides the fact that Pein's father was the principal and Konan's was the president of the school board, plus no one dared to tell on them for the fact the power couple could and would strike out of school.

"Pet watch yourself for I will not defend you again." Konan leaned down and whispered to Hinata as she strode past her, Konan's boots clacking against the green tiles menacingly. Hinata looked up and watched as Konan locked arms with Pein as the pair made their way off, leaving Hinata to contemplate what the blue haired woman had said.

The girl did not know what to do so she ran from the scene frightened out of her mind with tears streaming down her face. Flinging her body through the bathroom door, into a stall she fall to the floor vomiting in the toilet at what she had seen. Violence was something the beauty was not used to; never in her mind did she think that one day she would see people getting their bones broken for no reason as far as Hinata could tell.

Hinata hid in that same stall waiting for the final bell to ring out signaling that she could finally leave and get home. The girl thanked god that it was Friday, so she would not have to face anyone till Monday. She hated the guilt that blossomed in her chest it caused more tears to pool down her cheeks.

The dark haired girl went and flung herself on her bed, trying to think of nothing except sleep. Her last thoughts were Why did Konan call her pet?