For him

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Another Tezu/Momo fanfic, I can't help myself...

I was watching episode 131, the episode when the seigaku regulars visit tezuka during his rehabilitation in germany. I just caught an eetsy beetsy tezuka/momo moment on the scene when the regulars were saying their goodbyes to their buchou.


"so long tezuka"

"get well soon"

"see you again"

My teammates said to me before ryuzaki-sensei told them to get inside the bus and get ready to leave.

I'm a little sad because my teammates are leaving and I'm going to miss them again.

Especially him...

"buchou" the voice of echizen broke me away from my trance.

I turned to look at him.

"see you" he said with a small smile that's different from his usual cocky smile.

"buchou, bring some foods as souvenirs when you get back"

Ah... Of course, the boy I miss the most while rehabilitating here in Germany.

As usual, food is always the first thing on his mind.

"you idiot, buchou didn't come here to have fun"
then Kaidoh ruined his day dreaming about german foods.

Then I also heard momoshiro snapped back to Kaidoh but when I turned to look at them, they were already bickering... as usual.

Sigh. There are just things that will never change.

This guy, I don't even know what I like about him.


I keep dreaming about him while staying in this country.
I kept wondering what he's doing and if he got himself in trouble again.

"goodbye tezuka" my teammates waved at me.

"see you buchou" the last thing I saw was momoshiro grinning and waving at me before the bus drove away.
Getting smaller and smaller as it move further and further away from me.

I turned to look at my doctor.

"um... can you suggest me any good German foods that I can take back to japan as souvenirs?" I asked her.

She gave me a warm smile before asking
"for him? that's the boy you keep talking about? What's his name again? momoshiro?"

I cleared my throat and tried not to blush in front of her.

"yes, for him"

"you're right about how you described him, he really is funny and interesting. I can suggest some good german chocolates that he might like"

"thank you" I said.

Then she winked at me.
"I knew you're too perfect to be straight" that last comment made me twitch a bit.

She saw my reaction and laughed.

I can't wait to get back to japan.

Please take care while I'm away.


This fic is made out of my boredom.

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