Disclaimer: Christ is mine in that He is my Saviour, but I don't own Him. Aslan belongs to C.S. Lewis.

King of Glory, Prince of Peace:
seated at the right hand
of His Father's throne.
Wondrous and awesome,
Crowned in majesty:
He is Lord alone.

Terrible and beautiful,
Deity in lowly flesh
made this His humble home.
Truth, Way, and Life
lived in our midst
to seek and save His own.

Rescuer, Redeemer –
I rejected, hated Him,
the One Who had made me.
Zealous love, amazing grace
called me on wings of wind,
delivered me, set me free.

Justice and Mercy entwined
forgave my rebellion, my past,
and told me, "You are Mine."
Tender Strength overwhelming,
I saw Him for Who He is
And fail with words to define:

Mighty and firm, a Rock,
a Refuge to hide myself in,
a Monarch ever-adored.
Valiant and noble,
for Him, I laid self down
and crowned Him my Lord.

Power indisputable,
Defender most fierce,
He claimed me as His own.
He answered my foe
and showed me compassion
such as I had never known.

So walk up the hill
did this Great One to die,
my Captain, my Head.
Son of splendour, true and only
gave His life, breathed His last,
and died in my stead.

Shorn of glory, crowned with shame,
He bore my guilt and penalty.
What a cost! What a price!
Scorned and mocked, dead He lay
in my place to save my soul:
for me He laid down His life.

Sacrifice and Substitute,
Death could not hold Him,
Darkness could not keep Him.
Triumphant brilliance,
rose crowned with the rays of dawn
to splendour undimmed.

Magnificent Sovereign,
Undefeated Champion,
broke the curse over me.
Grace unmeasured,
the Lord of creation
reigns eternally.

Wonderful, merciful Saviour
drew me from my wayward path
and the death-sentence thereof.
Now I'm a child of the King,
dressed in righteous robes,
crowned forever by His love.

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