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Anya and Giles stood outside the Haunted Mansion. Anya was working her way through some cotton candy, viciously tearing at the pink fluff. Giles raised an eyebrow. Anya's behavior reminded him of a werewolf devouring a human being. He was sorry to say he had witnessed the bloody scene more than once. Anya glanced upward, meeting Giles's gaze.

"You want some?"

"Err, no thank you. I'd rather eat fried worms."

"Oh." Anya ripped off another chunk of cotton candy. "Well," she spoke while chewing loudly. "I can get you some, if you want!" She dropped on her hind quarters, and began to claw at a patch of dirt.

"No no!" Giles protested quickly. "That's not necessary!"

Anya looked at him, a confused look on her face, but then shrugged her shoulders and continued to wait in the line. She began to comb her hair with her fingers, twisting and twirling blonde strands around them. Obviously something was bothering her.


"Yes, Anya?"



Seconds later, Anya finally addressed what was troubling her.

"Hey Giles?"


"Do you think there will be bunnies on the ride?"

Giles removed his glasses and began to massage his temple.

"No, Anya, I don't think so."

"Oh!" Anya was back to her cheery mood. "Good! Then this is going to be a wonderful experience."

"Yes, quite."

Anya and Giles made their way to the mouth of the ride, and were escorted to their car, or really buggy. Anya stretched out in the buggy, relaxing on the black seat. She took up most of seat, forcing Giles to be pressed against the wall of the buggy. They waited with child-like anticipation for the fun to begin.

He was close. He could smell two of them. The watcher and the demon girl. They were there, in the haunted mansion. He sniffed the air. Yes, they were most definitely there. He was well hidden, up in the rafters, right above the buggy track. He had the upper hand in every way- he was hidden, he had a weapon, and he had a plan. From his perch in the rafters, he smiled a toothy grin. He was Glory's smartest assassin, the assassin of knowledge and wit. Only the wisest could defeat him, and he had never let Glory down.

Anya was grinning like a maniac as the buggy moved through the mansion. Her laugh could be heard throughout most of the ride, it echoed off the walls and electrified the stony silence around her. Everyone else on the ride was about to wet their pants, completely terrified of the ghost and goblins that ruled the ride. Giles smiled, admitting to himself that Anya's glee was a little contagious. It was nice to see the ex-demon having a little fun.

Suddenly, the lights went out. It was completely dark. Anya made a terrified squeak. Giles couldn't see anything- anything, that is, except for Anya's nails, which were coated in glow-in-the-dark nail polish. The neon green and pink were clashed against the dark mansion. The screams of little children pierced the air. Angry parents were grumbling about crappy service. Something dropped from the rafters up above.

"It's over, friends of the slayer!"

Giles felt his stomach do a back flip as the figure in front of him lashed out a long silver blade.

Surprise. It was a drug to him. His eyes were equipped to see in the dark, and the slayer's friends had surprise plastered on their worthless little faces. He could have laughed, but that would go against his principles. First get the job done, then laugh.

"Anya!" Giles shouted. "Quick! Go find something useful!"

The figure was advancing on them. Even though he couldn't see properly, Giles was impressed. The figure had such swift, skilled movements. Anya quickly found a spare pipe laying around.

"Giles! Think fast!" She tossed him the pipe just in time, because the figure had lunged towards the Watcher. Giles put his intense years of training to use, but he knew that he could not win the fight. His opponent was remarkable. The figure was too clever; it seemed to anticipate Giles's attacks. The thing was a genius. Suddenly, Giles slipped and fell of the cart, taking Anya with him. His head was throbbing, he couldn't think straight. It was over. Giles's world began to slip away.

The Watcher and the Demon Girl had slipped. Just as he had expected. They had been defeated by wit and brains. He looked up to the rafters and let out a long, inhuman, laugh.

Anya was trying to think. She needed a plan, and she needed a plan fast. The thing was letting out a howl, so twisted and horrid that Anya had to cover her ears. Things were not looking up. Giles was out cold, and all she had was her purse and her glow-in-the-dark nail polish.

"Just brilliant, Giles." She thought. Then a thought struck her like lightning striking a tree. The nail polish. Of course. Anya madly dug around in her purse until she recovered the three containers of nail polish. Her movements were so slow, the thing didn't even notice. Anya took a deep breath, then threw the polish straight at her opponent.

He noticed at the last moment. The objects flying through the air, straight for him at an electrifying pace. He didn't even have enough time to scream.

Giles awoke to the shattering of glass. All of the sudden, the figure was coated in Anya's glow-in-the-dark nail polish, illuminated from head to toe. Shards of glass penetrated his skin from all angles. A twisted screech was ripped from his mouth, one that made Giles's ears bleed. The thing dissolved into thin air. No sooner had it disappeared, the lights flickered on, and flustered security came, apologizing for the inconvenience. Annoyed parents left the ride in a fit of disgust, but Anya and Giles left alive.

Outside space mountain, Buffy and Faith were in an intense arm wrestling contest. They had been at it for four minutes, each of them giving it their all.

"Feeling tired, B?"

Buffy grinned. "Hardly. I could do this all day!"

That's when Giles and Anya cane racing to them, fear in their eyes and clothes ripped. Buffy felt her heart sink.

"What. Happened."

"Buffy," Giles panted. "It was incredible. I've never seen something so incredibly clever. There was a monster. On the Haunted Mansion ride. We killed it, I think."

Buffy recalled Glory's note:

Dear Slayer,

I am very, very, close.

Beware, because I have sent 5 of my toughest to visit

you on your little vacation. Have fun!


"Giles. There is something I haven't told you."

Giles listened intently as Buffy admitted to not telling him about the note. Buffy felt so guilty. She had lied to Giles often, too often, but he always looked so hurt when he found out. Buffy wanted to give Giles a big warm hug, but something was obviously wrong.

"Buffy." He said softly. "How many assassins did you say there were?"


Giles's face darkened.

"The others. Willow, Xander. They're in danger! Buffy, we have to find them!"

Faith spoke.

"We have to split up. C'mon B, let's go."

So with that, the four scoobies set out to save their friends.

He couldn't even look Glory in the eye.

"You failed." She said. He tried to read her expression, but couldn't. "YOU FAILED!" She screeched. With a swift movement of her hand, the assassin of wit felt a sharp pain in his chest, then nothing. Nothing but darkness, in the folds of death.