At a first glance

Over a heavy-well padded overcoat

fail and unprotected

his body that of a chicken emerging

from the egg

Sorry fragility of unhardened bones.


At a second glance

Be the overcoat exceedingly good

Exquisite the garments

Covering that body

Lines of the dark suit followed frankly

The shape within

Apologizing for nothing

The concavity of narrow chest

Slid down the long thin neck

The sharp slope of shoulder.


A great forehead


Wedge shaped face descended

Broad temples to small pointed chin

Hair, black,

Lacquered equal halves, a thin white line

The skull tight and trim

Emphasis on ears

Flaired in solitary nakedness

Nose, long and thin,

A dab of black mustache.


Eyes dark and startling

Held intellect

And twinkling gaiety

Glasses worn

Not to protect his eyes

But other men,

From excessive brilliance.