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Naruto's eye slowly blinked open as he arose from his short coma. As he stretched to get up, he felt a jolt of soreness come from his wound.

"Yep, that was stupid," Naruto admitted. He'd been caused great pain by the villagers, but between Kakashi's jutsu and the beatings, he wasn't sure which was the lesser of the evils. After his reflection upon his terrible childhood, he scanned the room for an outfit, but his eye shot to the door as heard it start to open. The door soon opened to reveal Tsunami, who was holding a simple outfit.

"Ah, Naruto-kun, you're awake," Tsunami said happily.

"Yeah, how long was I out?" Naruto asked since it felt as though he'd spent an eternity playing board games with a creature that supposedly wanted to end all life. Other than that part about her being controlled, she was probably one of the nicest demons he'd ever met.

"I heard that, do you want me to show you why we're feared?"

"N-no, I believe you," Naruto replied mentally.

"Naruto-kun?" Tsunami said which drew the blonde out of his mental conversation.

"Sorry, I was deep in thought. Did you say something?" Naruto asked with a bright smile.

"I said you've been out for three days," she repeated.

This was slightly reassuring since that was around how long Kasumi had estimated. She had definitely been a blessing and a curse in his life, but it seems as though the majority of the curse part had passed over.

"Would you like me to get you something to eat?" Tsunami asked which gained her the hungry blonde's attention. Naruto's stomach beat was quick to unleash the mating call of a whale which earned a chuckle from Tazuna's daughter. "I'll go get something ready."

"Thanks Tsunami-chan."

"Think nothing of it; it's me who should be doing the thanking. Before I forget, I went to town I get these cloths. They aren't much, but you can wear them until we finish fixing your other outfit." After explaining this she

After this, he exited the room, walked down the stairs, and into a small dining room where he sat down and eagerly awaited his meal. Tsunami soon came out of the kitchen with a dinner tray only to stop when she saw the blonde waiting at the table.

"Naruto-kun, are you sure you should be out of bed?"

"I'm fine," Naruto replied as Tsunami placed the tray in front him.

Tsunami thought about it and realized that shinobi must overcome injuries quicker than civilians. Thinking this, Tsunami went to go get some more tea for the hungry blonde. A few minutes later, Naruto heard the front door open and heard the voices of team seven along with two voices he was shocked to hear.

"Hey look, the gaki is up and about," Zabuza commented when he spotted the blonde.

This halted a conversation going on between those present. Immediately, Haku and Yugao got to the front of the group and bombarded the blonde with questions. These ranged anywhere from "shouldn't you be resting?" to "Do you understand how stupid you are?"

While these questions pressured Naruto to the brink of human patience, Sasuke was watching the blonde like a hawk and was waiting for his opportunity to interrogate the young Uzumaki.

Soon, things quieted down and everyone sat down and relaxed in the living room.

With the shock of the situation gone, Yugao got serious. "Naruto-san," she began, "my friend, Kagura, needs your help."

Seeing the need and seriousness of the situation, Naruto followed her to one of the guest bedroom where Kagura was placed. A senbon had been used to access the pressure point, which had kept her unconscious, until now. Haku, seeing the questioning look on the blonde's face, made her way close to the bed and was about to remove the need when Naruto spoke up.

"I don't know what exactly you need me to do, but if we're doing anything complicated, don't you think it would be smart to keep her out cold?"

"Haku, could you please leave it in for now?" Yugao ordered before turning to Naruto, "I need you try and do something about the seal on her back."

"So you want me to get rid of it?" Naruto replied, "I can stop its effects, but total removal of a seal like that requires a special sealing room."

"A sealing room, Konoha doesn't have one?"

"The last we had was destroyed during Kas… the Kyuubi's rampage," Naruto replied after taking some brushes and ink out of a bag.

The little stumble was caught by the blonde's sensei, but she filed it away as it did not seem relevant to the situation. That being said, she still made a mental note to discover if he's been speaking with the fox. If he was, it could mean the end of the village if the fox somehow tricked their own jinchuriki. It was possible that it was just a mix up, and with that in mind, her attention became directed at her friend. Who Naruto was rolling over to get a good look at the seal

Upon seeing the scale of the seal, Naruto's eyes widened, but it wasn't long before a confident grin replaced all signs of worry. This was his first time working on a seal in an actual real-life scenario, and he couldn't felt more confident. After assessing the seal for quite some time, Naruto started his work. Yugao watched with fascination as Naruto drew symbol after symbol until it was close impossible to recognize which symbols, on Kagura's back, were his and which had been there before. Finally, Naruto looked up and smiled at his sensei.

"That should do it," he said, "Seal Obstruction Jutsu."

The seal glowed, but slowly the symbols that were drawn by the young Uzumaki melded with the previous seal. After the last of the symbols had culminated with the original seal, the seal stopped glowing. Those present now noticed that the seal seemed a few shades lighter than before.

"Will she be alright?" Yugao asked.

"Of course, she had me working on her" Naruto replied teasingly.

A stray tear rolled down Yugao's cheek, and before she knew it, she had him in a thankful hug. That is, until she realized what she was doing and immediately released her student. Haku, who was standing in the doorway, felt a quick tinge of jealousy seeing the display of affection.

"I'm sorry, but thank you or saving my friend," Yugao said.

There was a little bit of a silence until the two heard, and saw, Haku who made her way over to Kagura's side. Once there, she carefully removed the senbon needle since there was no further need for Kagura to be kept in the comatose state.

"We should probably let her rest," Yugao finally said before she got up an ushered everyone out of the room.

With that, they culminated with all the other shinobi in the living room where Zabuza and Kakashi were casually talking about the events that led up to their fight. Zabuza had been free lancing after he left Kirigakure and was promised riches and asylum for his services in stopping, or acquiring, the bridge Tazuna was working on.

"So you needed some pipsqueak to protect you," Kakashi teased.

"Hey, you try having hunter-nin after day after day. I didn't like the guy, but he had the right connections to have the hunter-nin looking everywhere that I wasn't," Zabuza retorted.

When Kakashi saw Naruto, it was noticeable that the copy-nin took a second to adjust to being in the presence of his student. It almost felt as though Kakashi had betrayed him, even if he didn't mean to. Even so, he still felt as though he had to make amends for hurting one of his most prized students. It was then that he decided to take Naruto out to an all-he-could-eat ramen feast. His wallet might suffer, but he had to start repaying the blonde somehow. He'd just have to make it up one step at a time.

"Ah, what skills don't you have up your sleeves?" Zabuza asked, referring to the boy's skill in fuinjutsu.

"I just pick up a thing or two here and there," Naruto replied.

"This kid, Next time I see him he'll probably tell me that he's mastered puppetry," Zabuza joked.

"Well, I wouldn't say I've mastered it," Naruto replied sheepishly causing Zabuza to spit out some of the tea he was drinking.

"Wait, you've learned puppetry? One of the most guarded secrets of Sunagakure."

Kakashi couldn't help but smile at the disbelief on Zabuza's face. Leave it to Naruto to leave one of the highest bounties in the elemental kingdom with a shock and awed expression. If the Swordsman's jaw was any lower, it might've hit coffee table that was in front of him.

Luckily, an excited Tazuna came through the door.

"The village wants to hold a celebration in the honor of its heroes."

"We're not heroes…" Kakashi said before being cut off by Zabuza.

"Well, it WOULD be rude not to accept such a generous offer," He answered in place of the copy-nin.

Saying this, Zabuza pushed past Kakashi and made his way outside to "help," with the preparations.

"He likes playing hero a LOT more than he lets on," Naruto said with a sigh. "So did anything happen while I was out?"

"We sent word back to konoha about the unexpected elements of this mission…" Kakashi answered before being cut off by Yugao.

"… And I'm sure that we're not coming back alone," she hinted before heading outside.

For the Next few hours, Naruto lounged around. Every time he tried to go outside they blocked his way and said that they wouldn't feel right if a hero had to work right after waking up. They would then assure him that everything would be done soon and that the shinobi would have the party of their lives.

Finally, a few of the villagers came to get the blonde.

There were many lanterns which lit up the main street, and vendors, whom were excitedly selling their wares.

The celebration reminded Naruto of the festivals Naruto was never able to attend due to the fact that many citizens still held vengeful grudges against him. Itachi had once told him that if he continued to work for the people of the leaf he would be accepted. As long as he held his anger back that is. He wasn't angry at everyone of course, but there were times that he had to exercise extreme restraint in order to stop him from killing familiar mob members.

"Get anything you want Naruto-san. The villagers have agreed that you and your team have more than earned anything we have to offer," Tazuna said humbly since the blonde had not moved since he had exited the house.

"Don't push him too much, he's still not used to being treated fairly," Kakashi whispered to the bridge builder.

Meanwhile, Naruto had already begun to wander the streets. The colors, patterns, and lights were foreign yet familiar in that he had seen them from a distance in konoha. A nearby food vendor, who was in his mid-forties, approached Naruto with a new creation in hopes of good advertisement.

It was fantastic, but some part of Naruto snapped causing a river of tear to flow from his face. He had never experienced the kindness of a villager, and it was too much for the young blonde to take in.

"Naruto-san?" asked the food vendor "Was it too salty?"

"No," Naruto replied, "It was too good."

Of course the vendor was slightly confused, but he was still glad that it wasn't his cooking that had caused the blonde to cry.

In the distance, Kakashi couldn't hold back a growing smile. Finally, his student had become accepted and was being treated fairly. He couldn't wait for the day when Naruto would become a respected ninja in the hidden leaf.

That night, Naruto partied like there wasn't a care in his world. Dancing with beautiful women, eating contests, and simple carnival games made Naruto's inner child rejoice at the carefree scenario.

Alas the night couldn't last forever, and ended with the blond dangling off the roof of a stall. He, along with half the village, had partied so hard that they ended up falling asleep in the middle of all the celebrations.

Kakashi retrieved the boy, and brought him to the bridge builder's house. After setting him down in a bed he couldn't help but smile at the innocent child who had a nearby pillow in the most intense cuddle that he'd ever seen.

"He's going to make some girl happy one day," he said before perversely adding, "and if the Hokage is right, maybe that might be upgraded to plural."

The next morning they were preparing to go back to the leaf village when they were approached by Zabuza.

"Kakashi," Zabuza started, "can you guys take Haku with you? I was planning on going back to Kirigakure. It seems a rebellion has started and it would just be inconvenient having her getting in the way."

"I'm sure the Hokage would gladly accept anyone with a bloodline ability," Kakashi eye-smiled as he looked at a semi-anxious Haku.

"Are you sure you don't need me?" Haku asked Zabuza in a slightly distraught tone.

"Of course I don't need you, and besides life isn't fit for someone who can be defeated by some genin," Zabuza said as he turned and walked away.

Haku felt her eyes fill with tears. She was useless, no one needed her.

"He's just saying that," Naruto commented when he noticed a tear glide down Haku's cheek.

"You think so?" Haku asked as she wiped the tears from her blurry eyes.

"Of course, he's just bad at showing he cares," Naruto replied.

Knowing that Zabuza was sending her to Konoha for her own protection replaced the sadness that had plagued her earlier. Who knows, maybe she'd be able to spend her time in Konoha getting to know her blonde-headed hero.

The march back to Konoha was quiet. This was due to many things. Sasuke was brooding, or thinking, over the realization that Naruto had a bloodline. Sai was mentally practicing his 'personality' so that he wouldn't stick out more. Shikamaru was actually enjoying the quiet. Kakashi and Yugao were filling Kagura in on what had happened during the past years since she had left. Haku simply listened to the blonde who was giving a full-blown description on the brighter sides of Konoha.

Finally, after about half a day's travel, they made it to the massive gates of Konoha. Upon arrival Kakashi, Yugao, Naruto, Haku, and Kagura were summoned to the Hokage's office. Most likely due to a message Kakashi had sent earlier.

"Report," the Hokage ordered professionally as soon as they arrived.

Kakashi stepped forward and gave the summarized version of everything that happened during the mission.

"I'm happy everything went well," said the Hokage after a deep sigh, "Now how about we proceed to more immediate matters. Kagura and Haku was it? I will extend both of you an offer to join our ranks as genin ninja."

"Genin? I passed the chunin exams long ago!" Kagura snapped.

"It's not that you're not capable, but accepting a kunoichi that technically went rouge is tricky business," Sarutobi explained.

"Why Genin then?" Kagura questioned.

"The other Shinobi may look down upon you if you join their squads from the start, but since you are capable you will be able to earn your place in village once more." He then turned to Haku, "You may join under the same pretenses, and do you both find this acceptable?"

Haku immediately nodded her head, while Kagura reluctantly gave a sign of her own approval.

"Great, but as genin you'll have to train under a jonin," Hiruzen said thoughtfully, "Yugao?"

"Yes Hokage-sama?" The purple-haired jonin answered.

"The chunin exams are coming up and you'll need three team members, how about you take them?"

The purple-haired jonin was hesitant until she realized she'd be free from teaching sooner if she had her team rank up so early. Not that she didn't enjoy the young blonde's company, but training that they had been doing was extremely taxing on her chakra reserves.

"I suppose I could take them under my wing," Yugao answered.

Even though she was slightly irritated, Kagura bowed to both of her superiors. It's not the fact that she had to bow to them that made her upset. It was that her friend seemed to have an evil gleam in her eye after considering the Hokage's proposal.

"This is nice and all, but shouldn't we work out the living conditions?" Kakashi suggested.

"Ah, that is a problem," Hiruzen noted.

The Hokage stroked his beard, and that's when he remembered something. A key he had around his neck. The question was whether the young blonde would be ready for that responsibility. After a lingering moment he decided against it. He would award the property to Naruto after he ranked up in the chunin exams.

"I hear there's a vacancy into Naruto's apartment building, she'll probably be better off in an apartment near one of her team members. Yugao, how would you feel about letting Kagura live with you for a bit?" Hiruzen said thoughtfully.

Haku found herself feeling incredibly happy about her situation. Yugao; however, wasn't entirely convinced. Her and her boyfriend wouldn't be able to spend as much private time together.

"Why my apartment?" Yugao questioned.

"According to what I've been told, her time outside of konoha has been quite an ordeal. Which reminds me, Kagura, would you go to the Yamanaka clan compound for a psychological evaluation?" Hiruzen explained and asked.

"Yes sir Hokage-sama."

"Have Naruto guide you, and you can go as well Haku, I'll go over the rest of the paperwork with these two," the Hokage said before adding, "come back in a couple of hours and I'll have the key to your new apartment ready."

The trio left quietly together while the two jonin and the Hokage continued their conversation.

"Hokage-sama, the other shinobi villages may get rather upset about having a former jonin in the upcoming competition," Kakashi commented.

"Hmmm, we'll have to set up a handicap. Maybe we'll do the heaven and earth scroll challenge, but we could give them both the scrolls," Hiruzen suggested.

"That would make them a target for the beginning," Kakashi said in surprise, "They could get killed if they made one wrong move."

"What do you think Yugao-san?" The Hokage said after thinking on what Kakashi had said.

"I believe it's only fair, I'm barely able to keep up with that blonde, and with two others I have no doubt that they'll be able to blow through any challenges in their way."

"Then I suppose that's settled, I'll make sure to inform the exam proctors about the change in competition," Hiruzen said before something dawned on him, "Kakashi, how did the new team work?"

"Honestly, they were terrible," Kakashi confessed, "Shikamaru was rather lazy, and didn't have the prowess in his jutsu that he needed to prove the he was a vital part of the team. Sai still fills distant and does exactly as ordered. His skill is not in question at all, but he so cold and calculating that it almost seems like he's been conditioned to fight that way. And Sasuke, well Sasuke is definitely talented, but he seems too eager to rush in and defeat the enemy. Not bad in most cases, but he has received many injuries that could've been avoided. His sharingan does worry me though, I believe that he might know something about Naruto's secrets, and he might be jealous."

"Hmmm, I'll have him go in for therapy and another psychological evaluation tomorrow," Hiruzen replied in a worried tone.

While they continued talking, Naruto gave Kagura, and Haku, the grand tour. And when I say grand tour, I mean he took them the long way around towards their destination.

"So, any questions?" The blonde smirked.

Neither of them asked anything since they were absorbed in a hateful stare being sent from one of the villagers. At first, they felt like it was being aimed at them, but they soon noticed that is was being directed towards the seemingly oblivious blond. It was then that Haku was reminded of the look Naruto had given her before he had saved her life. Her blood boiled. How dare they throw such angry looks towards her savior? Just as she was taking a step toward the villager, Kagura grabbed her wrist and stopped her.

"There are reasons people act this way towards him," she whispered having been in the village during the early years of the blond's life.

Haku wanted to ask more, but suppressed that urge for later as Naruto continued to lead them through the village.

It wasn't much longer before they arrived at the Yamanaka compound; and upon knocking, they were greeted by a cheerful Ino.

"Hello Naruto-kun," she said happily before asking, "Who are they?" Her response seemed a little sour towards the other women, most likely due to her crush on her mutual blond. It must be that she still had some that Sasuke fangirl in her system.

"Hello Ino, this is Kagura and Haku," Naruto said as he pointed to each of them respectively, "They need a psychological evaluation."

"Ah, come on, I'll go get my Dad," she replied.

Unlike many of the clans, the Yamanaka clan was rather small and was only gifted several family homes to accommodate their tight-knit family life style. One of the more notable things about their houses was the sizable flower store that nearly every one of them had worked at, at one point. The group noticed that the

Eventually Inoichi (Ino's father) and Ino's mother met the group in the living room. Ino's mother was very dressed up and proper, but it must have been Inoichi's day off because he was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of worn jeans.

The odd trio quickly bowed in an offer of respect.

"That isn't necessary," Inoichi said sheepishly, "now which one of you needs the psych evaluation?"

Kagura stepped forward, which caused Inoichi to stop for a second. He had heard rumors about her abandonment of the leaf, but was glad that they had a jonin-level ninja back. Being part of the intelligence and interrogation, he knew that ninja's that came back either did one of two things. One, they were double agent spies; or, two they never left again for fear of returning to a missing-nin life style.

"Well, let's get this started. Naruto, you can go home if you want. The Hokage sent a message asking me to evaluate Haku as well. This could take a while depending on how many memories I have to sift through and how many mental blocks they have," Inoichi explained.

"Ok, take good care of them," Naruto as he turned to leave before stopping, "actually; I need some more gardening supplies."

"Ah, I'll have Ino help you. Oi, Ino your cru-friend needs some help in the store," Inoichi stuttered making the oblivious blond wonder what he meant to say the first time.

After multiple crashing noises, from the upstairs part of the house, Ino appeared at the railing of the stairs.

"G-go head into the store," Ino heaved, "I'll meet you there."

Conveniently many of the Yamanaka houses also connected to the flower store.

Naruto patiently waited on the other blond until…

"So what was it that you needed?" Ino asked after flying out of the back of the store.

"What? Oh, umm well the flowers must be lacking in some sort of nutrients because they don't look like they did in the store," Naruto explained.

"Ah, I think I know what you need," she said as she walked to a nearby aisle and grabbed a couple packets that said Flower Power. "We use these to boost the vitality of our plants, and if you buy now I'll even throw in the special employee discount."

"Really? Thank," Naruto said because he had actually forgot most his money back at his apartment. He was so happy that he wrapped his arms around the girl and swung her around, narrowly missing some of the nearby displays.

Ino was literally speechless. She had imagined something like this happening in the future possibly, but now that it was happening it just felt so right. She knew from that moment she'd have to try harder to catch that blond boy's affection, and she'd do whatever it would take to gain his admiration.

After that, she was barely able to suppress a growing blush as she gave him his chance.

"Thanks Ino-chan, I'll come back and buy some more of this stuff if I notice a difference," he said before sprinting back to his apartment.

Ino, meanwhile, fell back into a chair and let out a breath she didn't know she was holding.

"Looks like someone's been hit by cupid's arrow," Ino's mother said observantly.

"Mom!" she shouted embarrassedly, but she couldn't argue.

When Naruto arrived home he quickly took the packs out that he had purchased, and then mixed them into the soil of his flowers.

It's then that something hit him, "Damn, I haven't seen Temari in a while, what do you think Haru? Should we go visit her?"

The foxy dog seemed to appear out of nowhere from his pocket and barked, "maybe she'll give me treats again."

"You're kind of a glutton, alright, hold on," Naruto said before teleporting to Suna.

When he arrived he couldn't help but notice that the streets were far emptier than they usually were. He went to the front door, and knocked several times.

"Who's there," a feminine voice asked as the door flew open, "oh it's you. Where have you been?" Temari added almost angrily.

"Missions, training, and whatever it takes to pay the bills," Naruto responded jokingly.

"That is just like you, but this is a weird time for you to show up out of the blue," Temari almost laughed.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked.

"Some weird things have been happening. My father has been very distant, and my brother…" she said before drifting off in thought.

"What about Kankuro?" Naruto asked worriedly.

"Not Kankuro, Gaara," she replied.

"I didn't know you had another brother," Naruto commented.

"I guess I never mentioned him. Well, he's a jinchuriki," she said making Naruto grimace slightly, "But unlike most of them, he's incredibly unstable. So our father always kept him away from us when we aren't on missions together. The problem is that father has been letting him run rampant and it's difficult to figure out which one is in control, him, or that crazy demon."

"Has something happened to him?"

"I don't know, no one knows, so we're just going along with his orders hoping that he really knows what he's doing," Temari said worriedly.

"Sis, who you talking to," Kankuro said he came into view, "Naruto, bro, what's up?"

"Just checking," Naruto said as he examined the boy who appeared to be in a black cat suit, "Kankuro, is it just me, or are you looking gayer ever day?"

"Shut up," Kankuro retorted.

"Now that you mention it, I think you're right Naruto," Temari teased.

They continued talking for quite some time until Kankuro brought up something that neither had expected.

"So, are you going to compete in the chunin exams?"

"Why wouldn't I? I've been eager to test my puppetry against Suna's," Naruto replied confidently.

The twins both laughed at that, not that it was really that funny, but the idea of facing someone with similar techniques from another village was quite ironic.

"You better fight fair," Kankuro added.

"Ninjas and fighting fair are two totally different things," Temari retorted.

This, of course, caused another round of laughter. And the trio continued catching up until Naruto spotted the clock.

"I better get going, if anything happens, don't hesitate to send a message and I'll drop everything, alright?"

"Ok, and if nothing else, see you at the competition," Temari said happily before Naruto vanished.

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