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Gil followed his coat (Oz refused to take it off) as his master went up to bed, realizing he hadn't been fulfilling his servant duties since the headquarters had kept him busy on the Baskerville case.

He also realized he hadn't had a moment alone with him since he begged to be his servant again a week ago. He had no right to be here after what he did, let alone touching him again. Oz forgave him so readily that it was disconcerting. As Gil wallowed in self-loathing his master spoiled him with this new-found affection. It wasn't fair. Oz didn't know what he almost lost. He didn't realize that Gil didn't deserve him.

But he would never reject Oz. To reject him was to disappoint him, which is something he would never do. Especially after he lost sight of what was important to him, pointing a gun to his Oz's head...

They were in Oz's guest bedroom now and the boy sat on the edge of the bed, kicking his boots off. He shrugged Gil's coat off his one arm, the other in a sling, and as he did so Gil sunk to his knees just within the door.


"Oz, I..." He took a steadying breath.

Oz walked to him then, kneeling down to his level and lifted his chin with his hand. He was reminded of another time when Gil knelt before him, an apology on his lips. He'd been broken then. Rejected by his father. This time was different. It wasn't Oz that needed reassurance, it was Gil.

He really hasn't changed.

"Gil, I already said that I forgive you."

"No, Oz, you don't get it. Do you have any idea...what I almost took from you?" He leaned his forehead on the blonde's shoulder.

"You'd never intentionally hurt me, Gil. I was Jack to you then. It was Jack you almost killed." Oz's chest clenched. If Gil knew that he was really a chain in Jack's body...

"Gil..." he paused and the other looked up at him, but he hid his face before continuing, "If I'm ever...not me...before I hurt anyone, especially you, I want you to..." Gil dropped his head back down to his shoulder, his hands gripping his master's waist.

"Don't you dare. That's one order I will never accept." He dipped his head down, placing his ear over Oz's chest, sighing and wrapping his arms around him fully as he listened to his heart.


Realizing he had Oz on the floor he quickly let go and stood up to resume his duties. He drew down the sheets on the bed and laid out Oz's night clothes like he's always done. He turned around, about to leave, but Oz was still sitting in front of the door.

"Oz, what are you doing?"

"If I sit here you won't leave."

"Are you kidding me? Get up or I'll have to carry you." As soon as he said it he realized his mistake.

Oz grinned up at him, unmoving, taunting him.

He sighed, ignoring the pink on his cheeks. He bent down, about to slide his arms under his master -

That mouth. It was on him and he froze. Oz put his arm around his neck, pulling him closer. Gil could feel the blood rushing past his ears. He almost forgot to breathe. Oz kneeled, pressing their bodies together as he pushed his lips against his servant's insistently. He pulled back to press kisses down the side of his face and then down to his neck. He nibbled on the flesh there, leaving open mouth kisses and shivering when he felt Gil shudder. He chuckled at the squeak the other made when he lightly bit on his earlobe before positioning his lips to whisper in his ear.

"I love you, Gil."

Gil's breath hitched and he pulled Oz by his hair and slammed their lips together. Oz let out a desperate moan that shook his core and he poured all he had into the kiss. The ten years of repressed feelings were drawn to the surface and he almost sobbed. He slid his arm under his master and lifted him moments later, dropping him onto the bed and then climbing over him to lay his ear over his chest once again. He wrapped his arms around Oz's waist, not intending to ever let go.

"Gil, you're just as cute now as you were back then." He delighted, as usual, in the blush that proceeded his words.

"I've always loved you...bocchan."

Gil slid up, pressing their bodies together as he hovered over Oz's face. He only had a moment to bask in that emerald gaze before he was again pulled to drown in those teasing lips.