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He is my mate and yet I don't know him. They are our children and yet I don't know them. This is my life and yet I don't know it. Who am I?

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Chapter 2: The Claiming

"You wish for me to do what?" Father roared, causing me to flinch unintentionally. The silver-haired man that sat before us raised an eyebrow slowly at his behavior. It had shocked me to no end seeing Lord Sesshomaru enter into my home, let alone him and Inuyasha appearing to be on somewhat good terms.

"If what my brother has told me is correct, then he has just saved your family from total annihilation," he calmly reminded him. "That entitles him to some form of a reward,"

"Not my firstborn," Father snarled as Mother clung desperately to me.

"Lord Higurashi, one way or another, your daughter will be coming back with us," Lord Sesshomaru warned, a flash of red appearing in his golden eyes.

"Is that a threat?"

"It is merely a statement of fact," he said calmly, not at all concerned with Father's rage. "She will either leave with or without your blessings. The choice is yours,"

"Why do you want Kagome?"

"We need not explain our reasoning to you," was the stony reply.

"Father, please!" I cried, casting a pleading look his way. "I want to go with them!"

"They are demons, daughter!" Father roared, his expression murderous, "They will kill you as soon as you leave this house!"

"Inuyasha would never do something like that!" I snapped back, surprising myself. "The Tetsusaiga is meant for protecting people, not killing them!" My mentioning of the sword caused Inuyasha's hand to fly to its hilt, a wary expression now on his face.

"Inuyasha, how much did you tell this human?" Lord Sesshomaru growled, the tone slightly alarming.

"Inuyasha told me nothing," I huffed, much to my amazement.

"Then how do you know of the Tetsusaiga and its power, human?"

"Kikyo," I whispered, holding his piercing gaze with one of my own. "I know because he has used it to protect Kikyo,"

"And what do you know of Kikyo?" the inu-youkai demanded.

"Only glimpses of her life," I said softly, finally dropping my gaze as my cheeks flushed bright red. "but enough to know that you mean me no harm,"

"Hnn," was the only response I got. I gathered my courage and glanced up at the inu-youkai again, catching a glimpse of his calculating expression before I looked away. My gaze came to rest on the boy now sitting a little bit behind Inuyasha, his head bowed.

"Tomo," I breathed and the boy's head jerked up, our eyes meeting. In them, I could see an immense pain but also raw hope that tugged at my heartstrings. Almost purely on instinct, I opened my arms and made a slight beckoning motion. The child practically flew into my embrace, burying his head in the curve between my neck and shoulder.

I wrapped my arms around him and gently rocked back and forth, feeling the silent tears he was shedding rolling onto my skin. This caused tears of my own to begin rolling soundlessly down my cheeks as the terror from my most recent dream set in. I buried my face in his hair, seeking the comfort of his presence just as he was doing with me.

"Shh, it's okay," I whispered, repeatedly stroking his hair in a steady rhythm in an attempt to calm the both of us down. His own arms wrapped around my middle, most likely to assure himself that I really was there. "I'm not going anywhere, Tomo,"

"Mama," he whimpered, pressing his face hard against my skin. That became my undoing and I no longer had to self control to contain my sobs.

"I thought I lost you, little one," I cried, "I didn't know whether or not Chitose managed to get you to safety,"

"She did, Mama, but then you didn't come for us," he sniffled, his hold on me tightening ever so slightly. "Uncle had to come get us because Papa was chasing down the youkai who had staged the attack,"

"Did you succeed?" I asked, lifting my eyes to the hanyou man who was regarding the two of us with a torn expression of longing and pain. My question seemed to startle him out of a daze and he looked at me questioningly. "Did you catch the youkai who killed me?"

"No, the bastard got away," he growled, the hand on his sword hilt tightening until his knuckles were white. "Haven't found any trace of him in the past hundred years since the attack either,"

"It was Onigumo," I said softly, causing Lord Sesshomaru's gaze to latch onto me as well. "He sold his soul to a thousand demons in an attempt to gain my heart. It turned him into the youkai called Naraku,"

A feral snarl rose from both Inuyasha and the boy I held close.

"That fucking bastard, he's probably the one who sent all these youkai here in the first place," Inuyasha spat, eyes flashing dangerously.

"It appears his fascination with this priestess is far from over, brother," Lord Sesshomaru mused. "It would be best to keep her close as to avoid more occurrences such as this,"

"Ya here that? Keep your daughter to yourself and this'll be a daily event," Inuyasha taunted, glaring at my father. "And I know for a fact that your puny human guards wouldn't even last through one more assault,"

"Father, he speaks the truth," I said, a hint of annoyance leaking into my voice at Inuyasha's tone. "And that is besides the point that I think they could help me better understand my dreams,"

"What dreams, Sis?" Souta asked, reminding me that I had forgotten about my brother.

"My dreams about Kikyo and Inuyasha," I replied, unable to help the blush that spread across my cheeks. The hanyou made a choking-like sound and when I dared to glance at him, his face was beet red.

"You have dreams about you and Papa?" Tomo inquired, leaning back but staying in my arms.

"But I'm not Kikyo, Tomo," I said sadly, shaking my head. "I only have dreams about her, that's all,"

"But you smell just like Mama!" he protested.

"We will discuss that later, pup, so mind your manners," Lord Sesshomaru warned, a hint of a growl rumbling in the air. Tomo ducked his head again and snuggled into me once more, a slightly annoyed expression on his face. "Lord Higurashi, you have been told what should happen if you refuse to hand your daughter over to us. I can assure you, she will receive the utmost protection possible whilst she is within our care,"

"And should you manage to catch this man you are claiming has attacked us?" Father demanded, his chin still held high. "Will you return my daughter then?"

"That is for her to decide,"

"Father, please," I begged. "Let me go with them. They have the answers I want and probably even more to questions I don't even know I have. They can help me find who I really am,"

We held each other's gazes for a while and then finally Father let out a heavy sigh.

"If that is what you wish for, then so be it," he said, his expression sorrowful as he looked at me with Tomo held securely in my arms.

"Tomohiro, help your mother collect her things," Lord Sesshomaru instructed, rising fluidly to his feet. "Your father and I have certain matters to discuss before we depart. You have but one hour and then we are leaving for good,"

"Yes, Uncle," Tomo said gladly, springing out of my grip and onto his feet almost as gracefully as the inu-youkai. He grabbed my hand and proceeded to lead me straight to my chambers without a word of instruction on my part, much to my amazement. Then I remembered he had inu-youkai blood in him and that they were known for their sharp sense of smell.

"What should I bring?" I mused softly, gazing at the sizable wardrobe before me.

"Papa kept all of your clothes, much to Uncle's annoyance," Tomo piped up, a large grin now plastered on his face. "You will only need enough to return to the castle. After that, you won't be needing much of anything,"

"If you say so," I sighed, tugging absentmindedly at one of my favorite kimonos. As my gaze wandered around my chambers, it came to settle on the decorative bow and quiver I had received but two years ago as a present from a visiting lord. While it had been a gift in an attempt to arrange a marriage, Father had refused but the lord and his son never did reclaim their offered weapons so I had had the palace guards teach me how to use it. I was becoming quite good, something Father did not like.

Tomo followed my line of sight and instantly went to collect the two items before handing them to me.

"Papa will be happy to know that you can still defend yourself," he said quietly.

"I am not quite as good as Kikyo but still capable," I corrected, running a hand over the polished wood. A thought came to mind and I quickly shooed Tomo out of the room after saying that I wished to change. He obliged, but only just. I could see the terror in his eyes at the thought of leaving me alone for just a second. "I will be as quick as possible," I assured him before shutting the door.

Now alone, I took off my yukata and donned the attire of a priestess; a red hakama and a white haori with a white ribbon to tie back my hair. Once that was all secured, I buckled the quiver into place and hung my bow across my shoulder. Satisfied that I was as ready as I was ever going to be, I opened the door to the impatient quarter-demon. His eyes became as wide as saucers as he took in my new clothing.

"Do I look odd," I asked self-consciously, shifting slightly under his intense gaze once again.

"No," he whispered, shaking his head ever so slightly. "You just look exactly like Chitose always described you as,"